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Possible New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site – NBC News.com

Possible New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site


Just two days day after the Obama administration proposed to cut millions of dollars in funding to clean up the infamous Hanford nuclear site in Washington state, the Energy Department said Thursday that one of the location’s oldest storage tanks may have sprung another leak.

The Energy Department’s contractor overseeing operations at Hanford — which houses millions of gallons of radioactive waste and is considered one of the most contaminated sites in the United States and possibly on Earth — notified its Office of River Protection of the possible leak Wednesday, the Energy Department confirmed Thursday.

(Please click the link below to read full article at NBC-
http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/possible-new-leak-hanford-nuclear-waste-site-n46616 )