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The Oracle Report Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Jupiter has now entered the watery tides of Cancer, shadowing the Queen of Shadows herself, the Black Moon. As I discussed in the last audio, while the Black Moon is in Cancer issues related to support: how well we feel others support us, how well we support ourselves, neediness, dependency, and how much one can withstand. Cancer is a water sign – the energy of emotions. The core of the energy relates to the fear that we can’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others, and other can’t take care of us. Jupiter carries the frequencies of expansion, so as it is making the conjunction with the Black Moon, these themes take on new heights. In other words the tide is rising. It makes us feel vulnerable.

Keep in mind also that the Sun and Pluto are moving into direct opposition over the next few days (with Uranus in square) Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. All off this is happening off of the supermoon. These are all very strong astrological aspects, which makes layers and layers of intensity. It’s a compound effect; it’s deep, and it’s surprising.

Our job is to counter the dominant energy – to turn it upside down and inside out. To do this today and stay above the tide, invoke the medicine (energetic frequency) of the egret today. The egret can stay grounded or fly, walk through the mud, look deep down for treasures, pinpoint and find precisely what it wants. It adapts well because it can walk, swim, or fly. It’s a master of realms.

Emotions are running very, very high and things are coming from out of the blue. There’s a lot of anger just under the surface. Recognize that these themes are present. Give yourself and others some space. Stay above the tide.