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ECETI on Disclosure

Sun May 5, 2013 7:10 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

“JamesG” ecetiwebmaster


I have been asked repeatedly why I am not getting behind some of the Disclosure Projects and documentaries. Whereas in the past I have fully sponsored them as of late I have some serious questions. It seems many of the disclosure projects have censored a lot of people, mainly women and those who have a more benevolent picture of our off world visitors. Even Alfred Weber who actually invented the word Exopolitics is asking why he is being censored from many of the events. After repeatedly being cut out of major documentaries at the request of certain individuals and watching major documentaries completely sabotaged again by certain individuals not to mention where their funding comes from I have serious doubts and questions at to the intent and direction of these projects. These are the following questions I would like to have answered.

1. Why do they ignore the ongoing proven contact at ECETI with literally thousands of eye witnesses, triple PHD Boeing Engineers, Lockheed Engineers, Pilots, Air Traffic controllers, photos and videos a mountain of evidence are they not part of the censorship and cover-up by doing so?

2. Why do they pigeonhole the information, dismiss the higher dimensional aspects, the spiritual side of contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders ignoring the bigger picture?

3. Why do so many perceive it as a threat, where will they go with this after it is acknowledged ufos are real, more government spending towards aggression?

4. Why do they believe an external authority telling them ufos are real is even necessary when they have a long history of lying and deceiving the public for well over 60 years? Would they really tell us the whole truth and not spin it for their own gain?

5. Is not external authority a distraction when internal authority, rising to the occasion, awakening and healing, doing ones own investigation and research setting the intent for personal contact a much more empowering approach?

6. Does not focusing on one individual or group compartmentalize the phenomena distract and disempower the individual from personal responsibility when it comes to research and contact?

7. Where are the women, the ones who are sensitive enough to truly understand the phenomena, especially ones with a more loving and benevolent approach?

8. Would an extremely spiritually and technologically advanced race of beings having the technology to traverse light years even jump dimensions contact someone without an open mind, loving heart and pure intent? Wouldn’t they contact another spiritually advanced human to comprehend their nature?

9. Would they avoid competition, aggression, power struggles, base human or ego driven programs?

10. Could there possibly be another approach considering the fact that some people and groups are already successful at demonstrating contact, ongoing communication and displays of ufos the most recent was over 50 ships in less than 30 minutes. Ships with no running lights, strobes, making turns, circles, powering up, responding to the people on the ground using intent and lasers. Appearing exactly when and where they telepathically communicated they would with cameras rolling for TV specials like Paranormal State, Danny Dyer’s BBC special? How did they miss pop star Robbie Williams, even Fox News, ABC, The History Channel etc.? How did they conveniently miss this and why are they censoring it and ignoring it?

11. The last question is how can one accuse us of censorship, ignoring the disclosure projects and other documentaries when we have had an open door and invitation to all of these people who seem to be ignoring and censoring ECETI? Is not this a bit illogical? This includes some major radio shows.

Without naming names we have to use discernment as to the intent, integrity, and willingness to promote truth verses control the information or compartmentalize it with a few select people or groups. There is a lot of planned opposition, disinformation, information gathering and steering committees in ufology. You will not see ECETI in their movements or documentaries. We are incorruptible.