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Stop the GMO Apple

The USDA is poised to approve the first genetically modified apple.

We need your help today, right now, to tell the USDA to say no to GMO apples.

If approved, these genetically engineered apples could end up everywhere from school lunches to grocery stores, posing risks to our health, our environment and apple farmers across the United States.

This new GMO Arctic Apple® was engineered for purely cosmetic reasons — it lacks the enzymes that cause apples to brown when cut. However, browning in apples can be prevented naturally by applying lemon juice or another source of vitamin C, making this new risky genetically engineered apple unnecessary.

Thanks to the help of thousands of people like you, McDonald’s and Gerber recently confirmed to Friends of the Earth that they have no plans to sell the GMO Arctic Apple® — wisely siding with consumers and apple growers that are rejecting this risky, unnecessary, unlabeled apple.

But the USDA is not yet convinced and wants to know whether you want this GMO apple on the market. We need your voice now. Tell the USDA that the GMO Arctic Apple® should not be approved.

The GMO Arctic Apple® is a problem masquerading as a solution. Without natural browning, apples may look fresh when they are actually decaying. Scientists believe apples’ natural browning enzyme may help to fight diseases and pests, meaning that famers may have to increase their pesticide use on these new GMO apples. Apples already carry some of the highest levels of toxic pesticide residues, many of them linked to hormone disruption, reproductive harm and even ADHD.

Like other GMOs, it won’t be labeled and won’t have undergone independent safety testing — regulators will rely on the company’s sole assessment that the apple is safe for human consumption.

Worse yet, this GMO apple was genetically engineered via a new, virtually untested experimental technique called RNA interference, which many scientists are concerned may have negative, unintended impacts on human health and the environment.

But it’s not too late to keep GMO apples off our plates — we have until December 8th to tell the USDA to say no to this rotten idea.

Standing with you,
Dana Perls & Lisa Archer,
Food and Technology team,
Friends of the Earth



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Breaking: New Keystone pipeline corruption exposed

Today, Friends of the Earth released a shocking expose of the State Departments handling of the Keystone XL pipeline’s environmental review.

We discovered that the company hired by the State Department to conduct the environmental review for this risky pipeline has done extensive work for TransCanada and the many oil companies that stand to benefit if the pipeline is built. Making matters worse, the firm, Environmental Resources Management, lied on its federal conflict of interest disclosure forms when it declared it had no such ties.

Where does this leave the Keystone XL review? Its now time for Secretary of State John Kerry to determine how a firm with financial ties to TransCanada and the oil industry was allowed to write the governments environmental impact statement, and why the State Department never investigated the companys claims to have no such ties. Only then can we have a fair and accurate assessment.

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry that its time to cancel ERMs contract and halt the Keystone review until it can be done fairly and without the influence of Big Oil.

This is not the first time the State Departments botched handling of the Keystone XL environmental review has been in the news. In March, Mother Jones revealed that the State Department had tried to conceal the fact that some of the consultants who wrote the report had worked for TransCanada.

Now, with todays conflict of interest revelation, its clear that the Keystone review has been hopelessly compromised by the oil industry. The United States simply cannot afford to let Big Oil set its climate policy through shady deals and cover-ups.

Join us in calling on John Kerry to halt the Keystone review and launch an investigation immediately into this corruption of the environmental review process.

Since TransCanada first applied for a presidential permit in 2008, the State Department has acted like the oil industrys best friend, willing to sneak a thumb onto the scales to benefit Big Oil. We need your help to bring transparency and an end to these backroom deals.

Tell John Kerry, no more cover-ups. Halt the Keystone XL review now.

Standing with you,
Ross Hammond,
Senior campaigner,
Friends of the Earth

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BREAKING: Dangerous San Onofre reactors PERMANENTLY shut down

More good news on the moving away from dangerous fuels and toward a sustainable planet front!

The news just broke this morning: after years of fighting toe-to-toe with the billion dollar nuclear industry, WE WON!

Southern California Edison, the utility that operates the damaged San Onofre nuclear plant, has given up, saying it’s not economically feasible to continue trying to repair the crippled reactors.

The reactors were shut down over 18 months ago after the failure of newly installed steam generators caused a radiation leak.

This is tremendous news for the people of Southern California — and also for the country as a whole. It’s another example of the failed promise of dirty and dangerous nuclear power, and it clears the way for a transition to a clean and safe energy economy based on the sun and wind.

Thanks for standing with us,
Damon, Shaun and Kendra,
Climate and energy program,
Friends of the Earth

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