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2 Million Refugees Have Fled Syria

Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone who prays will join me in praying for peace for Syria and the entire region. The Pope is holding a prayer vigil this week in Vatican city and he invited everyone of all faiths to join in either in Vatican square with him, or in our own countries. Prayer may sound silly to atheists, but The Intention Experiment and other scientific research has shown that it does produce measurable results. The research also showed that the more people who prayed or meditated, the greater the effect. Also the more specific the focus the better it worked. So I am praying for peace and healing for Syria, and that the people learn to listen to and respect one another across differences so they can work together to resolve their problems. I am praying that all black ops and other manipulators who stir up trouble will be made powerless and removed from the area do the people can heal their circle together. We are not powerless pawns to the “leaders” we are all leaders. We all have the power to choose peace and a better future for all.