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Is The U.S. Promoting Cold Fusion?

Is The U.S. Promoting Cold Fusion?

Posted by administrator on November 18, 2012 in Cold Fusion · 3 Comments

The newly reelected president of the United States, Barack Obama, signed yet another executive order in August of this year. Unlike other attempts he has made to circumvent the democratic processes of the U.S., this one may actually help the country. This executive order binds the government to a commitment to producing and implementing CHP, or Combined Heat and Power. There are a number of engines on the market today that convert heat to electricity, and this falls right into line with the functions of Andrea Rossi’s work with the E-Cat and Hot Cat.

In his order, Obama orders industrial facilities to develop a way to generate their own power, including heat and electricity. This is a sweeping decree, considering that without an E-Cat, such an accomplishment will be nearly impossible. He states his goal as 40 gigawatts of energy created by industries, so that they can support themselves. This is a small fraction of the nearly 1,200 gigawatts produced nationwide, but still represents a huge step forward in alternative energies. One gigawatt is equivalent to 1 billion watts.

Obama has typically been more interested in green energies, such as the failed Solyndra. He also, however, withdrew funding from NASA which had done quite a bit of work in LENR, and produced research that supported its existence. However, he has apparently been listening to someone, whether it’s NASA, the Energy Department of the U.S., or the Defense Intelligence Agency. All of these have put out reports that LENR does, indeed exist. Possibly he has also been informed of the successes of Andrea Rossi, with his Hot Cat and the industrial E-Cat now being marketed. It is rumored that the U.S. Navy was actually the customer of the first sale of an industrial unit. Other advances in LENR recently have included Francesco Celani and Brillouin.

While an executive order can be challenged and repealed in congress, it is unlikely that they would eliminate this order in its entirety. The biggest problem with it is that industry in the U.S. has already taken many losses over the last 4 years, and becoming self-sufficient in energy production could be far too expensive, unless they accept LENR. While a large part of the populace sees this order as another volley in Obama’s war on coal, those same people realize that the U.S. needs to move into alternative sources of energy in order to maintain or regain its independence from foreign oil and economic influences.

The long and the short of it is that Obama’s order can be good for LENR, and therefore, for Andrea Rossi. It provides even more motivation to American industry to seek independence from the power grid, possibly through investing in the Hot Cat.