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Inelia Benz | In My Defense

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If my life is in danger, or someone in my environment is in physical or psychological danger from an aggressor, I will defend myself, or them, without question. But when it comes to defending my integrity, my name, my work, pride, or anything else, I will simply walk away even if affected by it.

Sometimes, I do get affected, there is an emotional charge to being “betrayed” by someone who professed their friendship, for example. Or someone who goes behind my back and speaks against me so that they are liked by others, while pretending to be my friend and supporter. Or someone who would viciously attack me on the internet (often anonymously of course), in order to feel important, or get some attention, or because my power and influence threatens them. It does upset me sometimes. But instead of reacting to that upsetness, what I do is process it, the disappointment and pain, and continue on my path.

It’s hard though. When we receive a negative energy of engagement in the form of insults or attacks it often incurs a cost. This cost is the effect it has on the “small self”.

And I DO have a small self. It’s not very influential in my life, but it does affect me at times. It wasn’t always there, but at some point in linear time I created it in order to understand what other’s are going through in this life. Most of the suffering, stress, pain, fights, and conflicts we experience are due to the small self in us and/or others.

Take a look at a conflict you are in right now. Step back and see if it has any bearing to your physical survival. If it does not, then it’s about the small self.

Some cultures will teach that people should kill to defend their pride, their honor or their family’s honor. Or be severely punished if they dishonor themselves or their family. But what is honor, and pride but an egoic projection of importance?

Often, we use the story of all the physical, emotional and psychological attacks we have received throughout our lives to validate our own brutality.

The nature of attacks

Most personal (non life threatening) attacks have very basic patterns. Three of these patters are:

1. The making oneself right by making the other wrong.

2. Validating oneself by invalidating another.

3. Reacting to an unconscious (or conscious) fear.

In my experience, number one is the most prevalent in our society. It is, in fact, encouraged. We find this being used in politics and debates of all sorts in science, religion, and social organizations and think tanks around the world.

More than once, I have received messages and emails “demanding that I respond” to some claim or other that I am [enter comment making me wrong here]. Or that I defend or validate my views on things. I don’t respond to or answer these messages now, but have done so in the past due to giving in to external pressure. I tend not to give in to external pressures these days.

Recently, a friend of mine told me that he has seen that the more powerful, confident and capable I appear to become as a publicly known individual, the more vicious and insidious the attacks get. This is simply a reflection of number 3 above. People are afraid of influential individuals. They are afraid of power (and with good cause), and are afraid of being conned. The energetic attack (at a mystical level) has also increased tremendously every month since I accepted the mission to become publicly known so as to deliver the message of empowerment to the masses.

How we deal with mystical attacks is pretty much the same as we deal with overt attacks. We process any effect they may have in us, and we move on. Retaliation, defense, or “justice” is irrelevant. and would only feed into the attack and the lowering of our vibration.

If we spend any time defending, attacking our attackers or getting payback, we are simply feeding the aggression cycle. All that energy is much better spent inspiring and empowering others.

How does observing our defenses empower the planet?

Conflict and war, at any level, lowers our human collective vibration. It doesn’t matter whether you are shouting at your dog, or shooting bullets at an enemy. The energy of conflict goes against our nature and it is only there through heavy programming.

The past week, as I was recuperating from long hours on airplanes, I watched several shows on TV. I was shocked at the normalization of violence. And the brutality of the violence depicted.

In one show, a film about a gangster family in witness protection relocated to France, showed children and adults being brutally beaten up by the protagonists. It was supposed to be funny because the kids and adults who were brutalized had said something wrong to the protagonists, or done some minor wrong to them. In another show, an extremely popular TV series, the level of violence was simply incredible. It included rape, sexual abuse, brutal murders children, men and women, and extreme psychological abuse. All “normalized” in some fantasy time and geographical area.

Reality TV is popular because is conflict driven. Violence of many kinds are depicted, even physical fights.

And it doesn’t stop at TV shows, most computer games are about killing other people, creatures or monsters.

But here’s the thing, the programming to be and act from a place of aggression and violence cannot succeed unless we subscribe to it. Once we see that it is simply programming, that it is indeed an attempt by a faction of the human collective to walk a low vibrational and highly addictive path, then we can simply switch that programming off.

How do we switch it off? We make a list, and observe, all the areas where we feel wronged, where we are defending ourselves, where we are attacking others. We observe each item on our list until we see the larger picture. Until we are no longer energetically affected by the conflict or attack. Until we no longer “want to do something about this”, to bring it to justice. But remember, if it involves your or someone else’s physical or psychological survival or wellbeing, do get yourself or the person under attack away if possible and if not possible, then defend, act and protect. Why? Because survival of our person is different to the survival of our small self.

Do note that aggression and conflict are highly addictive. They are dramatic, and we love drama. Drama and conflict do not exist outside of the small self. The fact that they do not exist outside of the small self is often the reason why we hold on to the small self so strongly.

Our reality, our planet and species, still supports low level experiences such as war, conflict, drama and such. This is a fact. Our species is empowered with the choice. It is up to us whether we want to hold on to those low level games or not. That’s why there is such heavy programming happening via our media, culture and religions, to hold onto the small games. We are exposed to them and the effect is the same as someone being exposed to crack cocaine for the first time. We either become totally addicted to it, refuse to ingest it, or “recover” after being addicted to it for a long or short time.

We can help our species to drop the addiction by observing it within ourselves, and empowering others to enable them to observe it within themselves. Just observing, without any intent, expands our awareness on the facts behind this addiction at a global scale.

Do share this article with anyone whom you feel will benefit and be empowered by it, send to your lists and re-blog. The more of us who act by sharing this information, the easier the load will become and the faster our species will expand in awareness.

Inelia Benz

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Have You Ever Wondered What Is Behind the Oppression of Our Feminine Side? Inelia Benz

In case you missed it, here is my latest article. You can also share it or read it online here:

Have you wondered what is behind the oppression of our feminine side?

It’s easy to fall into the victim/aggressor cycle when we think about the oppression of our feminine side. Not only the suppression of our own, personal feminine traits, whether we are men or women, but the physical and often brutal oppression of women and feminine men around the world.

It’s easy to fall into rage, anger, frustration, fear and hopelessness when we open our eyes and look around to what is happening all around us. How we tell our boys to “be men”, and not cry, run, laugh, play “like a girl”. How we program our girls to be passive, helpless, submissive, beautiful, and compete for the attention of men (which until recently, and in many countries still, is vital to their physical survival and the survival of their children).

The oppression of women did not come about coincidentally, or through the survival of the fittest. It is a program that has been brutally imposed by all of us, on all of us, for thousands of years now. And it’s coming to an end.

If you are familiar with my work, you will know that I will tell you “you are an eternal divine being, powerful beyond measure, the Creator of this reality”. Know that this is true. At this time, we are, some of us are, on a bridge between a reality where the suppression of women was necessary to keep a certain light/dark paradigm alive, and a reality where that paradigm, the old paradigm, is no longer in existence. All we need to do, is become conscious of various key aspects, or anchors, that keep the old paradigm real, and decide to dissolve them.

By becoming conscious of where we hold those anchors in our own energy fields, our own minds, our own bodies, our own belief systems, we become the pioneers, the path-makers, for the collective dissolution of one of the most insidious and enslaving programs known to man.

We can recognize these programs, which are usually related to our beliefs about men or women and in particular sex, when we feel, think or sense an emotion, thought or feeling that is “not allowed”. Something we automatically suppress. Something we have been taught is evil, bad, naughty, not allowed. Something which, at the same time, has been placed in our bodies of energy by exposure, design, or purpose. It keeps us from expressing our full power, because we become afraid that this particular thing will surface when we are powerful and cannot be stopped.

But here’s the thing: humans are one of the few animals on the planet that do not react from programs alone. We are one of the few species that can want, think, feel, desire, and be programmed to do something in reaction to an external stimuli, but CAN CHOOSE to do something else instead.

And when we allow ourselves to feel, think, sense, desire, or fear, whatever it is, but not react to it, and instead simply OBSERVE that energy in ourselves, the program DISSOLVES.

I invite you to observe yourself in the mirror, and imagine, believe and know, that you are the opposite sex to which your physical body is presently in, for at least 10 minutes every day for a week. I also invite you to observe someone close to you, whether a spouse, work mate, family member, or friend, and for at least ten minutes KNOW they are the opposite sex to what their body is. You may need to start with a couple of seconds to begin with, and build it up to ten minutes in both instances.

Another exercise is to read the next sentence and watch your reaction to it: “Inelia Benz is a powerful, highly influential, and fearless woman”. What do you feel? Think? Sense?

What about these combination of words: “powerful woman”, “highly influential woman”, “fearless woman”.

Now read the following and watch the difference (if any) “The Dalai Lama is a powerful, highly influential and fearless man”. Any differences?

Now the word combinations: “powerful man”, “highly influential man”, “fearless man”.

Interesting huh?

As you do these exercises, watch and observe your reactions, whether emotional, mental, egoic, physical, or energetic. Keep a journal and be amazed.

When we move out of the programming, we can take action at a social level. The oppression of our feminine side results in more than the subjugation of women, it is also in part the reason why the majority of human beings accept war, abuse of animals and lack of empathy toward living beings and the planet as a whole by men and women alike.

When one awake individual (YOU) dissolves his or her programs of oppression, she or he creates an energetic map, a resonance, that starts activating the feminine side of hundreds of other individuals. And when we act at a social level in the redefinition and treatment of women, animals, and other brutalized beings, we do it from a place of fearlessness and impeccable integrity which is undefeatable. We no longer “save” them, or add to their victimhood by feeling they are victims. Yet we literally stop what is happening because it does not fit into our chosen reality. How we do this? It’s up to us! We rally and organize with others, and use the social and personal tools at our disposal. But FIRST we liberate our own selves, our own bodies, energy field, minds and emotional bodies of those enslaving programs.

Let’s put our egoic survival instincts on hold for the next few months, and lets dare to act in breaking this link in the chain of enslavement. Let’s let our feminine side out of her cage! What do you say? Are you game?

In joylightlove,

Inelia Benz and the Ascension101 Team

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Inelia Benz : Contracts – How to make sure they don’t hold you back…


What an interesting time we are having! There have been lots of “fearful” events predicted the past few months, which have not come to pass. And more fearful events predicted for the rest of the year too, which won’t come to pass either. The reason is that the human collective is raising its vibration, one person at a time. Yup, it’s you, and everyone you teach how to raise their personal vibration, who are creating the shift we want to see in the world. The higher our vibration, the more aware we become, the more able we are in creating the present life we want for ourselves and the planet. I’ve been searching for ways we can accelerate our life expansion as well as any limitations we may have that are holding us back.

One of the things I have been looking at, which limit us tremendously, are contracts. For this reason, I invite you to read the following article:

Contracts – How to make sure they don’t hold you back…

Have you made any contracts lately? In this lifetime? In previous lifetimes?

By “contract” I mean any piece of paper, notebook page, or electronic note where you have written what you want out of life. Where you make an agreement on what you want to manifest.

It could also come in the form of many manifestation exercises, such as collages, photo collections or drawings.

When we make contracts, they might feel very expansive. After all, we make them to improve our lives. Indeed they do work, most of what is in those contracts comes to pass.

Some contracts are contracts we have made with others, such as marriages, mortgages, work contracts, rent contracts, lease contracts, loans, and more.

However, if we take a step back, and look for limiting language, situations, and beliefs within these contracts, and process them, we can really expand our lives.

Even if they are contracts that are with third parties and we feel they are “not fair”, or no longer suitable, or we were forced to take the best we could, or we are unhappy with them now, we can really shift things in real life simply by sitting with these third party contracts and allowing all our negative emotions to exist, expand, and be infused with light and love, thus liberating them back into Oneness.

Now, the contracts we have made ourselves, we can go back and either wipe clean, or review and rewrite, and sign again.

This is a list with possible limitations:

1) A love relationship manifestation contract that has a named partner, whether a spouse, boy/girlfriend or the person of our dreams. This is a biggie. Energetically speaking this is one of the worst contracts we can write. Even if we really, really want our relationship with one particular person to manifest, or improve, by naming them, we limit the Universe from helping us manifest our greatest possible outcome. So, if you have one of these, erase the person’s name, remove the photo, throw away their personal possession (in case of using magik), and replace their name, or object, with a description of the ideal partner. Even if you describe them, make sure that you do not emotionally “wish” it was them, but simply concentrate on the happy and satisfied feeling you get when imagining yourself with that perfect person.

2) Any contract that specifies things you will do in order to get something else. Especially if those things are difficult to do, or involve other individuals to help you accomplish it. For example, an environmental contract that specifies you will, renew, decorate, declutter or make your home beautiful in order for it to be supportive of your life, but you live with one or more other people who do not cooperate or refuse to make the place the way you want it. Or you don’t have the income to renew or decorate it. Change it to making a contract with yourself to live in a 100 per cent supportive and nurturing, beautiful, safe, home.

3) A contract that specifies how you will receive wealth and abundance in your life. For example, you want to become rich, or successful in your chosen career. A popular artist, professional, well known, etc., and that is the only way you will become wealthy and abundant. Make sure that the two are not tied in together. So, in this case, you can make two contracts, one specifying that you will have multiple extremely effective income sources. And the other that you will be extremely happy, satisfied, and successful with your chosen profession.

These are just examples, but they delineate some examples of how we can limit ourselves.

Take a look at your contracts, manifestation exercises and art and documents, to make sure you clear up any limiting energies and vocabulary from them, then watch your life expand.

Reference Material:

1. One way to make sure that a certain manifestation exercise, or wish, is not limiting, is to do the goals exercise which you can find in the Ascension101 Course. The exercise teaches you how to “test” different outcomes, giving you very clear and precise information on how to achieve what you are aiming for without limiting factors.

2. If you haven’t already, do take a look at how to cleanse negative energies in this youtube video:

Until next time, remember that you are in essence joylightlove and everything else is an illusion 🙂

Inelia Benz

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How Gratitude Transforms Us Inelia Benz

cute puppies and kittens wallpaper xpc0gtur

cute puppies and kittens wallpaper xpc0gtur

Let’s look at the energy lines of the spirit behind the Thanksgiving event.

As kids we are forced to say “thank you” to people who give us stuff, or help us in some way. But before we are forced, as babies, we would naturaly say “thank you” with giggles, smiles and many hugs.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot about that amazing, powerful, transforming energy of “gratitude”. The word gratitude comes from the Latin word related to “grace”. The word “thank” comes from Germanic and is related to “think”. Both hint at the powerful transformation a person can experience from feeling gratitude.

This week, in the USA, Thanksgiving is celebrated. The origins of Thanksgiving can be traced to Europe’s harvest festivals, and also to a story of Pilgrims from Plymouth’s survival in the New World.

Traditionally in the USA, Thanksgiving it is a time when family gets together, drama played out, new future spouses introduced to parents (or kids), and much entertainment, food and communication shared around the country. The airlines make huge profits from families and friends travelling huge distances to get to spend a few days with loved ones. It has been commercialized to hell now, just like any other social celebration, but the energy behind it still lives.

I grew up in England and did not hear about Thanksgiving until some movie or other on television. Still, it was not really “real” to me until I came to visit the USA for the very first time, and my then boyfriend took me to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving. I had no idea it was Thanksgiving at the time, nor what it meant to be taken “home to the folk” on that particular day, and was surprised at how shocked and grateful his parents were that their son had brought a girl home for Thanksgiving for the first time in their lives. I had no idea we were then considered to be engaged. No idea they had been praying for him to find someone, and started praying they might get grandkids again (a dream they had dropped about a decade earlier).

The energy of finaly bringing the significant other home at a time of Giving Thanks is an extremely powerful mystical combination. It bases the new relationship in Grace, Thoughfulness, and permanency.

In the USA, when a person divorces themselves from the energetic imprint of their biological family, the first thing he or she does is often to “be busy” during Thanksgiving. Or simply not turn up. The retreat into quientness and solitude is also a very significant and important “ritual” of intent. “I choose a different path and energy imprint to that of my family”. Or they might choose a group of friends who do resonate at his or her frequency to spend this time with.

Our human lineage gives thanks to Gaia for her abundant support at harvest time, the human collective in the tribe and family, and strengthening or cutting of energies is carried out publicly during the ritual of Giving Thanks.

Yet non of this really, trully expresses the amazing power and energy feeling grateful ignites in us.

Let’s do it!

1. Think of something or someone you love. It could be your cat or dog, your car, clothes on your back, job, passion, a beautiful sunset… just about anything that captured your heart even if momentarily.

2. Look at that being or thing, or visualize it your mind if it’s not with you right now, and say “thank you”.

3. Repeat the words, and feel the energy of the words come out of your heart center and grow larger and larger.

4. Feel its warmth, joy, and power.


If we do this once a day, say when we wake up first thing in the morning, or the middle of the night, in just a few days we will see a huge transformation in our lives.

Every time I think of you, who are out there in the world, working on raising the vibrational level of the planet, processing all your negative output, increasing and empowering your positive output, my heart is filled with gratitude, love, joy, light.


Inelia Benz

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Raise Your Daily Life Vibration: Chapter One from Inelia Benz

As promised in the previous Newsletter, here is the first video on a new series with the intent to bridge spiritual exercises, and practices to raise our vibration, to raising the vibration of our daily tasks by becoming conscious, aware and empowered while we carry them out.


There are so many areas of our lives that we don’t normally think of as being relevant to our spiritual awareness, growth, or even relevant to raising the overall vibration of our existence, that sometimes we simply need a quick reminder that daily life and working on empowering ourselves are not separate from each other.

I hope you enjoy this new series!

Inelia Benz

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How do your LIMITATIONS serve?

Sometimes someone like Inelia will publish an article that addresses something I’ve been wrestling with personally-lately this is happening more and more-and this one is spot on!

I’ve been having a hard time accepting my limitations for a while, but lately it has become a sort of constant grind at my spirit, like the fabled “Chinese Water Torture” each day drip-drip-drip ten or twelve things or more each day that appear to be signposts from the Universe of my higher self saying-“doesn’t this just suck? wouldn;t you rather NOT have this limitation? Shouldn’t you find a way to change this?”

From my utterly crappy internet connection(which limits me most of the time to about 300 to 1200 baud actual bandwidth-the same as I had with my Commodore 64 back in the 80’s –> only THEN the stuff I was downloading was a LOT smaller!!!) to living in a bed when it is 90 degrees with no way to get cool most of the time-to a hundred other small and large irritants that COULD and SHOULD be different but for some reason are not.

I’m going to spend some time with this one, and I imagine many of you will as well. Limitations can serve as teachers, but after a while it sometimes feels like there is nothing more to learn from them-or that the old lessons(like acceptance) are just not ALL or not appropriate any more by themselves.

Tip For Today:

Our ascension is an internal process of raising one’s vibration and, in turn, our awareness. Not something that comes from a “savior”.

How do your LIMITATIONS serve?

limitations.pngLast Friday, we hosted a Brainstorming session here at ascension101.com. It was really awesome, ideas and viewpoints were aired, and amazing expansion of awareness was experienced.

As I sat with the information that had come in before the call, during the call and after the call, I saw a pattern. It didn’t matter what subject matter we were looking at, the questions all had one thing in common:


I’m going to give you some examples, and if any of these trigger you emotionally, or make you want to argue how wrong I am and how right you are, take a look very closely because there are programs running in you there. You see, knowing that you are right and I am wrong is a perfect example of our different viewpoints, but wanting to make me wrong so you can be right, that’s a program triggered to defend itself.

First example: Money is pure, brilliant, chi. But we react to it with rejection, this rejection was programmed in by the cabal. How? By placing PROGRAMS OF LIMITATIONS on it.

Think about it. Is it money that you hate, or desire, or feel disgusted at? Or is it the lack of money you or others have? The difficulty of receiving limitless money? The fact that those who don’t have it are castigated on the planet?

Do you see the pattern?

Second Example: Health is wholeness, completeness, and we CAN be 100% healthy at any moment. Yet, most of us have chronic health issues. Why? Because they either serve us or serve those whom we have given our power to. How does it serve us? IT LIMITS US. Think about how your sickness or condition limits you. And see if those limitations have a purpose.

Third Example: Power. We ALL limit our personal power. Why? Why don’t we just create the environment and life we want in an instant? Why do we sometimes self destruct? Imagine having all the power on the planet. Does it make you afraid? Afraid of messing up? Afraid of being lost to the ego? Afraid of being attacked?

Fourth Example: Linear Time, a lot of people are talking about time banks, but these are even more limited than money! These quantify your minutes and hours, and give these value. Not pure chi, but time. As we are not yet in a non-linear time existence, time banks are a huge LIMITING system.

Fifth Example: Free Energy, we BELIEVE as a society that it is not possible. YET, there has been technology patented for decades now that can generate it. We limit our energy as a species because it serves big corporations to make us think it is limited.

So, why do we do this?

This is my thought: We limit ourselves to provide us with a way to experience life in bite size pieces. We limit ourselves completely when we are walking a path that our higher self does not agree with, forcing us to change course. We limit ourselves to have a limited experience, which existing as individual beings is by default.

Our limitations are like the controlling factors that shape and form our passage and experience through time/space. And THAT is why chronic illness don’t go away, that’s why our income is limited, that’s why we don’t reclaim all our power, that’s why we still subscribe to a past, present and future.


Identify a LIMITATION in your life right now.

Now, imagine for a few minutes, what your life would look like without it.

Stay in that LIMITLESS imaginary time/space for a while.

Now imagine every human being on the planet without that limitation.

If any fear popped up, process it, remember, fear is the bricks that build the walls of limitation.

Let’s stop messing about and become limitless yeah?


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Let’s Pretend – Fear Free Life Inelia Benz


By pretending, we initiate a possible outcome in real life. Children do this naturally, and animals do to when they play. They pretend doing what they will need to do, or want to learn how to do, when they grow up.

By pretending, we put our hands into the field of infinite possibility that is the space between thoughts, and the area between particles in every atom. We bring forth something that did not exist in our minds before. By pretending, we give ourselves permission to bypass “what is real”, “what is possible”, and “what is doable”, and simply allow it to exist in our imagination, in our writing, in our drawings, in our games and in our conversations.

Imagine, pretend, write or draw, about a life without fear. YOUR live. What would it look like? What would you do?

I was looking at this myself, and the first thing that came to mind was, I would “look more”. I love looking, I love observing. Having to be a public voice to raising consciousness, empowerment and awareness on the planet is a busy schedule, and simply looking has moved to the back of the list. But, as I indulged in my pretend game of NO FEAR in the world, my job of raising consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet was done. I was simply left with Observing. Looking. Exploring. And that was a fascinating thing in and of itself.

When in January 2010 I was asked to go public, I had no idea why. Or even why me. It occurred to me that the people that had come in to do that job had been somehow taken out of the game and I was their tenth backup plan. The reason I thought this is because I am an extremely private person, and prefer to see and observe, rather than be seen or observed. Particularly as Inelia Benz is irrelevant and really does not exist. Nothing to see here.

And this week, as I was playing pretend with NO FEAR in my life, I saw that that was the whole point for having me become public. It was because not only did I have no attention on being seen because it didn’t cause any drive in me, or fulfill any desire or need, and yes it had a dissonant energy in that up to now being public was about the “I, me and myself” paradigm, and I didn’t have any of those, but also because I loved to be the observer.

As we move away from the Savior/Aggressor/Victim/Martyr paradigm, the need for saviors and guides, or deities as focus of our attention, is no longer necessary. All the information we could ever need, is already available. And if it’s not available right away, many people are working to make it available. If someone really wants to find something out, they can. The time of a guru or yogi “giving” enlightenment experience to others is no longer useful. What we are left with, is remembrance and multiple viewpoints. The more viewpoints, different viewpoints, looking at the same subject, the more we can access about that subject.

What the new role of those who in the past may have started groups, religions and followings, is to simply inspire an audience to look at what the speaker is seeing, looking at, exploring, and not themselves – the speaker. The person in the audience can come and go at will, listen to and explore new seeings with different speakers at will, and when all is seen, and he or she can access new seeing, start speaking and expressing those seeings so others can experience that new point of view too. In this new structure the speaker becomes irrelevant.

And from pretending a world without fear what resulted was a realization that WE CAN START NOW. By two or more people looking in the same direction, pretending the same thing, or intending the same intention, we bring a level of “agreement” into the reality construct we call the physical universe.

One of the “laws” of physical reality, is that it exist through agreement. Agreement comes in packages, programs, cultural beliefs, social media, religions and all sorts of other things.

At the moment, our reality is filled with fear. Fear is everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. However, it is just a “point of view”. An energetic expression of attachments, survival, and avoidance. Some individuals believe that “fear is necessary for survival”. Others think it’s ok to feel it but do stuff anyway, and yes, this is a way to start dissolving fear, because we realize that the sky did not fall down when we did what we were afraid to, but this method can be long and arduous, and can backfire. Others try to suppress it, or push it away, or hide from it in a bubble of light. But by pushing it away, we make it stronger. So we process it. And that works really, really well at an individual level. The more fear that is resolved through processing it, the higher our own vibration becomes and the more expansive our awareness becomes.

And now by pretending our life without fear, and then a world without fear, we can bring a new paradigm possibility into the human collective consciousness.

So that’s how my life looked like, and this is what I have decided to do different: I have decided to start looking now and not wait until we are finished with our job on the planet. I want to look, and I invite you to look where I am looking simply because it is fascinating and the more of us that look the more we get to uncover, discover and remember.

For this month, let’s spend some time, even if a few seconds, looking at the “reality” of having fear free personal life and planet.

Get a pen and paper and express what YOUR life looks like FEAR FREE.

What say you?

love joy and light

Inelia Benz


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The Lemurian Connection Inelia Benz


Here is a copy of my latest article which you can find online at: http://ascension101.com/en/home/ascension-blog/75-april-2013/336-the-lemurian-connection.html. Enjoy 🙂

The Lemurian Connection

I have been contacted by different people, groups and collectives throughout my life. Some of them are human, some are not. One thing to remember is that we all have a right to CHOOSE the nature of communication we have with others. Whether others are other humans, organizations, or other species. We choose whether to engage with the other person or species or not, and how we engage. I choose to engage with all beings at the essence of our human basic building block, the level of joy/light/love. If others don’t like it, then they can move their engagement and communication elsewhere.

This article is aimed at showing a time line of the contact and information I have had with one particular species, the Lemurians. Whether we believe that the Lemurians exist or not, an exercise of looking at their culturally allocated existence in our subconscious mind, will be of benefit to our own personal evolution. So I invite you to look with me. I am only 99% certain they exist, because I have not experienced them at a physical level. Yet, they appear to be very, very real in every other sentient sense. No one has ownership of Lemurian “real” information. This has to come from YOU. If you are interested, it is you who needs to engage at a personal level, not through someone else.

I have chosen to share this with you now, because it is an evolving process, a growing awareness and connection that is happening at a global scale. The reason, from what I can gather, is that we (the human species) were, and will be, Lemurians to a large degree. They are not Gods, or saviors, they don’t consider themselves above us, below us, or better or worse than us. They are here, and always have been here, and are our brothers and sisters. They want to collaborate. Why? Because we are Gaia, and they are Gaia. Because we are of the same essence, and live as the same planet.

There is a lot of mystery, mysticism, legends, and data regarding the Lemurians on the internet today. Most of this has been colored and interpreted by the person receiving the communication, having the personal contact, or the culture coloring what and who the Lemurian’s are through religious or social beliefs. It is important to realize that my own experience, delineated below, will also contain my personal filters and “stuff”, and as it is a developing communication, it is lacking in many areas.


In 2011, between March and August, I had the first conscious “contact” that was telepathic in nature. The name Lemuria (or people of Mu?) came in (I feel the name Lemurian is not quite accurate?). I did a small amount of research and found lots of things about them that did not resonate on the internet. But there was an energetic “line” that was consistent. Something that said, “group of higher vibration, more aware, more able, clean living, equal society, no dark/light duality”.

The telepathic contact I received in 2011 was that they wanted to share something. When I went into it, I felt a great sadness at a split on the plane that had happened many thousand years ago. The sadness and pain and having to “allow it to happen” due to free will of those who wanted to stay in a dark/light duality, was overwhelming.

Families were split, many chose do die and be reborn in the lower vibrational Earth so that they could carry the energy and light forth through the ages, as human beings. Others simply wanted to experience dark/light. The separation of the “collective mind/soul/spirit” was extremely painful.

At the time of the telepathic contact, the early part of 2011, I did not understand why they were showing me this. It seemed irrelevant.

In August 2011, I was basically taken out of the matrix and while I was away, a split happened in the human collective between those who wanted to stay asleep and those who want a more empowered and awakened reality. You can read more about it in the article “Spaceship Eart and You are the Captain”. When I returned into the matrix, I felt the pain of the split, it was many times worse than what had been shown to me by the Lemurians. The intensity was because I experience life, for all purposes, as the human collective. So, when this collective split into two, it felt like my “body” had been ripped apart into two pieces. It took me a few weeks to recover. And I understood that their sharing was to prepare me for what was about to happen.

The Lemurans continued to contact me telepathically, the wanted to meet, they wanted to collaborate. But I could not understand exactly why, how, or what they wanted. I knew that they could materialize if they so chose, and suggested they manifest at my front door and come in for a cup of tea. They did not, and I think it might be because they are being monitored by the human military. But I could be wrong. It also could be a tool of empowerment. If we are able to go to them, then we have broken through any filters that were placed in our awareness and capacities in order for us to have a limited physical experience. Almost like “we are here, and it is you who choose not to see us, so choose to see us”, type thing.
Soon after that, a person who had been a total stranger came up to me and gave me a crystal she had been carrying in her purse for reasons she did not know. She’d had it for many years and that day placed it in her purse, and when we met, she knew the crystal was meant for me.

As I was not able to get much information from the Lemurians directly, and could not understand how to meet them in the physical plane, I put them out of my mind.
A while after that, another random person gave me a Lemurian crystal that they had been carrying for years. These crystals were given by people to whom I had not mentioned Lemuria before our meeting.

I could feel the Lemurians trying to communicate several times, but I was unable to get clarification on their purpose or agenda, or plan, or form of collaboration.

On a trip to Mount Shasta, I scanned for their vibrational signature (they are very distinct), and was not able to detect it.

On a trip to Oregon, a friend of mine “coincidentally” had an old friend of hers staying at her place and she told me that this friend had an experience which I had to hear.

Her friend went on to tell me all about a first hand encounter with Lemurians in Mount Shasta a couple of decades earlier or so. She was totally genuine. She had met them physically, at Mt Shasta, had been in their land, come out, and not been able to find the entrance again. It was years before she learned that they were known in the area, and what people called them.

I will often feel the Lemurians in my field of attention, they have a very distinct energy signature, but I have not been able to connect with them fully or physically.

On the 13th of October 2012, I was in Barcelona Spain, giving a public talk to several hundred individuals.

After the day talk, I met and greeted everyone who wanted to hug. Among these individuals was a woman who told me she was a dimensional caretaker of Montserrat, a mountain nearby. I cannot recall if she mentioned Lemurians or whether she called them by another name, or at all. I told her that I would meet her there the next day as I was going to go visit the place before my flight back.

My trip to the mountain did not happen the next day, I had gotten confused and it was actually scheduled for the day after, the 15th. So the chances of meeting her were minimal.

As soon as I arrived, I felt the distinct energy signature of Lemurians. My daugher was cold, so we went into a cafe to get some hot drinks, and this caretaker was “coincidentally” standing inside the cafe.

I grabbed her by the arm, and the entire group climbed the mountain to do a connection exercise with the Lemurians. It was very energetically clear, but not much information came through apart from validating the caretakers position and gratitude for her life’s work.

We rushed to the airport.

This weekend, I was at an event in Southern California, and just before arriving, I kept trying to remember the name “Lemurians”, as I felt they needed to be mentioned.

There was a gifted channeler there, Nora Herold, and she channeled them for a few minutes.

As I sat there, I felt the room for their presence, and it was very strong. It felt “home” like, warm, familiar, caring and loving. They also had some urgency in our collaboration, conversation, communication.

Again, I felt that we needed to make physical contact somehow, but did not know how.

A few days ago I decided to sit down and do some research. I had a skype meeting with a collaborator who is highly intuitive and as we started talking about Lemurians. After our meeting was over, I opened my email box, and saw that there were several emails from a couple who have written a book, in which they mention me in several places. The book has no relation to Lemurians, but as I had not heard from this couple for a long time, and the emails had come in at the same time as I had been talking about the Lemurians to my friend and collaborator, I decided to go out on a limb and ask them if they knew anything about Lemurians. As it happens, both of them have an amazing connection to the Lemurians. A connection that is quite unique on the planet. They have since sent me various articles, and resources, and have also sent me a book, with a huge amount of information.
Some of the information gave me further clues on the Lemurian timeline in my life, which is not so new apparently.

  • When I was a teenager, I was guided to search for and study Saint Germain, I was not able to find anything of significance and dropped it. But he did come up again and again throughout my life. There appears to be a big connection, and mention, between Saint Germain and Lermurians.
  • In my twenties, I was guided to learn about Madame Blavatsky, again, I looked into her, and loved her energy, but did not see the connection. In my 30s she popped up again, but I did not see what it was that I was meant to get from her body of work. She covers Lemuria quite extensively apparently.
  • I was also guided to look into the work of Edgar Cayce, but again, nothing “relevant” was found. Again, he mentions them in a couple of recorded readings for people.

The common thread on all these individuals are their mention of Lemuria. And the thread was seen for the first time when reading through the material I received this month.
The connection is something I am actively working on at the moment. It almost feels like they are reeling us, the human collective, in. Pulling us “back” to them. But not in a patriarchal, savior way. Instead in a way in which a friend smiles enthusiastically and waves hello from across the street.

There is a sense of urgency on their wanting to communicate, and there is a resistance in my part. The nature of the energy that I am resisting, is the “belonging”, or “ownership” to any particular species, race or collective being on, or off planet. It is important not to “align” myself to any one group or species, because if that was to happen, then “otherness” gets activated. Yet, when I process this resistance (which is ultimately “fear”), I drop into BEING a larger collective than just the Human collective.
And I can’t help thinking to myself. Perhaps it is part of our expansion of awareness, when we become more than just Human beings.
In the meantime, I have been spending time every day, more than once, simply sitting in a location and daydreaming of sitting with and being in that free connection and communication space. The past two days it has been raining there a lot. In the daydream. So, I sit in the rain. The area is green, beautiful, dark clouds and rain covering everything. It is warm and pleasant. When the rain subsides for a little while, I can see the shiny droplets hanging on the petals and leaves around me. I will simply sit there for now, and I will keep you posted as to what happens next.

Coming up in May, I will be leading a open teleconference call to connect with the Lemurians. You will receive the date, location and time in this Newsletter subscription.

Thanks for reading!

Inelia Benz