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The Building Pre Equinox Pressures | HighHeartLife

New post from Denise on HighHeartLife!

I immediately saw a connection between Denise’s crystal clear insight into this pattern we as individuals have been experiencing and the recent astrological alignments favoring sudden (Uranus) positive changes for the global collective.

If we as a global collective of humanity-or at least as the awakened and connected microcosm or fragment of that whole collective-can refocus collectively on the positive changes we want to see and experience instead of the mass focus on the current negative “realities” and our frustration with and resistance to them; we can reprogram the system.

Just as we are reprogramming our own mental-emotional-spiritual-energy and physical systems to new frequencies of reality and personal experience we can project our internal changes holographically onto the larger group experience.

Like when a small group in a stadium starts a catchy chant or movement pattern and it echoes out through the surrounding crowds until suddenly an entire stadium full of people is chanting in unison or doing the wave.

I know when we look around, read the news etc our current “reality” appears to be circling the drain. From exploding oil trains and fracking wastes setting household faucets afire to the apparently endless spreading conflagration of war from Ukraine through Afghanistan down to huge areas of Africa-it’s a lot like our whole world is burning!

But Pam Grout made a perfect metaphor for our current experience. She wrote in E Squared about being in Biloxi and wanting to go to New Orleans. She pointed out that very few of us would look around as we drove out of Biloxi through suburbs, farm fields etc and become discouraged that what we saw looked nothing like the French Quarter.

We have to see the world we want clearly in our minds and focus our attention and intention there in order to arrive there. If we keep thinking about all the things in Biloxi we want to escape we aren’t driving any more-we are stalled out-stuck in the middle of nowhere blaming Biloxi for our non-arrival in New Orleans.


The Building Pre Equinox Pressures


The late winter months and weeks (winter in Northern hemisphere, summer in Southern hemisphere) always feel like the big push and rush is on before we reach the incoming energies the March 20th spring Equinox will hand deliver. (Please click the link below to read this post on HighHeartLife- https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/the-building-pre-equinox-pressures/

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NEW Post on HighHeartLife! The 6th Uranus/Pluto Square December 14-15, 2014 | Denise le Fey

The 6th Uranus/Pluto Square December 14-15, 2014

‘…We are in crises over the survival of good values, human decency, and love. Four hundred years of scientific materialism have nearly blocked our spiritual access to the higher dimensions that make life meaningful, and two thousand years of religious dogma have weakened our freedom and willpower. What’s going on?…’

astro glyphs flashing colors

That first sentence really got me because that’s exactly what’s been nearly breaking my heart and spirit this year. Trudging daily through such compressed darkness at the end of the long reign of Darkness isn’t easy but we’re doing it, besides, what else is there to do but this? ❤ (Please click the link to read the post on HighHeartLife- https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/the-6th-uranuspluto-square-december-14-15-2014/ )

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The 11-11 through 12-12-14 Wormhole | HighHeartLife | Denise le Fey

The 11-11 through 12-12-14 Wormhole

vortex hearts5

I don’t know absolutely that this period we’re living and journeying through from 11-11 to 12-12 is indeed a “wormhole” but that’s what I’ve perceived. I’d call it an energy tube instead… (Please click the link below to read this New Post on HighHeartLife- https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/the-11-11-through-12-12-14-wormhole/ )

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New Post on HighHeart Life- Comments! | Q & A Section: Comments are Open | HighHeartLife

Q & A Section: Comments are Open

800x800whowhatwhy1chat people3

It feels like it’s time to create aCategory at HighHeartLife that’sonly for Q & A, questions and answers. Comments are open in this Category only….

(Please click the link below to read the rest of this post on HighHeartLife- https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/q-a-section-comments-are-open/ )


New Post on High Heart Life | Here & Then Not: Transitioning between the Dying Old & Manifesting NEW | HighHeartLife

I so miss the discussion in comments on Denise’s blog. It was so illuminating to not only read Denise’s wonderful clarity on current events and energies, but also to read so many fellows on this journey sharing their/our experience as well.

I learned so much from those discussions. And it felt like a community of truly similar or like minded beings; something quite rare in my rather isolated experience.

I had hoped to build or rather encourage that sort of community here on Spirit In Action. But being an Aspie, I guess I don’t quite understand how to do that very well.

If anyone knows of another forum where the people who used to converse on Transitions gather I would be so grateful if you left the link in comments.

Or if anyone wants to share or discuss anything that Denise brought up-that would be beautiful as well.

For myself, I have also noticed the thrown completely off all of a sudden thing especially this past month. I’ve also noticed an odd “flattening” of the oscillating or cycling that has been so pronounced the last few years.

Instead of euphoric highs of elevated emotion, where the oneness of a deep meditation extends out to a whole day, or seems to colour and light up everything around me cycling down deeply to a pit of exhaustion and near despair more recently the cycles are more limited in range.

I go between a sense of vague worry/stress/discontent to a sense of also rather vague calm, confidence and hopefulness. I’ve wondered if this is just an effect of being too ill to generate much energy at all or if this is part of the process that others are also experiencing?

Either way, I’m always glad to read a post from Denise and especially so lately when she’s sounding ok in spite of so much upheaval. I know it’s the time for upheaval and chaos for nearly everyone but it’s only human I suppose to wish everyone will be ok.

People tell me I think like a child but I believe that when the majority of us on Earth are more concerned about one another and all living beings than profits, the stuff on TV or live stream/YouTube etc then that is when it will all turn around.

Like the parable of the 10 foot spoons, if we are all praying for good for all-how can good not manifest?

New post on HighHeartLife

Here & Then Not: Transitioning between the Dying Old & Manifesting NEW

by Denise

I’ve mentioned before that in 1975 I had an intense Higher Awareness knowing suddenly come through one afternoon about the “future”, and it has concerned me slightly for these past nearly forty years. That “future” is now of course and you and I are living it along with seven billion-plus other humans on Earth. What […]

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Denise | November 2, 2014 at 4:38 PM | Tags: Ascending and Decending worlds and populations, ascension symptoms,Cosmic Awareness, descending symptoms, energy overload, fifth dimension awareness, inner body vibrations, lack of higher awareness due to energy overwhelm, mental & emotional imbalances, new Planet A/B,October 2014 solar energies, planet B,Sun’s magnetic field holds energy blueprints for evolution, Tom Kenyon & the Hathors | Categories: NEW Consciousness NEW Worlds | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-I3


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New post on HighHeartLife Denise le Fey October 23, 2014


If you have noticed a correlation between your mood/aches etc and solar activity; you are not alone. Denise gives a breakdown in this post of some of the common physical experiences often called “ascension flu” or ascension symptoms, that tend to flare along with the sun.

Some gorgeous solar photos in this one too!

October 2014 Eclipse & Solar Transmissions

by Denise

Over the past few years, more times than not there’s been increased solar flares, storms, winds, holes, CME’s etc. leading up to both Lunar and Solar Eclipses. This has certainly been the case in October 2014. What a month… what a year! 😮 Even though the solar “professionals” claim that when the Sun is not […]

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Denise | October 23, 2014 at 11:07 AM | Categories: Ascension Symptoms | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-Hz

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New Post on High Heart Life | Denise le Fey

Denise has done it again-managed to sort out the immensely confused chaotic energies of our present reality and explain what’s really going on for those of us consciously working to embody the NEW.

Today’s Oracle Report discusses the imprinted energies that may tend to foster despair and self recriminations. I really appreciate Denise bringing this clarity right now today.

It is so important to remind ourselves that much of what we are accomplishing remains yet in the unseen. It’s too easy in colonized culture to feel bad about ourselves, to blame ourselves for perceived failures and missed opportunities.

The culture programs us in fact to do exactly that. But because reality is much bigger, more complex, amazing and colourful than the colonized mindset can encompass, that negativity is truly unwarranted.

From a spiritual perspective there are no failures. Each seeming misstep turns our journey onto paths we might otherwise have missed.

Sure a lot of these paths may feel less than beautiful to walk but all it takes is a shift in perspective to recognize that the inherent beauty of All That Is never leaves us-it us ever present everywhere, at all times.

Thank you, Denise! And all of you who keep going and maintaining your faith in spite of all the Old World Order/Team Dark/the colonized society throw in your path to stop you.

The Ongoing Shift: Navigating our way through the Removal of Team Dark’s old Negative Distortions

by Denise

I’ve shared many times in past articles both here and at TRANSITIONS that the Forerunners of the Forerunners and then the rest of the Forerunners always live, experience, are deeply effected by and energetically and physically embody the NEW energies first; those NEW energies being the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s energetic Blueprints or NEW ‘Light Codes’ etc. However, […]

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Denise | October 20, 2014 at 11:18 AM | Tags: death of the old patriarchal systems, difficulties of 2014, embodying the NEW Light Energies in 2014,forerunners, Higher Self & lower self merging process, increasing instability of lower consciousness, Lightworkers,removal of the old negative Dark Mother distortions, Team Light Timeline workers, time jumping between old lower and NEW higher energies,unaware humans used negatively,walking between the old & NEW worlds & people | Categories: NEW Consciousness NEW Worlds | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-GM

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Hit the Ground Running | HighHeartLife Denise le Fey

There is a LOT in this new post from Denise. If you, like me, have been experiencing lots of physical unpleasant stuff, this post may help you make more sense of this process we are all going through.

Hit the Ground Running

On August 1, 2014 I perceived, very loudly, that I needed to prepare because soon I’d ‘Hit the ground running’. Of course I thought that meant something different from what happened, but, I’ve indeed been running like crazy since my mother’s August 28th triple bypass surgery.

There’s the obvious, the very top layer of stuffthat’s happening physically, but as is always the case, there’s so much more going on with that obvious surface stuff than one may be aware of at first. This is what I’ve gone through—increasingly this year and don’t expect that to end any time soon—(please click the link below to read the full post on HighHeartLife-http://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/hit-the-ground-running/ )

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New Post on High Heart Life | Denise le Fey


If you are a lightworker, starseed, or have spent much time working toward ascension for yourself and the Earth- you will probably want to read Denise’s latest post.

I’ve long been aware that Denise has developed a deep level of skill in discerning and clarifying energetic realities and events and their meanings and effects on us.

She often has very similar experiences to my own-but I don’t always understand very clearly until after I read her discussion of them.

I imagine this may be true for some of you as well. We each have developed different skills, abilities and areas of interest that we can contribute to the collective. It is very inspiring to me reading Denise, Aisha, Brenda and others who help us perceive and understand the changes so much more clearly than we might each do separately.

Aside from the obvious benefit of their wisdom itself, it reminds me to keep working on my own skills and abilities that can also help others. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of all that still needs doing, I’m inspired by the possibilities when so many of us work together.

As always, I post this with gratitude to Denise for all of her work, and to each of you too for walking your paths and not giving up.

New post on HighHeartLife

Shift to August & Severity of August 4, 2014

by Denise

Team Light Shutting Down most of Team Dark’s Timelines As is usually the case, the energies scream a bit louder and more intensely every time we transition from one month and enter the next one. Nothing new here, except that this shift into August 1st, 2014 was extra intense. Now that I’ve said that I’m […]

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Denise | August 5, 2014 at 3:03 PM | Tags: 2014 and World War anniversaries, Ascending and Decending worlds and populations,August 4 2014 intensities, Decending earth population & Ascending earth popluations, ending negative timelines,feeling the human Collective, July & August 2014, nonlinear time & consciousness, September 2014 Equinox, spherical consciousness,Team Light Timeline workers, timeline shifts & seperations, transmuting negative dense energies | Categories:New Consciousness, New Worlds | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-CY