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Common Dreams Highlights Monday July 28, 2014

Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Government Surveillance Threatens Journalism, Law and Thus Democracy: Report


Dirty Coal Exports Are a ‘Global Shell Game’

In ‘Ugly’ Resolution, US Politicians Back Israel’s Assault on Gaza

Lack of Oversight, Damaged Tankers Caused West Virginia Chemical Spill

‘Climate Criminality’: Australia OKs Biggest Coal Mine

Liberia Shuts Down Border Crossings as Ebola Death Toll Climbs

Ukrainian Military Takes Control of MH17 Crash Site as Police Team Retreats

and more…



Brent Patterson: The Right to Water in Gaza

Sr. Megan Rice: Open Letter from the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center

Naomi Oreskes: Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas

Paul Buchheit: How Capitalism Is Cheating Young Americans

Buddy Bell: Sacred Hearts, Sacred Lives: Children Crossing the Border

Peter Hart: CBS Host: Palestinians Force Israel to Kill Kids



Center for Biological Diversity:Settlement Will Help Safeguard Nation’s Endangered Wildlife From 5 Dangerous Pesticides

Oxfam International: General Mills Takes Bold Stand for Climate Action

ACLU: Over Two Dozen Civil Rights and Legal Groups Demand Florida Counties Halt Enforcement of Unconstitutional Immigration Detainers

and more…

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The Oracle Report. Saturday, July 27 – Sunday, July 28, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati

The Moon will move through the sign of Aries throughout the weekend, enhancing the effects of the Mars-Pluto opposition since Aries is ruled by Mars. It would be a good idea to reread yesterday’s archived report, as this energy remains exceptionally strong.

The real story in the sky is happening on the Sun (the divine being called by many names, one of which is Sabaoth). Overnight, two magnetic filaments were unleashed. This is Sabaoth’s contribution to Kali’s lashing of the sorcerers of Saturn and the mind parasites (archons) that rule them. Energetically, you could liken it to being flung off a canyon into the abyss.

So we see the form and structure of things continue to shift this weekend and this can make people uneasy if they don’t understand what is actually going on. This shift is happening at the energetic levels of the macrocosm of the world at large and the microcosm of our individual lives. The shift isn’t exactly new (it has been seriously underway since 2008), but it is at a full clip now. We see it notch up every four months (with New Moons in cardinal astrological signs).

The focus of all this destruction is Saturn – the inter dimensional home of the archons. The full force of the Mahavidyas is focused on Saturn and it is absolutely pummeling the power of it. Anyone familiar with astrology who recalls any one of a number of Saturn transits may feel a little mirthful knowing the goddesses are whaling on it. The archontic frequencies of Saturn are being scrambled into something else entirely.

This translates as a deep blow to the patriarchy and anything based on a dynamic of power and control. Personal beliefs based on power, control, self-punishment, self-loathing, and fear are being overthrown. This is a great gift from the Wisdom Goddesses, who, acting at the request of humanity, are freeing our minds so that we are fully able to create our life from wisdom, not trickery or illusion.

Our job this weekend is to give way, to yield. This may require us to jump into the abyss ourselves, so to speak, or take a leap of faith in some way. Although structures and situations feel like they are crashing down, what lies beneath holds greater beauty and aims at joy with life. Can you see it?