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I so miss the discussion in comments on Denise’s blog. It was so illuminating to not only read Denise’s wonderful clarity on current events and energies, but also to read so many fellows on this journey sharing their/our experience as well.

I learned so much from those discussions. And it felt like a community of truly similar or like minded beings; something quite rare in my rather isolated experience.

I had hoped to build or rather encourage that sort of community here on Spirit In Action. But being an Aspie, I guess I don’t quite understand how to do that very well.

If anyone knows of another forum where the people who used to converse on Transitions gather I would be so grateful if you left the link in comments.

Or if anyone wants to share or discuss anything that Denise brought up-that would be beautiful as well.

For myself, I have also noticed the thrown completely off all of a sudden thing especially this past month. I’ve also noticed an odd “flattening” of the oscillating or cycling that has been so pronounced the last few years.

Instead of euphoric highs of elevated emotion, where the oneness of a deep meditation extends out to a whole day, or seems to colour and light up everything around me cycling down deeply to a pit of exhaustion and near despair more recently the cycles are more limited in range.

I go between a sense of vague worry/stress/discontent to a sense of also rather vague calm, confidence and hopefulness. I’ve wondered if this is just an effect of being too ill to generate much energy at all or if this is part of the process that others are also experiencing?

Either way, I’m always glad to read a post from Denise and especially so lately when she’s sounding ok in spite of so much upheaval. I know it’s the time for upheaval and chaos for nearly everyone but it’s only human I suppose to wish everyone will be ok.

People tell me I think like a child but I believe that when the majority of us on Earth are more concerned about one another and all living beings than profits, the stuff on TV or live stream/YouTube etc then that is when it will all turn around.

Like the parable of the 10 foot spoons, if we are all praying for good for all-how can good not manifest?

New post on HighHeartLife

Here & Then Not: Transitioning between the Dying Old & Manifesting NEW

by Denise

I’ve mentioned before that in 1975 I had an intense Higher Awareness knowing suddenly come through one afternoon about the “future”, and it has concerned me slightly for these past nearly forty years. That “future” is now of course and you and I are living it along with seven billion-plus other humans on Earth. What […]

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