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What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role in Ukraine | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role in UkraineSkip to main conte

Will this be a takeover of Ukraine’s farmland?

Christina Sarich

There are many facets to the conflict in Ukraine that have been overlooked by most media outlets. The role of western biotech firms is just one of them. (Image: via Natural Society)

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is helping biotech run the latest war in Ukraine. Make no mistake that what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game.

Monsanto has an office in Ukraine. While this does not shout ‘culpability’ from every corner, it is no different than the US military’s habit to place bases in places that they want to gain political control. The opening of this office coincided with land grabs with loans from the IMF and World Bank to one of the world’s most hated corporations – all in support of their biotech takeover.

Previously, there was a ban on private sector land ownership in the country – but it was lifted ‘just in time’ for Monsanto to have its way with the Ukraine.

In fact, a bit of political maneuvering by the IMF gave the Ukraine a $17 billion loan – but only if they would open up to biotech farming and the selling of Monsanto’s poison crops and chemicals – destroying a farmland that is one of the most pristine in all of Europe. Farm equipment dealer, Deere, along with seed producers Dupont and Monsanto, will have a heyday.

In the guise of ‘aid,’ a claim has been made on Ukraine’s vast agricultural riches. It is the world’s third largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. Ukraine has deep, rich, black soil that can grow almost anything, and its ability to produce high volumes of GM grain is what made biotech come rushing to take it over.

As reported by The Ecologist, according to the Oakland Institute:

“Whereas Ukraine does not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, Article 404 of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed: it indicates, among other things, that both parties will cooperate to extend the use of biotechnologies.

There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry. As observed by Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, ‘Ukraine and, to a wider extent, Eastern Europe, are among the most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont’.”

The nation WAS Europe’s breadbasket – and now in an act of bio-warfare, it will become the wasteland that many US farmlands have become due to copious amounts of herbicide spraying, the depletion of soil, and the overall disruption of a perfect ecosystem.

The aim of US government entities is to support the takeover of Ukraine for biotech interests (among other strategies involving the prop-up of a failing cabalistic banking system that Russia has also refused with its new alignment with BRICS and its own payment system called SWIFT). This is similar to biotech’s desiredtakeover of Hawaiian islands and land in Africa.

The Ukraine war has many angles that haven’t been exposed to the general public – and you can bet that biotech has their hands in the proverbial corn pie.

© 2015 Natural Society

Christina Sarich is a contributing writer for the Natural Society.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, January 18 – Sunday, January 19, 2014


Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization, shadow, experience

Moon: Leo/Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Kali dismisses class with homework: see symbolism.

It’s a strange state in which we find ourselves as energetic forces transport us over this point in space-time, transforming us on all levels. On one level, our physical bodies are undergoing transformation; on another level our emotional bodies are similarly changing. We navigate with our minds, diligent to follow the guidance to see symbolism.

Over the weekend, the power of symbolism is amplified. Many things can be symbolic. In this context we are on the lookout for things that repeat or are out of the ordinary. It means we must be super observant. Sometimes we have to step back to see the pattern. The universe is speaking to us this weekend, delivering information to aid us in the transformation process.

It bears repeating that the core function of this month’s transformation is to heal. The “rainbow bridge” we are traversing (or, more accurately is traversing us) is courtesy of the Moon’s nodes in aspect to the Chiron Point. The Moon’s nodes (called the North and South Nodes) point us in the direction of destiny through mastery over our past. To answer the call of destiny, which stirs in our hearts through desires, our past must be the launching pad.

To help, we become students of nature, where aspects of our lives are revealed. Class with Kali isn’t really dismissed. It just changes venues and form. We move from listening to her lecture to engaging in a wider instruction – living instruction – where we encounter teachers and lessons in many ways. Images, symbols, and patterns become our teachers – especially things that repeat, things we don’t usually encounter, and things that catch our eye. The natural world offers great wisdom.

It seems like we are always undergoing transformation and letting go of the past. I could talk for quite a while about how this has been happening pretty much since Pluto made the conjunction with the Galactic Center in 2006. It does all have a purpose and the culmination comes this March and April. So it’s important that we do this revision and clearing work now. I mean, for real.

This weekend, open up and allow space for situations to revise and rectify while you are vigilent to symbolism.