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Jon Rappoport ~ Why Do They Try So Hard to End Freedom?

Thank you for posting this, Laura. I have often wondered why so much in philosophy and govt was so pointlessly limited. It was always either/ or; you can choose communism or capitalism for instance. Based on who controls “the means of production” as if “production” is the point of LIFE. (Life is the point, love, connection, nature, joy-money, production etc have always only been TOOLS and imho should never be goals.
I don’t agree with Jon that we have to choose between freedom/liberty and the collective tho I love this essay and agree overall. That is false dichotomy. Tribal people have BOTH more freedom and liberty than any colonized citizen of the post industrial technosphere AND more devotion to the collective.
Unity is not just a trendy spiritual term to most noncolonized beings. It is an essential reality that is lived day to day, moment to moment. I am because you are-how can we make choices based on our own so called freedom that harm others? It is a false freedom to be free to make such choices but the place for the “control” that limits such choices is not the govt or any external source if pressure. It is our own inherent awareness of our collective being. Colonization worked hard to stesl that awareness in order to create a slave society with hierarchy. When we KNOW in our hearts we are all ONE how cou ld we participate in harming or enslaving anyone? The drive toward collective care and community based responsibility is not the enemy of freedom. It is the only way we can ever achieve freedom because as long as people choose hate, violence, cruelty and harm to others some will always rise against these things and try to stop them-hence the seeming endless but false duality between collective good and freedom. Transcending the false duality we can easily see true freedom is based in love and respect for all living beings.

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I love this article by Jon. It’s a simple reminder of why freedom is worth fighting for — on all levels: “mind, body, soul, imagination, and love.”

Some people find Jon’s style a little — or a lot — too in-your-face, but I happen to enjoy his deep appreciation for and devotion to those sacred, precious things all too often tossed away as worthless junk or unimportant words and concepts. Personally, I get his outrage at sacrilege and tyranny, and I love that he champions the Imagination and the full potential of humanity. Jon’s an artist and a writer, and he recognizes subtleties. He knows when something feels off, and he’s not afraid to discover why. He’s also not afraid to use his own creative power to change it.

“Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of…

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