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NorthPoint Astrology Journal July 28 to Aug ust 3, 2014 August 4 to 10, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Noctilucent clouds over Trondheim, Norway on July 24, 2014 (credit: Bjørn Ole Solberg, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

PLEASE NOTE that today‘s journal covers 14 days instead of the usual seven. The next issue will arrive in your inbox on Sunday, August 10.

July 28 to August 3

A GRAND WATER TRINE comes into form toward the end of this last week of July. This configuration occurs when three planets are at the same degree of the three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It indicates that the three planets are working in harmony with each other, supporting our spiritual growth and emotional fulfillment.

Astrologer Bil Tierney, in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, writes that a Grand Water Trine helps us:

“…respond to subtle undercurrents in life. Our powers of detection are above average, suggesting some degree of psychic sensitivity. This impressionability can be transformed into a creative, productive asset once we are able to harness the delicate emotionality.

“The flowing expression of feelings enables us to withdraw easily into our inner private world where we can experience contentment on deeply subjective levels. We may feel personal gratification when exploring the vivid world of our imagination or reflecting upon the past. We at least feel inwardly nourished and secure during cherished periods of seclusion, privacy, stillness, and rest.”

This Grand Water Trine has the potential to create a sort of temporary, watery buffer zone around us. It can provide the space where we can more easily take care of our emotional needs (Venus in Cancer), explore our deeper needs and desires with courage and honesty (Saturn in Scorpio), and let go of the burdens and dramas of life as we reconnect with our spiritual core and trust life’s unfolding tapestry (Chiron in Pisces).

A much-needed respite, considering all that we’ve been experiencing lately.

THE TRICKY THING with trines is that they can lull us to lie down in the poppy field, so that we drift off into the world of imagination and dreams and no longer feel concern for where we are going. If we approach a trine that way, when we awaken later, our life’s journey continues much the same as before.

But, we can also stay conscious as we stroll through these energies. If we apply discipline and intention, we can use the healing energy and soothing qualities of this trine to manifest that next positive step forward in our creative projects and spiritual growth.

In other words, yes, take the time to dream and imagine — but also take your journal with you, so that you can write down the creative ideas and inspirations that come forward.

BECAUSE OF THIS poppy-field effect, it may actually be a good thing that the end of this week also brings some challenging planetary aspects. We have a Uranus-Venus square on Thursday, and Mars squaring the Jupiter-Mercury alignment on Friday and Saturday. Squares, as you may know, represent obstacles that need to be overcome if we want to keep moving forward.

The Uranus-Venus square is our reminder that as much as we want the comfort of close relationships, we also need to maintain our independence and individuality. We are not meant to overcome our desire for relationship, nor is it necessary to extinguish our desire for freedom. Rather, the challenge is to rise above the strict adherence to old forms of relationship that have kept us from realizing our potentials to have both.

THE SQUARE between Mars and Jupiter/Mercury may be a touchy one, even moreso because Jupiter amplifies whatever it touches. Mars is in Scorpio now, and so may be a bit more reactive than we expect. Jupiter and Mercury will be aligned in Leo, adding exuberance and drama to the mix.

In the positive, we can channel the extra energy provided by this square to initiate a creative project. At the same time, we will also need to be aware of the obstacle, which may be our need for those around us to appreciate our contributions. A grumpy response or even just a lukewarm reception can ignite some flames of contention and set off a war of words.

August 4 to 10

THE ENERGY of the Grand Water Trine continues into the beginning of the first full week of August. Chiron is exactly trine Saturn on Tuesday, opening another door to healing energies.

Fears that have lingered just below the surfacemay come forward to be healed with this trine. While in Pisces, Chiron’s healing modality is to encourage us to trust, even when we feel that circumstances are outside of our control. And yet, Saturn will make sure that we truly GET IT this time, that it is not a surface healing, but a down-to-the-bone regeneration.

AS WE NEAR the end of the week, energy starts to move. Thursday’s Neptune-Mars trine aligns our desires with our spiritual/creative sensitivities, making that day an opportune time to move forward with inspired action.

On Friday, the Sun and Mercury align in Leo to shine light on our heart’s desire. These two can also provide the energy to communicate that desire in creative ways. Uranus is trine the Sun and Mercury as they align, adding inspiration and courage to the mix. This is the time for breakthroughs.

HOWEVER, two other planets are in the picture as well, and they’re somewhat less eager to support the proceedings. Mercury will square Saturn and quincunx Chiron on Friday, and the Sun follows suit with the same aspects on Saturday.

With the squares to Saturn, we’re likely to still be hearing the voice of caution, telling us not to be foolhardy. Saturn’s heart is in the right place — it just wants to make sure we’re not so caught up in the moment that we forget to take our longer-term goals and motivations into account.

And the Chiron quincunx aspects? Those are likely to manifest as an internal struggle between our concepts of “ego” and “spirituality.” If we want to make progress, we’ll need to adjust our attitudes, so that it is not an either-or question.

THE FULL MOON on Sunday, August 10, integrates all of the aspects we’ve just been discussing — Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus trine Sun/Mercury, Saturn square Sun/Mercury, and Chiron quincunx Sun/Mercury. And, of course, the Moon is part of the dance as well, opposing Sun/Mercury, sextile Uranus, square Saturn, and semi-sextile Chiron. Oh, and don’t forget Neptune trine Mars…

So, if that list was a mind-musher for you (it almost was for me!), just go back and read the last few paragraphs about the latter part of this week, and you’ll get a good idea of the energies of this Full Moon.

THIS LUNATION does emphasize the push-pull of Saturn and Uranus again — that energy we’ve been working with (and loving, of course) for the past few weeks. The “should I stay or should I go” question should start to sort itself out over the next few weeks, but for the moment, it looks like we’re still dancing the jig in slow motion.

Astrologer Martin Goldsmith’s symbol for this Aquarius Full Moon is interesting, given the wildfire situation right now:

“A rapt audience watches as a great actor, underlit by stage lights, rehearses the final scene of Macbeth. Though there is no set, the audience can clearly visualize the burning castles in the background.”

THE DESCRIPTIVE PHRASES for this symbol include:

“Confident self-projection; belief in self that engenders the belief of others; exceptional power of visualization and imagination; confidence in one’s ability to handle any situation, no matter how dangerous; changing reality according to what one visualizes as true; creating visionary art vs. conjuring up empty illusions.”

Feels like a good description of the combination of planetary influences involved in this lunation. Remember, too, that this Full Moon was conceived at the Jupiterian New Moon on July 26, and so it makes sense that we might be feeling the urge to do something dramatic as we start to work with the energy of this powerful Full Moon.

The challenge will be to also make it reasonable and REAL, given Saturn’s involvement, and not just a flight of fancy.



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