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Truthout Daily Digest Friday February 7, 2014

This School Is Not a Pipe

Josh Neufeld and Adam Bessie, Truthout: Metaphors matter and it is bad policy and worse poetry to describe education as a pipeline, argue the authors of this comic, which illustrates the education reform debate from an alternative perspective, both ideologically and visually.

View the Comic

Privacy Activists’ Nuclear Option: Suing Oakland Over Spy Center’s Nuclear Weapons Contractors

Candice Bernd, Truthout: Civil liberties advocates are pushing back against Oakland’s planned Domain Awareness Center with a new strategy – emphasizing that if officials sign a contract with Schneider Electric to build the center, it will be in violation of the California city’s Nuclear Free Zone ordinance.

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Weak Job Growth, but Declining Unemployment Give Mixed Picture in January

Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research: The establishment survey showed the economy created just 113,000 jobs in January. Coupled with the 75,000 increase reported for December, this is the weakest two-month stretch since December, 2010 to January 2011.

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The Historical Jesus Was Crucified for Being a Revolutionary

Reza Aslan, Random House: The portrait of Jesus that emerges from Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth – a zealous revolutionary swept up, as all Jews of the era were, in the religious and political turmoil of first-century Palestine – bears little resemblance to the image of the gentle shepherd cultivated by the early Christian community.

Read the Book Excerpt

Chaos in the Competition Zone: Olympic Excess From Lake Placid to Sochi

Greg Guma, Maverick Media: Sochi is not the first Olympic community to be shortchanged, disrupted, and abused. Take the 1980 Winter Games, which happened shortly after the US and USSR began their face off in Afghanistan. The Lake Placid Games could easily have become a $150 million disaster movie.

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A Thousand New Radio Stations: Whose Will They Be?

Tracy Rosenberg, Truthout: Will the historic low-power radio filing of October 2013 result in an infusion of media diversity, or will its results fall short of the ambitious goals of the low-power radio movement?

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Hunger Strike at Menard Correctional Center Draws Solidarity, Support

James Anderson, Truthout: Activists are supporting the prisoners at Illinois’ Menard Correctional Facility who have been on hunger strike since January 15 to protest their administrative detention without due process and conditions of confinement.

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Salt and Terror in Afghanistan

Kathy Kelly, Dissident Voice: “Two weeks ago in a room in Kabul, Afghanistan, I joined several dozen people, working seamstresses, some college students, socially engaged teenagers and a few visiting internationals like myself, to discuss world hunger.”

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Federal Lawsuit Filed Against FEC Seeks To Shed Light on Karl Rove’s “Dark Money” Donors

Ernest A. Canning, The Brad Blog: After a recent three-to-three decision by a partisan-deadlocked Federal Elections Commission, Karl Rove may have thought he was off the hook for federal campaign finance violations by his Crossroads GPS organization. Two nonprofit, good government groups, however, feel differently.

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The Rise of “Insourcing” Gives Internet Companies a New Way To Exploit Workers

Lydia Bowers, Next New Deal: There is a new, fast-growing class of low-wage workers who would not see the benefit of a raise in the minimum wage. These new “insourced” workers are individuals who contract with large Internet-based companies like Uber and Taskrabbit to perform services here in the United States.

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2014 Winter Olympics Under Cloud of Anti-LGBTQ Violence

Jaisal Noor, The Real News Network: The 2014 Olympic Games are underway in Sochi, Russia. But a hot topic for these games has nothing to do with sports. Human Rights Watch released a video showing brutal harassment of gay Russian men ranging from public humiliation to physical violence.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript


Message to Multi-Billionaire Sam Zell: No, the 1% Don’t Work Harder

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Sam Zell ought to be forced to spend a week with a single mother with three jobs, struggling just to feed her children and keep a roof over their heads. Then he should spend a month working in a dangerous, gritty coal mine in West Virginia.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Elizabeth Warren Calls on Obama To Nominate Fewer Corporate Judges

Read the Article at Salon

Institutional Homophobia, Looming Terrorism, Anti-Semitism and the Slaughter of Dogs: The Propaganda Olympics in Sochi

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Will Obama Do the Right Thing on Ozone and Smog This Time Around?

Read the Article at Grist

Pope Francis, Help the Children Sexually Abused by Priests: Open the Vatican Archives

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Paul Krugman | Health, Work, Lies

Read the Article at The New York Times

Big Tobacco Hasn’t Given Up Peddling Cancer Sticks

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

No, Liberals Don’t Control the Democratic Party

Read the Article at The Atlantic

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SaLuSa Friday February 7, 2014 Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa—Feb. 7, 2014—Weekly Message

SaLuSa 7 February 2014
Telepath, Michael Quinsey

SaLuSa speaks

Progress is still being made to bring you release from the many conditions and restrictions that have been placed upon you by the cabal. For the time being it suits our purpose to let certain restrictions remain, allowing us to work towards completely releasing you from their control. With our ability to see what is taking place we can keepone step ahead of the cabal andrestrict the degree to which they can impose themselves upon you. For example in recent times many attempts have been made to start another world war. Each time we have blocked such attempts and will continue to do so. In fact we acted recently so as to stop the commencement of intended hostilities that would have led to another world war. Be assured that there is no way it would be allowed, and such commitment by us is a guarantee of eventual world peace.

Over a long period of time covering many years, we have been able to make you feel secure because of the presence of our ships. Now there are few people that are unaware of us and view us as a threat to humankind. It has been our intention to gradually gain your confidence and trust for a many, many years, and overcome the image that has been projected to show us a threat to you. There is as a resultso many of you who welcome the idea of contact with us, and accept our assurance that we come in peace.Indeed, we come as your brothers and sisters who have been linked with you through the ages, by a common interest in bringing Mankind the truth. Hitherto the sources that you have trusted have manipulated it in their own interests, to keep you under their control. (***Religion & Government) The saddest aspect is that you have been held back in your evolution andunderstanding of who you are.

Now the circumstances are different as you are being lifted up by the incoming energies, that are continually increasing in vibration. You areabsorbing more Light and have an increasing ability to discern the truth. However, it also means that the gulf between you and those who refuse to contemplate it is growing wider. There is no need to be concerned about them, as all souls will eventually arrive at the truth in the ever ongoing journey that all souls make. Indeed, you arenow urged to follow your own path, soas to be fully prepared for the enlightenment that is coming. As everbe discerning but also open to new information, as the revelations to come will open your eyes to much that has deliberately withheld from you.

The weather in many parts of the world is causing extremes to be experienced, and this is a prelude to more settled times. In the future, all people will experience more changes that will settle into a more moderate weather pattern without the extremes you are experiencing now. This all takes place because of the higher vibrations andeventually nothing will remain of thelower ones. There is much to look forward to and perhaps the most welcome aspect will be the cessation of war and warlike preparations. You will no doubt realise that a vast sum of money is invested in war, and the search for new and more terrifying weapons. Dear Ones do not worry, there will be a time coming when there will be an end to everything connected with wars. Defensive needs are another consideration and we have the Galactic Forces who will keep law and order.

The times you are currently experiencing will begin to calm down, and you may have noticed that there is a new impetus for countries to seek peace. It is a struggle as the dark Ones try to hold onto their power, but it will be to no avail as the vibrations continue to lift up. You will find that there will be a new mood amongst those who are in the armed forces, asthe futility of war is realised. Mankind is changing his outlook and peace is being sought after millennia of destruction and loss of life. Buildingscan be re-built but the loss of a souls life has such repercussions on all of those connected with it. It has taken Man a long, long time to come to this realisation, and the future looks brightas peace on Earth becomes the new goal.

Some ask why they are incarnate at such a time, feeling that they have no particular purpose. However, no soul is here without reason and whatever it may mean to the individual, all have something to learn or contribute. You are Beings capable of immense loveand have a capacity for unconditional love of all souls. Once you havereached such a stage, you are truly a higher soul who understands the Oneness of all life, and that You Are All One.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased once again to be able to address you.You are now opening up to the Truthand capable of understanding it, andmore importantly applying to your everyday experiences. For some these end times are hectic and very trying, but it is the final clearing of karma accumulated over many lives. Be assured that you would not be is such a position unless you were capable of handling it. So accept your experiences with good heart, as they are your final tribulations in this dimension.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.