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The Oracle Report Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday: Crescent Moon Phase Sunday: First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

This weekend, wise owls will be more like seagulls and will practice the art of equilibrium. We are perched high on branches that are billowing in the wind and we need to maintain a firm grasp. Chiron stations retrograde while the Moon opposes it; Venus and the North Node make a trine (translation: emotional wounds and pain are pushed up to be dealt with so we can move toward what is better for us).

At the same time, the Sun is approaching exact opposition to the Galactic Center (exact opposition is Moday at 6:00 am EDT, so as the Sun rises on the East Coast of the US Monday, it will harness harmonic/electro-magnetic frequencies from the Galactic Center and then disseminate them to everyone on Earth). The Sun is exceptionally quiet right now, in preparation.

So we are going to copy the Sun and power down as much as possible as well. While the very best thing would be to be lazing in the Sun, not everyone can do that. We can, however, recreate that frequency through calling up the image in our minds and mentally putting ourselves there. Engage your senses – the saltiness of the air, the glimmer off the water, the soft grains of sand, the gentle crashing of waves. This creates a relaxed state of mind which enables our receiver/transmitter units (our brains) to entrain to the signals from the Galactic Center. Good stuff.

It’s essential to spend time outdoors this weekend in order to fully benefit from the “transmission.” Let the sunnyside be your guide.