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The Oracle Report Friday January 24,2014


Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, rectify, re-evaluate, realign, take responsibility
Moon in Scorpio – Ruling Mahavidya – Kali

Hearing the tone, the rebel goddess Eris, whose soul burns with the fires of freedom, looks up in the sky. A smile slowly arches across her face and mirth grows in her eyes. She turns to the dark magicians that she knows are watching from faraway lands and, with complete assuredness, scrunches her face and shoots them the bird.

And at that moment, birds, thousands of them – owls of all varieties – shoot out of the rainbow bridge, descending in trails of light. Her party has arrived.

Before we entered the rainbow bridge, we knew two things: the battle goddess Eris was waiting for us on the other side, ready to unite with her brother, Mars, god of war, and that dark magicians were hovering, ready to strike.

We exit the rainbow bridge today with a running start, a great leap, and an acrobatic landing.

It is of course only fitting that we come to our destination this month when the Moon wanes to Third Quarter. Third Quarter Moon phase is effectively the end of the lunar month’s energy. It is the time to complete things or revise them and carry them forward.

The Sabian symbol for the Chiron Point (the degree in the sky where Chiron was located when it was first discovered) is “a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Chiron involves bridges, mainly because it is seen as a “bridge” between the energies of the inner and outer planets in the solar system. It links things. Thus, the image of a rainbow bridge is associated with Chiron. The Moon’s Nodes, responsible for the past and the future – history and destiny – have been activating the Chiron Point, bridging us to our destiny.

The rainbow bridge heals and teaches as it transports us from one place (state of mind, state of the world, state of reality) to another. Under its protective dome, we’ve undergone an energetic “polishing.” Internally, we are better positioned and fortified.

We now land with firm footing, preparing to hold ground – true ground – the natural world order. With that, today we focus on what we truly VALUE. We value freedom, beauty, love, and creativity. True ground is the place of the merging of our minds with the mind of the planet. Land strong and gain footing.


Truthout Daily Digest January 24, 2014

William Rivers Pitt | An Open Letter to Lovers of the Gun

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: “I am puking sick of reading every single day about how your baby, your toddler, your brother, your sister, your cousin, your niece, your nephew, blew their brains into their lap with a gun you left lying around, because freedom, or something.”

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First Things First: Until We Fix Our Democracy Problem, It’s Hard to Fix Any Problem

Marge Baker, OtherWords: Whether the issue you’re most concerned about is guaranteeing that your family has access to clean water, or ensuring that workers get a fair minimum wage, when wealthy special interests can buy elected officials, progress on these issues will continue to stall.

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How Antiwar Activists Robbed the FBI, Got Away With It, and Exposed Massive Covert Surveillance

Betty Medsger, Knopf: The Burglary is a fascinating and inspiring story of protestors who robbed the FBI – how they pulled it off – and how they exposed the agency’s illegal surveillance and suppression of individuals who challenged government policy.

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Paul Krugman | Encouraging Signs for a Brighter 2014

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “There’s an alarming amount of optimism out there about the United States’ economic prospects for 2014. Let me make the situation even more alarming by saying that I basically share that optimism. Why? Because of the Three Stooges effect.”

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Why Drug Prices Are Out of Control, or Money Well Spent by Big Pharma

A. W. Gaffney, Truthout: Big Pharma lobbying (campaign donations) that resulted in prohibiting Medicare Part D from negotiating for the best drug prices offers a dramatic illustration of how the best return on investment is an effective lobbying campaign.

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TransCanada’s Keystone XL South Pipeline Begins Operations

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: TransCanada is surely celebrating now that it has a pipeline system in place connecting the tar sands in Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast refineries and export terminals – via the combination of the original Keystone pipeline running from Alberta to Cushing, Oklahoma and the pipeline’s southern half from Cushing to the Gulf.

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From Canada, a New Gold Standard

Sam Pizzigati, OtherWords: We need to start honoring enterprises that practice fair pay, and stop rewarding – with our consumer and tax dollars – those enterprises that are making our societies more unequal. Wagemark is one initiative recognizing companies for curbing excessive CEO pay, not soaring profits.

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Vermont’s Senator Sanders Is Right: Use War Money to Take Care of Veterans

Robert Naiman, Truthout: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders proposes restoring money in the budget for military pensions by using war funding and giving us a true cost of war at the same time.

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Tuition-Free Public College Education Is Possible. Demand It.

Richard Long, Campaign for America’s Future: Here’s a news flash you probably didn’t know: It would cost less for the government to make all public universities tuition-free than what the government already spends in higher education.

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Gar Alperovitz: Nuclear Attack on Japan Was Opposed by American Military Leadership

Paul Jay, The Real News Network: Gar Alperovitz tells Paul Jay that President Harry Truman used the Atomic bomb to make a ”diplomatic” point to the Soviet Union, not out of military necessity.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Kellogg’s Delivers Memphis a Slap in the Face

Steve Payne, Labor Notes: During contract negotiations in October 2013, Kellogg demanded the right to hire more part-time and casual employees, at lower pay rates. When workers voted the proposal down, Kellogg locked them out. Three months into a lockout, the company has yet to return to the bargaining table.

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Hospitals and Doctors Make More Money When More People Are Sick: Maryland Wants to Stop That

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: With a federal waiver in hand, Maryland is going to implement a test program that will incentivize preventive medical care while reducing costs

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Train Derailments: Another Problem With Fracking

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A Second Chemical Spilled in West Virginia, and the Company Said Nothing Until Now

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Four Years After “Citizens United,” There Is Real Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics

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“If I Didn’t Sell Drugs, I’d Be Dead”: What It’s Like to Lose Unemployment Benefits

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Conservative Author and Pundit Dinesh D’Souza Charged in Campaign Finance Case

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Spoiler Alert: The GOP Won’t Budge on Its Antichoice Platform

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US Hints at Edward Snowden Plea Bargain to Allow Return From Russia

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The manuscript of survival – part 391

Thank you Aisha!

This is very helpful for so many of us who still appear to be surrounded by situations that are overwhelming, dark and difficult in which the service to self crowd appear to have so much power to continue to cause such difficulty and suffering.

It is indeed heartening to read that these things are more in the way of what psychologists call an “extinction burst” when a negative behavior appears excessively one last time as the client finally overcomes it (as in addictions, codependency, overeating etc).

Knowing in our hearts that it is a nightmare that is ending will help to endure and not allow “team dark” to distract us from what is important-ie the spiritual growth that will allow us to transcend and leave behind the negative patterns and situations.

aisha north

You have already been through numerous occasions when you find yourself suffering from the illusion of non-progress, and we are well aware that this is a phase that is taxing for you all. When we use the word illusion, it is with intent, because you are never suffering from a lack of progress, far from it, but as your human brain is still rather limited in its capacity to register progress in any other way than the one you have gotten used to so far in your long line of human existence, it is still quite challenging at times to make you understand that what may be construed as a standstill, or even a step backwards, is in fact nothing else than a giant leap forwards.

Let us explain. As we have oft talked about earlier, mankind has been held within very, very strict confines in all sorts of ways…

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