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North Point Astrology Journal February 3 to 9, 2014  By Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Auroras over Andøya Island, Norway (photo by Frank Olsen, posted onSpaceweather.com)

THE MOON is in Aries as we begin the week, and so interacts with each of the planets in our Cardinal Grand Cross on Monday and Tuesday (see exact times in the Highlighted Aspects list). The most noticeable effects are likely to be Monday afternoon and evening (Pacific Standard Time), when the Moon aligns with Uranus and then squares both Jupiter and Pluto.

Although the Moon’s aspects are generally fleeting in their effects, lasting two to three hours at most, once again we should get some insights into the larger influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross while these aspects are at work. If we pay attention to how we’re feeling, and what situations attract our attention during these times, we may get some clarity on what we’re being asked to work on, and how we’re being asked to change during these first six months of 2014.

ON WEDNESDAY, a flowing trine aspect between Jupiter and Chiron is exact. As these two planets interact throughout this week, we are supported in strengthening our hope in the future and our trust in the universe — very important tools to have in our pockets during times of change.

This is the second of three Jupiter-Chiron trines in a nine-month period. The first occurred on August 21, 2013. The third will be part of a Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn, which is strongest around May 15 of this year.

Trines do not push us in the way that the “hard” aspects do. This means it is entirely up to us to take advantage of this supportive energy this week — but every time we choose to take a step in the direction of greater hope, optimism and trust, we have a gentle wind at our backs, encouraging our progress.

MERCURY goes retrograde (backward) on Thursday, beginning a 21-day period of review and introspection. It is said to be wise to wait until Mercury is again moving direct (forward) before signing important papers, making major decisions, or finalizing communications. But, if circumstances require you to do any of these things before February 28, just be sure you completely understand all the instructions and double check all your facts before taking important steps. Speaking from experience, I know that life can get pretty complicated if we ignore Mercury retrograde’s directives.

Those potential frustrations aside, Mercury’s retrograde phase has a lot of positive possibility. It’s a time when we are encouraged to go within, to review where we’ve been, and to pause a bit before embarking on new journeys. It’s also a great time to review plans we’ve been working on, to make sure we’ve considered all perspectives before going forward. And, it is good for meditation and other practices where we turn our attention inward and still our ever-active minds for a while.



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