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The Oracle Report | Friday, February 13, 2015



The Oracle Report – Friday, February 13, 2015

“Outposts” – Aquarius Lunar Cycle: January 20 – February 17, 2015


“The Black Moon Transit of Virgo: November 27, 2014 – August 25, 2015”


Friday, February 13, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, reassess

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: gain wisdom

Positive Imprints: pressing on near the finish, trust, revelations, reassurance, stress release, taking stock or measure, improving things

Catalysts for Change: testing limits, establishing unjust rules, break ups, stress from over-analysis, controlling others and their beliefs, the forbidden, selfishness, sabotage

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an old adobe mission” (projecting plans, hopes, wishes, and dreams into the future, inner spiritual retreat

Energetically, today is the second to the last day of this astrological year. The year’s theme of “the ruler of a nation” was designed to help each of us become more of who we truly are, to take our place of power within ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, and to assume the mantle of personal sovereignty.

That’s a lot to do – especially all in one year!

But it really hasn’t happened just over the past year. It is the culmination of many years of inner work and spiritual guidance. It was the year that marked the change – the year we have been working toward all our lives, the year that humanity would take its place, the year that we shifted into re-building the experience of life, the year the balance tipped toward goodness.

So, we can understand how we might feel a little fatigued today. The year’s energy is departing on symbols of mountains, deserts, and thunderstorms. However, the symbol of a rainbow after a thunderstorm is in the mix as well, so we know the outcome.

People are inclined to “test” other people, places, and things with this energetic. Alongside of this is a tendency for things to go their separate ways or take different paths. People are also inclined to overanalyze, criticize, and distort things.

Wise owls are aware of this, monitor or gauge their own emotional responses, and focus on the rainbow that lies at the end of any stormy weather. The Sabian symbol of the rainbow after a heavy storm shows us that whatever transpires in the world and in our lives today and tomorrow (even things that have people and projects going their separate ways) is designed to make things better for everyone involved. We trust in the outcome.

Our minds are naturally active in self-reflection and contemplation of things that have happened since the “natural” year began on March 30, 2014. We maintain balance in this analysis, aware of the potential to take things too far. What would a wise old owl do? It would look at the circumstances and situations of our lives since then from the perspective of what was learned. The wise old owl recognizes that the year is old, thus so is the energy. View it from high up and watch it pass.

To be clear, the intense energetics and struggle of the past year are long-lived and ready to transform into something new. Are you?

(PS – Look for the audio recording of the next lunar month later today.)

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Truthout Daily Digest February 13, 2014

William Rivers Pitt | The Poisoner’s Reckoning

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Of late, reports of poisons massively entering our water supply have been occurring with the same dreary regularity as reports of shootings at schools. It was happening before, but now it is happening all the time. It is entirely unsustainable and must be stopped.

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Mexicans March To Oppose NAFTA, Defend Their Oil

David Bacon, Truthout: Thousands in Mexico demonstrated against education and labor “reforms”, attacks on indigenous rights by multinational mining companies, and privatization of the oil and electricity industries on the 20th anniversary of the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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New Campaign Limit: Memorial Day to Halloween

Johanna R. Brown, Truthout: Among many serious efforts to limit the influence of mega-donors and restore the ability of ordinary voters to elect candidates who represent them, a new law that limits the length of public campaigns to five months is the answer.

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Missouri Program Requires High School Students To Take Military Enlistment Test

Pat Elder, Truthout: The Missouri School Improvement Program calls on high schools to administer the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Career Exploration Program to determine whether students are “College and Career Ready.” But the program fails to disclose that schools may withhold results from military recruiters.

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The Dangerous Seduction of Drones

Medea Benjamin, OtherWords: After 10 years of this remote-control killing, the Obama administration should seek effective solutions that adhere to international law.

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Wisconsin Republican Petri Should Be Investigated for Conflict of Interest

Robert Naiman, Truthout: Wisconsin Republican Tom Petri went to bat in Congress for a Pentagon contractor that he reportedly owns hundreds of thousands of dollars of stock in, causing the value of his investment to rise as much as $200,000. Critics are calling for a probe into the potential conflict of interest.

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How the Life of Jesus Became Embellished Into a New Religion Based on Fables

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Scholar Reza Aslan outlines how Jesus’ crucifixion and his Judaism reflect on who he was and how the Gospels were not meant to be read as a biography. The author of Zealot also says many people misinterpret the phrase “Son of God” as a description instead of a title.

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Drone on Your iPhone: Apple Drops Objections to App Tracking US Strikes Overseas

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: A new iPhone app has been released that tracks every reported US drone strike overseas. Madiha Tahir, a filmmaker whose documentary Wounds of Waziristan looks at the drone war, says Apple stalled the app’s approval for political reasons.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Hundreds Protest Tax Breaks for Twitter, Tech Companies

David Zlutnick, Truthout: Hundreds of protesters picketed Twitter’s offices because of an exceptionally generous tax break it receives from San Francisco. Meanwhile, municipal workers are being pressured to make concessions about their health care contributions because the city is running at a deficit.

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The Gravitational Pull of Planet Carbon: Three Signs of Retreat in the Global War on Climate Change

Michael Klare, TomDispatch: The pull of carbon is leading to defeat in the struggle against climate change and is reflected in three recent developments: a declaration of surrender by BP, a major setback in the European Union and a strategic end-run by Canadian tar sands companies.

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Economic Update: The Death of the Middle Class

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on polls showing most Americans want less inequality; why Tea Party types fixate on government debt; and why French right-wing and other far-right parties gain support. Major discussion on US businesses recognizing the death of the middle class; and more.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Feds Approve More Fracking Off California Coast

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Asphyxiating Education

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Life Inside the Glenn Beck Bubble

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Local Living-Wage Laws Are in Republican Crosshairs in Wisconsin

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Kansas Bill Would Allow Companies To Refuse Service to Gay Couples

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Tea Party’s Fringe Isolation: How a Conspiracist Mind-Set Poses Long-Term Electoral Danger

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Food Hubs: Sustainable Agriculture’s Missing Link

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The Oracle Report | Thursday, February 13, 2014

  • snow owl 2

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare
Moon: Leo
Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Yesterday’s energy for clarity continues today with face to face encounters with ourselves and the reality or truth of situations. All of this serves to rectify and repair situations from the past that we are holding onto. Though we are deeply immersed in mental re-analysis of things, our heart is speaking to us, too. It is spurring us toward what is in our highest and best interests. We are trying to “graduate upwards” as the Sabian symbol for this month (people on a vast staircase graduated upward) says. Much of this involves trust that we are going in the right direction, that all is happening in divine (natural) order, and that there is meaning involved.

All month long we are engaged in taking our place in the natural order of things (taking our “stair” on the “staircase of the human collective”). We may not be in the “place” we’d most like to be (mentally, emotionally, or where we live), but we are here nonetheless. We must own it, take responsibility for it, and make changes accordingly. We can move to a different place (a different stair) any time as long as our state of mind is deeply rooted or connected with the earth. The earth is our common ground. We go off the rails when we wander away from or lose touch with our mental grounding with the earth.

Don’t feel pressured to take drastic action today. There are two more weeks left in this lunar month and one more month until the astrological new year on March 30, 2013. The clarity that is coming from seeing ourselves up close and personal is usually uncomfortable. In order to alleviate the discomfort, we often respond by taking drastic action. If things are seriously out of balance for you, a massive course correction may be required. But give yourself time to make considered or thoughtful action. Be wise about things. Since we must own our actions, we want to be diligent about what those actions are.

Our minds can reach great heights today and creative projects will benefit from the grandness of this energy. All sorts of levels are tapped today, so break your limits.

(Warning: Note for the not-so-faint-of-heart/ hardcore new world order alert: It’s my job here at the Oracle Report to keep things real, no matter what shadows are revealed. Today is the last day of the Gibbous Moon phase, the phase where we are directed to trust. This can be a difficult thing to do when what is revealed is hard to take. An example: the snow that burns but does not melt. Many of you may have seen the videos from around the US where people have been testing the “snow.” I did my own test last night and what is falling where I live is not snow. When a flame is put to it, it burns and turns black, but it does not melt. It also emits a powerful odor that smells like burning plastic. Some places are getting snow that doesn’t burn, it melts, so it is different for different places. For people like us, who are dedicated to finding beauty in the natural world, this is an abomination, a crime against nature. What’s the purpose of this? Instead of blankets of a “pox” that were used on the indigenous people of America, is it now pox that blankets? The current storm is named Pax but is it really Pox? Pax romana/pox romana? We need more data and chemical analysis to know for sure. But it makes me, for one, very angry. So herein lies a test: spin off into an emotional maelstrom or hold a steady gaze at the truth. We are directed to trust and hold ground, so this is our aim. But how do you hold trust when you see truth like this? My answer to this is that years of awakening to the matrix can take place in the three seconds that it takes for this snow to burn and turn black. And even those most deeply entranced in the matrix can take it in. We need more people doing their own burning experiment in the snow and showing it to others (outdoors and with precautions taken). In this way, those people who are still slumbering come back to life.)