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The Oracle Report Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Hello everyone! It is nice to be back!

There are two paths to choose between today. One involves moving quickly through situations, putting ourselves through things that are avoidable, and putting undue pressure on ourselves. This path will cause us to burn out quickly and stop things in their tracks.

The other path involves perseverance and slow progression, moving through challenges without depleting all of our resources, and being gentle with ourselves. This path will sustain us through the day and keep everything moving forward. Slow and steady wins the race.

Today’s energy favors brainstorming and ideas. The creative powers inherent in Balsamic Moon phases is a bonus. So if you are planning how to go about something, stay open to new ideas. The veils between our world and the world of Spirit are thinnest during Balsamic Moon phase. It is the time when we prepare the fields of our minds for new intentions (or progression with an intention we set for the year) that will blossom during the upcoming lunar month. Negativity needs to be weeded out during Balsamic phase, so we are discarding thoughts related to personal limitation, fears of inadequacy, shame over something from the past, and the belief that we deserve what we get. We deserve the highest and best. Fear is the only thing that blocks this.

Remember, slow and steady…