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Hit the Ground Running | HighHeartLife Denise le Fey

There is a LOT in this new post from Denise. If you, like me, have been experiencing lots of physical unpleasant stuff, this post may help you make more sense of this process we are all going through.

Hit the Ground Running

On August 1, 2014 I perceived, very loudly, that I needed to prepare because soon I’d ‘Hit the ground running’. Of course I thought that meant something different from what happened, but, I’ve indeed been running like crazy since my mother’s August 28th triple bypass surgery.

There’s the obvious, the very top layer of stuffthat’s happening physically, but as is always the case, there’s so much more going on with that obvious surface stuff than one may be aware of at first. This is what I’ve gone through—increasingly this year and don’t expect that to end any time soon—(please click the link below to read the full post on HighHeartLife-http://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/hit-the-ground-running/ )