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Failed Presidency?


Reading my local newspaper today I am shocked to see multiple opinion pieces decrying President Barack Obama’s handling of the current issue of Syria.Several actually claimed that should Congress vote “NO” on attacking Syria it would cause all sorts of problems-even to making this a “failed Presidency”.I am shocked that Americans have devolved to such a point that the actual effective functioning  of the checks and balances designed to make our form of governance WORK as a democracy are now seen as a failure.If all Congress is meant to do is rubber stamp any President’s statements about war then we are effectively a DICTATORSHIP. I have been cheering the awesomeness of my incredibly intelligent President in applying pressure cleverly and effectively to All players to get this gruesome civil war into effective mediation and international diplomacy to stop the suffering of innocents and prevent the spread of war to surrounding nations.Far from a failed Presidency I see Barack Obama miraculously transforming an institution that has since Reagan become more and more obviously corrupt and fascistic back into something we can believe in and work with in a genuine democracy.This is not a failure but a transformation. This does not signal the world that our President’s words aren’t backed up by America at all. It signals the world that America may be ending its role of bully and returning to the circle of reasonable, rational nations that can solve problems without resorting to mass murder. What he has just done was once common in international relations-he used bluff and bluster to force others to do what he originally wanted done that had proven intractable.