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Venezuelan students fight police, ‘Chavistas’ rally

Does anyone know any more about what is going on in Venezuela? I know US embargo and pressure created difficult economic conditions in Cuba for decades so Maduro’s assertions sound reasonable to me. With corruption and hidden insanity endemic to most governments on Earth these days I would love to hear from Venezuelan people about the situation there.

From my limited knowledge in tbe US, I have long felt very inspired by the Bolivarian movement in South America. Evo Morales election in Bolivia and Chavez work to elevate the situation of indigenous peoples in Venezuela felt like the first steps of the new world to me.

Seeing what Western imperialism is still capable of in Libya and Syria is chilling when thinking of South America. 😦

Venezuelan students fight police, ‘Chavistas’ rally

By Andrew Cawthorne and Girish Gupta

CARACAS | Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:25pm EST

By Andrew Cawthorne and Girish Gupta

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan police fired teargas and turned water cannons on stone-throwing protesters on Saturday to stop them blocking a Caracas highway in a fourth day of sporadic unrest against President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

The latest trouble flared as night fell, after thousands of Maduro supporters had earlier flooded the center of the capital to call for peace and make a show of political strength after this week’s deadly violence during street protests.

Three people were shot dead on Wednesday in the worst violence since Maduro’s disputed election last year.

The 51-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez has faced two weeks of mainly small protests led by students and hardline opposition leaders complaining about Venezuela’s rampant crime, shortages of basic products, and alleged repression of political rivals.

“We’ll be here day-after-day, night-after-night, until something changes,” vowed Javier Sanchez, 20, picking up stones to hurl at police while other students shouted at him “Stop! No violence!” in the upscale Altamira district of Caracas.

After about 2,000 students had gathered peacefully in Altamira Square, debating strategy and chanting slogans in the afternoon sun, a few hundred set off to try and block a major highway. Police halted them before they could get there.

In a repeat of daily confrontations this week, the students threw objects and taunted the police, who responded with volleys of teargas and a water cannon truck, or “whale” as Venezuelans call it.

“People are asleep. It’s time for action,” said student Michael Paredes, 26, carrying vinegar and putting on a bandana to protect against teargas.

Staking his presidency on maintaining his mentor’s socialist legacy, Maduro accuses his rivals of trying to create conditions for a coup like the one 12 years ago that briefly ousted Chavez.


There are, however, no indications the current turmoil could lead to his ouster. The military, whose role swung both Chavez’s 36-hour toppling and return, appears solidly behind Maduro.

Addressing his supporters in Caracas from a pastel-colored stage displaying the slogan “People of Peace,” Maduro mocked the demands of protesters who want him to step down.

“You want to see people in the streets? We’ll give you people in the streets,” he said to cheers from thousands of supporters.

“I’m not going to give up one millimeter of the power the Venezuelan people have given me … nothing will stop me from building this revolution which commandant Chavez left us!”

Maduro said in his speech he had ordered the temporary closure of Metro station and the suspension of bus services in the east of the city, where the protests are centered.

Student leaders are vowing to stay out until Maduro falls, raising the prospect of a protracted crisis. But most rallies are attracting just a few hundred people, and the opposition’s political leaders are divided as to whether or not street demonstrations are the way forward.

The protests could, in fact, play into Maduro’s hands by helping him unite factions in the ruling Socialist Party and distract people from economic problems like shortages of goods.

He says Venezuela faces an “economic war” waged by the opposition, backed by U.S. financiers and made worse by speculators. Supporters say he is a victim of Western “imperial” propaganda and saboteurs seeking to discredit Chavez’s legacy.

“We have to celebrate the revolution, which is love and peace,” said Kaina Lovera, 16, wearing a white T-shirt emblazoned with the late Chavez’s face.


Maduro’s critics say he is wrecking the economy by sticking with failed Chavez-era policies such as currency and price controls, which many local economists blame for the shortages.

Among those critics is hardline opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, whom the government calls the “face of fascism” and the intellectual author of the violence.

The 42-year-old U.S.-educated economist says peaceful marches organized by his Popular Will party have been infiltrated by provocateurs and attacked by militant pro-government gangs known locally as “colectivos.”

Lopez remains in his home in the Chacao district of eastern Caracas where he was once mayor, colleagues said, despite a judge’s arrest warrant. It was not clear why police had not acted on that, though such a move could fuel further protests.

Maduro demanded on Saturday that Lopez surrender himself.

“The opposition organize these violent groups, and then they hide and cry,” the president said. “You fugitive from justice, trembling with fear, you fascist coward! Hand yourself in!”

Of 99 people arrested nationwide since Wednesday, most have been released pending trial with 13 still behind bars, Venezuelan judicial authorities say.

While Latin American leftist allies have sent messages of solidarity to Maduro and condemned the “coup” intentions against him, Western nations have called for calm and dialogue.

The United States, whose government has constantly crossed swords with Venezuela’s socialist administration since Chavez came to power in 1999, expressed concern over the detentions and arrest warrant for Lopez.

“These actions have a chilling effect on citizens’ rights to express their grievances peacefully,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement.

“We call on the Venezuelan government to provide the political space necessary for meaningful dialogue with the Venezuelan people and to release detained protesters. We urge all parties to work to restore calm and refrain from violence.”

(Additional reporting by Efrain Otero, Diego Ore and Eyanir Chinea, Will Dunham)


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Planet Alert February 2014  January 28th, 2014

We are ready to enter the Year of the Wood Horse on the new moon of January 30, 2014 at1:38 PM PST. What a year this will be. There will be lots of action and very fast-moving energy. Gemini is the astrological sign for The Year of the Horse. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which acts like quicksilver. The glyph for the Dreamspell calendar on January 30 is the Yellow Magnetic Human. The energy from that glyph strengthens and clears your physical body to prepare for expanded energies so you can open the door to Cosmic Consciousness. Magnetic energy is feminine heart energy so this is the year to think with your heart.

Jupiter is on 13 degrees Cancer right now, which is right over Washington, D.C. This degree rules business, publicity, insurance, religion, high offices of government, and the star Sirius. The Obamacare insurance plan is now in affect and there is always lots of business going on in Washington, D.C, and also in the United States. The United States and Russia will be in our focus this month, along with China. Russia is hosting the Winter Olympics which will be held in Sochi, Russia.

At this new moon, which signifies upcoming events, Mars is being activated in the cardinal cross. This is very interesting because Mars rules sports, and the start of the Olympics is February 7th. Mercury is in Aquarius and turns retrograde on February 7th. I wonder how that will affect the Olympics. Mercury usually causes things to get mixed up in its retrograde phase.

The Sun is now in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, so expect some unexpected events. Uranus rules revolutions and look what is going on in Egypt again. Uranus also rules strikes, uprisings, electricity, lightening, computers, and modern technology.

The north node moves into Libra on February 18, 2014 and Mars will be in Libra until July 25, 2014. The combination of Mars and the node together will be very interesting. This means the node will trigger Mars energy for the next six months. The north node has been in Scorpio for the past year and a half. Scorpio rules hidden secrets and there sure have been a lot of secrets brought to light recently like the event with Edward Snowden and the NSA information. Saturn will still be in Scorpio for another year and this planet will continue uncovering more secrets that will be brought to our attention to be transformed into light.

The north node in Libra will be a whole new ball-game. Libra is usually a peaceful sign that rules justice. It also rules the balance between positive and negative energy, and relationship issues. That energy will be affecting the Vatican and more rules will change. Look at what happened in January-the Pope fired all the top people in the Vatican Bank, except for one person. This is awesome because the Vatican Bank has been at the top of the control ladder for a long time. The buck stops there.

We have yet to see what will be brought forth through that action. One of the results might be the Stock Market fall that happened on Friday, January 24th. I don’t know if this had anything to do with the Pope firing the top leaders of the Vatican Bank, although when something happens at the top it trickles down through the other banks, which could affect the Stock Market.

Our Sun flipped, or finished its pole shift at the end of December. The flip started in 2013 and it takes over a year to complete. I think that was part of the chaotic energy we experienced in 2013. The Sun has a pole shift every 11 years so this is not unusual, although because of the placement of the planets in a cardinal cross we will be greatly affected by this new energy. The energy will continue to be chaotic for a while. I think it is a good idea to focus on this new energy and ground it into our beloved planet Earth. This will help us to stay grounded and stable during this time period.

I think this chaotic energy will culminate in April of this year. There will be a perfect cross in the heavens on April 22nd. The cross will be formed by planets on 13 degrees of each cardinal sign. There will be a total lunar eclipse on April 15th which is on the first day of Passover. This is called a blood red moon because the moon is expected to turn red. In fact there will be two blood red moons in 2014, and two in 2015. The second one in 2014 is on October 8th which is also on a Jewish festival called Sukkoth.

Palm Sunday is on April 13 and Easter is on April 20th. This red moon eclipse will happen during this holy week. The cross in the heavens will start forming on April 13 and will become exact on April 22. I was impressed to reread the story of Moses and the Passover. That event occurred in Egypt with the people of Israel crying to the Pharaoh to let them go, they wanted to be free and not be slaves anymore. Isn’t that what has been going on in Egypt, and the other Middle East countries for the last 3 years? Now it has reached a crisis in Egypt, and the people are really crying to be free. Is this history repeating itself?

Think back to the story of Moses. First the people were told to put blood above their door so they would be safe as Passover occurred. Then there were several plagues that affected the people. Hasn’t the Earth been going through accelerated Earth changes for the past 3 years? Then the Sun became black and the people escaped from Egypt and were set free. Doesn’t the sun turn black in a solar eclipse? There will be a solar eclipse on April 27-28this year, depending on what part of the world you live in.

Many people have been waiting for the return of Christ. One of the prophecies I heard about was that after Ariel Sharon died, and also Nelson Mandela, we would then witness the return of the Christ. Both of those men have recently died. It says in the Bible that Christ will return in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and we will rise to meet the Lord in the air. This is a possibility because I know many people who have been waiting for a long time for the return of Space Beings and to have open contact with them. The dark ships are on a lower frequency so our consciousness has to be high enough to be able to contact the higher Beings of light who come in awesome crystal ships of light.

Easter is considered the celebration of the risen Christ. Haven’t we all been working on purifying our minds and our bodies so we can manifest Christ Consciousness? Aren’t we the ones we have been waiting for? It’s exciting to think that we may have reached the point in our lives where we can now manifest Christ Consciousness. Many of us have worked for years to release and transform all the garbage we have been carrying with us for eons of time. Don’t you feel lighter and more in tune with the higher frequencies? Isn’t it time to create a beautiful new planet on fifth dimension Earth? Aren’t you excited to be living on this planet so you can witness all of these marvelous events that will soon transpire? I can hardly wait.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! So Be It! ***** Mahala Gayle *****