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The Oracle Report Friday, June 14, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Leo/Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun today is “children skating on ice.” This tells us we need to be quite cognizant of what we are doing, avoiding cracks, and not rushing into things until we know that it is safe to do so. We need to make the best of challenging situations by relying on the most simplistic or basic elements of them (like love or a sense of duty) and adjusting to changes accordingly.

Today also brings the feeling of wanting to indulge. We want to be sure we are not approaching this from a childish perspective, as this is the tendency. Why don’t we all indulge in the beauty of nature, the celebration of life, and the power of human creativity? Let’s engage in an Oracle Report party all over the planet. In our hearts and minds we can link together and form an energetic wave of our own. To do this, think “fun” and spread the love!

(One other thing: don’t force people who don’t want to be together to be together. This is bondage. Let things fall into natural resonance in their own time.)