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Ground under Fukushima Unit 4 sinking, structure on verge of complete collapse

I am reblogging this only to add that it is important not to be caught up in fear. The situation at fukushima has been dire from day one, and there are thousands more like it all over the world from the Deepwater Horizon diaster that is STILL leaking in the Gulf of Mexico near where I live, to the ongoing purposeful disasters like the tar sands or the belo monte dam(and James Bay, and many other similar projects) BUT, and this is a really BIG butt;-)

Even tho these things are bad now, even tho the pollution and destruction often SEEM insurmountable and end of the world-giving up is not an option!

We have the ability to turn things around and heal our world but we have to keep going to do it. We cannot give in to fear or despair any more than we can give in to denial.

In the year 1860 about 150 years ago, no one could have foreseen the world we have now. The very idea of the internet would have been impossible to explain. Cell phones, microwaves, nuclear submarines(ok Jules Verne did predict this one;-) and more significantly a global culture of connected humans who care about one another and work together in spite of corporations and corrupt government officials who want to continue to play at wars.

We already have many of the solutions to these problems from bioremediation of pollution (there are microbes that EAT oil, and mycelium that uses it as fuel and makes edible mushrooms!) to biochar carbon sequestration in the soil that increases soil fertility while mitigating global warming. Radiation is scary to most people but there are living organisms that thrive on it, so it is very very likely that we CAN find a way to resolve this one too.

I’m not suggesting we continue polluting with abandon or give up efforts to change things, only that while we change we must retain our joy and belief in a positive future in order to co-create it.