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The Oracle Report Monday, June 24, 2013

Full Moon Phase- Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

This picture of the supermoon over Missouri was taken by V. Rogus and posted on spaceweather.com. Sophia creates loveliness, indeed.

You could say that these storm clouds are lingering over us today. Astrological aspects impress conflict in the form of arguments or confrontations. We may feel like we are in over our heads or that there is no escape with something. The energy is quite turbulent. We are going to ride through the energy today, waiting it out until the storm passes. If we do choose to get involved with it, we can do so with a clear goal in mind and the awareness of how people are prone to react (defensively).

You will not necessarily experience turbulence today; this is just the dominant factor. If and when you encounter conflict today, you will know it is a whirlwind that you don’t have to engage. You can observe it first and decide if it is something you want to address. If you do decide to tackle this, focus on rectifying falsity.

The supermoon is making things super-heavy and super-emotional. Wise owls strive for stability and a sober mind that is in resonance with the goddess embodied as our planet. Sober does not mean somber. We are clear and united in our desire to consciously co-create reality on Earth, and we go about this by having as much fun as we can and celebrating life as much as we can – even when we face strong odds against this. All we need to know for today is that people are prone to conflict and we take the higher ground to avoid the fray or, if we choose, we can engage it from a higher perspective to affect change. Either way, this knowledge empowers us.

It goes without saying that Bagalamukhi will use the energy for her purposes to destroy illusions and enemies (real enemies or people that wish us harm as well as enemies of the mind such as self-sabotaging streams of thought). This past weekend we cast a line out into the future. The line is carried forward by Bagalamukhi today as she weaves our intentions into the landscape of what’s to come.