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Lauren Gorgo | Breaking Free The Call of Destiny

Holy crap..things are powerfully pressurized at the moment. And interestingly, I am hearing that this intensity is firing in two clear directions where some of you are experiencing enormous expansion and feelings of betterment, while others are still pretty pummelled by these new frequencies and feeling down in the dumps. Most of us I imagine, are somewhere in between on the blissed-out to bottoming-out spectrum.

Because of this, the Pleiadian High Council has asked that I address this pressure first and foremost to help alleviate any extra tension, depression, fear or anxiety that many are picking up on as these collective energies freely float around the ethers from all the explosions of new (solar) light.

First and foremost, because we are ever-so-slowly moving out of the transformation process, we are (for the most part) beginning to adopt a new detached mental outlook that is so much more helpful than in the past…that much should be clear. Yet, there are still those days/hours/minutes that are supremely challenging even if they are growing to be more sporadic.

The pressure from this compounding change is also evident in our physical bodies, mostly in uncomfortable ways, tho it should be obvious that we are grounding deeper and deeper into our vessels and getting closer and closer to emergence.

What I am hearing over and again is that the reason that some of us (read: super sensitive souls) are having such a difficult time since the solstice cycle commenced is directly related to the new (higher) level of photonic frequencies…compliments of the solar maximum cycle/pole shift. This radiation of new light that we are absorbing is literally unlike any other encodement that has preceded it, and is therefore affecting us all in a myriad of fortunate, but challenging ways.

The council tells me that up until now there have been those who have achieved embodied enlightenment, certainly….however, what they want us to understand is that the level to which we are able to attain biological & spiritual mastery now, is unparallelled…that in some cases, we are even moving beyond the level of mastery that many of us have attained during the time of Atlantis…which indeed was a very enlightened time.

We are entering a cycle of evolution where everything becomes possible, some of which will be possible for the first time in the history of humanity, and all this via the sun which acts as a transmitter of the pure, LOVE energy from the HEART of the galaxy… from Home.

So the Pleiadians are pleading with us to hang on while we adjust to these new frequencies, insisting that we cut ourselves some slack…that we give our body, mind and soul permission to make this transition in its own time and in its own way, without judgement, expectation or attachment…

Certainly we understand what we are asking of you, we know what this requires…yet, we also know exactly what each of you are capable of.

With that, we assure you as always that what’s to come will far outweigh the challenges to arrive here…and though in some ways you are still incubating, you are closer than ever to emergence.


Most important is that we understand that the body is taking on a radiance never before attained in the physical flesh…which is also why it has been speaking so loudly lately in response to all the solar activity. So much rest has been required recently it’s just plain ridiculous…and while it has been such a struggle to stay awake at times, at others its been a struggle to get to sleep. And then of course there are those maniacal periods of exaggerated vitality, in almost mocking ways.

We know by now that these extreme highs and the lows can be quite turbulent and cumbersome to manage, integrate and balance, but the PHC is really urging each of us to stay as centered, grounded and detached as possible while we welcome in the new robust and very powerful (wood horse) energy of 2014…which is already beckoning us to buck wildly for our freedom, in sometimes exaggerated ways.

No doubt we are beginning to feel the outer edges of what’s truly possible…what our hearts are really pining for…and this is inspiring within us brand new desires, some which include radical life changes.

We are literally bumping noses with the possibilities of our future and beginning to entertain ideas never before considered. And this is exciting and invigorating, but also challenging based on our still morphing form.

This new energy is starkly contrasting the last (water snake) year of immobility, hibernation and metamorphosis while we painstakingly shed our outworn skins…seemingly cell by cell…so it can feel infuriating/disheartening to sense the immensity of the new, while still (physically and/or emotionally) trapped in the old.

Add to that the fact that there is no real certainty or clarity available to us yet with regard to how these new bubbling desires will manifest, but thats mostly because “the how” doesn’t come about until we are fully invested in our heart’s call.

Once committed, it is the desire itself that will magnetize the routes to our destiny, so right now it’s super important that we allow ourselves to really accept & feel the possibilities contained within our desires…and without fear.

That’s exactly what they are here for, tho some of what’s being revealed is BIG stuff…changes that we knew would one day call to us, but it can be a little intimidating from where are now to truly allow those desires to take root in our hearts.

Ignore that impulse (read: bad habit). This is our job right now…not be overwhelmed at what it would take to make those visions a reality, but to simply allow ourselves to have them, to imagine what they would be like, and ultimately to watch the “the how” rise up to meet us.

Besides, we have the horse on our side this year and even tho our inner-bronco will need some taming and direction, it will also afford us the strength, stamina and mobility to bust out of any self created ruts and make those changes in our lives that are necessary to honor the spirited call of our recalibrated hearts.

And this building pressure to DO, to change, to move on to something more aligned with our LOVE is palpable, but we definitely need to hold our horses for a minute (the second to the last horse pun) and get clear about our directions while we acknowledge any discomfort that arises in contrast to the emerging freedoms trying to break into the manifest world.
These seeming roadblocks are showing up for a last look at how our thoughts can keep us small, trapped in limitation, and are offering us the chance to realign with those thoughts that are based in the expansiveness of our LOVE.

This will prove to be a very healing time in retrospect but because we are preparing to go the distance, we really need this month to settle into our new grooves and make a concerted effort to break free from the past, sever ties with our old programs and release with finality, any and ALL things that are preventing us from living a divine life…an authentic life, where our LOVE leads.

And this is the gift of February…
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ThinkWithYourHEART.com ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2013 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.
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  • why things are suddenly so intense
  • the purpose of Febuary
  • the call of the heart
  • the year of the horse
  • pining for change
  • the birth of new desire
  • radical life change
  • coming unstuck
  • opening to greater vision
  • from lower mind to high heart
  • letting LOVE lead
  • moving beyond the mundane
  • new opportunities opening
  • more purpose puzzle pieces
  • accepting what’s “too good to be true”
  • recalibration, resurrection, rejuvination
  • our upcoming renewal process
  • emanciapation from biological bondage
  • physical body changes
  • the release point
  • and SO MUCH more…



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Lauren Gorgo Spiritualizing the Material



Happy New Year! 2013 is finally over…(exhales)…and I know I am not alone when I say that I have never been so literally “happy” for a new year.

Even tho we are opening to 2014 in a very inward, reflective way…and while still clearing out the cobwebs and misty fog that was so heavily blanketed over us last year…there is a newness in the air that is indisputable.

I was going to straight up talk about all the horrors growth & expansion of last year…where we’ve been, what we all went thru to get here, etc., etc…but I am definitely not feeling that. I think we can all agree that we served our time in that regard…spent plenty enuf years talking about, feeling, and sitting in our own ick.

For those interested in a recap, here’s the Readers Digest version: we dedicated a ridiculously long decade or two (in this lifetime anyway) to stretching ourselves beyond the shadow land while bearing the constant pain of transmutation…feeling the unending waves of unresolved emotion, coddling the squeamish and wounded inner-child, calming the ego’s roars, living thru the lack, scarcity & poverty, the isolation, the heartbreaks, the loss, the sickness & dis-ease, the clearing, the letting go, the letting go, the letting go, the symptoms…omgggg the symptoms…ad infinitum. The journey to arrive here was way too much to ask of us.

But thats over now….save for the symptoms. :( And even tho most of us thought this time would never actually avail itself, our personal hell is finally fading into the background as heaven begins its descent upon our shores. Because of our newly budding emergence, focusing on managing our suffering is becoming too uninteresting to talk about, which is a really good sign that our inner-odiousness is mostly behind us. (cue shoe drop)

Those at the forefront of new humanity are preparing to embark upon a brand new journey into a brand new future…one that is currently unknown to us, yet the outcome has been written in the stars, in our DNA, in our new spiritual-human blueprints. So many of us are approaching our full-circle-point which is not only our simultaneous ending/beginning moment but it is also becoming so apparent that the past is feeling less and less like the present.

Because so many of our soul contracts are up, we are all feeling the urge and even the optimism more than ever, to move on to greener pastures. And that means me too(!)…after 7+ years in dedication to the awakening/initiation period for all you path-paving pioneers of higher consciousness, I am officially “out of material” at that level, so I will be shifting myself and the body of work that has become TWYH from BEcoming, to BEing…from discipleship to creatorship.

It will take me some time to figure it all out, but I am committed to making a few foundational changes and upgrades to restructure my platform to accommodate more of my Self. Up until this point, the focus of TWYH has been primarily on attaining/remembering/awakening our hearts, minds & cells to our roles as Bodhisattvas…those enlightened folk (thats you!) here in service to assist humanity to move into the next level of planetary evolution.

The profoundly difficult part of our journey is ending, our new roles are beginning, and starting this year TWYH is turning its attention to “spiritualizing the material” so that together, we can begin the construction phase of co-creating our new world(s). And we have a lot of work to do!

It’s time to set our sights on new seas, and this year my site is set specifically on harnessing and grounding the magic of spirit into the physical world. Without too much definition to limit me, I can see so far that I will be delving into the concepts and applications required for each of us to personally thrive as 5th dimensional beings in a 3d dimensional world…as ascended beings IN physical bodies.

Those who have completed the inner-work and are no longer bound by karmic contracts will be learning to create in this world simply and purely as LOVE…in practical ways that will be needed to sustain us. And because our perspective of “purpose” is shifting from 3D to 5D, we are realizing more than ever that our contribution to the planet is anchored in our beingship….that our will to create comes simply from the burgeoning desire to share ourselves and our soul gifts with the world in our own unique ways. Which sounds so blissful & romantic…until the mortgage payment is due. 8O

I am being shown that 2014 is going to address the morepractical matters of the heart and that it will be a bit of a fast paced year (as if time could get ANY faster). This year is largely about the nuts and bolts and will aid us in our ability to finally organize, structure and mold the divine deluge of creative freedom that sits before us….freedom that we earned, but that now needs a framework to function in the physical world. My intention with TWYH is to provide a support system for that framework, and for the massive changes that lie ahead for all of us.

We are moving from dreaming the dream, to creating it (!) and while TWYH will maintain its purpose and function in providing a portal into 5D with a wealth of information and a community of like-hearts, we will do so (together) in the direction of new-earth leadership…in living by the principal of BEing.

I haven’t mapped out all the details yet but there is so much new, practical information to share this year that it is beyond exciting…if not a little overwhelming. The basis of which will includethe foundational principles for understanding our true capacity to create and the dynamic required to bring about true and lasting change in the world.
I am also hearing that this year activates the “abundance codes” (!!) as part of our multidimensional experience as LOVE. Apparently these codes laid dormant until now and will begin awakening in droves, all over the planet, igniting what the Pleiadians are calling “a renaissance of prosperity thru LOVE”:

Together, with these activated codes, the radiant Ones will invoke and create an “abundance revolution”, one that will be unprecedented in scope.-PHC

So yea, we are still drying out our newly hatched wings in preparation for new flight, but make no mistake…even if we are off to slow start…we have a BUSY year on tap.

Happy 2014! And what a new year it will be…
We are entering a whole new phase of experiencing ourselves as LOVE…creating as LOVE…living as LOVE…and right now preparing to apply our newly birthed and fully authentic BEingness to our rapidly shifting world. This year we lay the foundation upon our “clean slate” to build the new structures that will sustain our new lives upon the new earth. We are leaving behind a long life of suffering and entering into a life of magic!
I am very excited to announce the first 5D report of the new year: 2014: spiritualizing the material
In the FULL version of the article I discuss:

  • the end of suffering/emotional resolutions
  • soul contracts ending
  • from clearing to purifying
  • heaven descends upon us
  • brand new journey, brand new future
  • the “clean slate” energy/full circle point
  • changes/upgrades/new direction for TWYH
  • cocreation construction begins
  • practical matters of the heart
  • activation of abundance codes
  • application of soverignty
  • setting up our future
  • new opportunities of the heart
  • filling our lives up with LOVE
  • creating & living our hearts desire
  • from comfort zone to brillance zone
  • constructing our LOVE hubs
  • creating our heaven on earth
  • labor of LOVE/living our bliss
  • renaissance of prosperity thru LOVE
  • the abundance revolution
  • the resurrection of new life
  • what’s now/what’s next – solstice to equinox
  • and SO MUCH more…

Hope to see you there!


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Lauren Gorgo Think With Your Heart | Radiance of 1000 Suns: 12:12-12:21

The LOVE Strand

2013 forced us to let go of so much…but only so we could gain so much more. The entire year, right up to the September equinox (longer for some), was unmerciful…relentless in its unifying force, especially for those navigating the demanding mastery levels of consciousness required to activate the 13th strand of DNA …what the Seven Sisters of Pleiades call our “LOVE-strand”.

This LOVE strand activation is/was everything for the planet and for those awakening people who are pioneering the workings of a new, integrated reality of “spiritualized-humans”. These fearless-folk, capable of harnessing the neutral, unified (13th strand/chakra) LOVE principal are/were wholly responsible for anchoring the uni-versal LOVE harmonic on the planet, upgrading humanity and all physical matter to the 13th frequential required for our transcendence as a species. (A serious shout out to all you badass warriors of LOVE.)

Where 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 initiated the completion of the unity-crystalline grid structure for the planet…the intricate geometric pattern of light that pulses the (13 harmonic) energy of universal LOVE thru our physical and the earth body’s circulatory system…the 12/12/13 & 12/21/13 is slated to complete the activation process for the spiritually-embodied.

As a reminder, our 13th strand has been described to me as an over-lighting energy that, once activated, enables universal LOVE to weave throughout our existing 12-strand DNA system, impressing our original divine template upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies while imbuing every cell with the resurrected Christ (intelligence). In other words, the 13th strand of DNA is the governing intelligence that houses all information required to (physically) live in ascended mastery. The light-codes specific to this 13 (ascension) frequential were activated on the 12/12/12 -12/21/12 gateway and we spent the entire year of 2013navigating and integrating these frequencies in order to embody and master the codes in physical form.

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Journey to LOVE

So yea…the 12 month trek thru the (13) mastery energy of immaculate perception and purity of heart was a tall order embarked upon/anchored in by only the bravest of warriors, those here to seed and lead humanity to its destiny in unity. These unspeakably courageous souls took on the pure radiance of divine LOVE amidst an unsafe world still steeped so heavily in separation, and not only persevered, but transcended the greatest of feats…the perceived separation from Source.

We learned so many things about ourselves, specifically about the LOVE that we have for ourselves and that we share with others who LOVE themselves equally as much. We learned thru our own triumphs and constant pushing/stretching to encompass more of ourselves that LOVE is so much more than the realization that we are worthy…that it is also a discipline, an act of courage, an inner-authority, a continual conscious choice and the most pristine act of divinity to put the self before all else.

And we learned about this emerging inner-strength thru our ability to stand in our sovereignty, unwaveringly, as the eye of so many storms swept violently into our lives this year, in some cases destroying any and all resemblance of a past so that we could effectively rebuild our future upon the solid foundation of truth, without exception.

At moments, we were left with the sheer destruction, the shards of shrapnel from the many LOVE bombs sent to incinerate any remnants of our old lives, of duality… and as we sorted thru the remaining fragments in the graveyard of what we once knew and “thought” we LOVED, what we found was that we had nothing left but the LOVE of & for our true selves. And so now…now that we have finally returned to the Source of our one true LOVE…we are absolutely prepared to rise like the proverbial Phoenix from the burning ashes of our pasts. Mission complete.

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Also interesting is that just yesterday the council offered up an enthusiastic “congratulations for officially making it to the finish line!” I was assuming they meant the end of thishorrid transformational year but they kept insisting this was THE end…that (excitingly) we were approaching the moment when we would feel “the radiance of a thousand suns light up within”.

More specifically they were referring to the 12/12 to 12/21 passage, when they said that our internal soular radiance wouldeffectively be firing up, activating the merkaba, merging with our mondad, becoming ONE with our christed aspect.

The 12:12 portal is activating those prepared to “light up” and become the heralded radiant ones, the physical proof of prophecy.

During this passage (12/12-12/21) your body, mind, and soul are coming into alignment, in harmonic balance and sacred union with Source.

Following the solstice many will be reborn as what we would call “a christ incarnate”. -PHC

The council also said that even tho we are going to be “lighting up like a thousand suns” that we are also going to feel very at home in our bodies, more grounded in the earth plane than we ever have been before….that this new level of embodiment ensures that we are fully connected to both the earth and the cosmos, to our humanity and divinity, respectively.

…[section protected, to purchase full article see below]…

December to Remember

All that said, and after so many battering months and many hard-lessons-learned-later…look at us! We are still standing (sitting is ok too)…chastened, but wiser…even if a little displaced.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that December will be an “easy” month per se, but I do see it as a very productive one, and maybe a little life-changing to boot. Feels like a month of monumental review, of inward reflection, of incubation and decompression…not only from what amounted to be the most difficult year in the life of so many, but from a very long and indefinably exhausting road to reconnection, to our full-human capacity for LOVE.

This December doesn’t just have the usual feeling of ending/beginnings, the expectant hope and promise of a new year…we are also feeling the end of a full life lived, maybe lifetimes, in addition to the end of an entire era. Because of this massive ending and the new beginnings in store, I am told that this is going to be a “December to remember”.

And even tho this month definitely has endings written all over it, it is also positioning those who put in the work, who stripped themselves bare, to receive the many rewards of opening. The first of which I am hearing will be the “opening” of a long-awaited Christ-mas gift…the gift of renewal.

These new gifts will be bestowed upon all those who have complete the circuit so to speak. It is what we would call “the coming of Christ”, the realization of divinity, the inception point of christed consciousness. -PHC

…[section protected, to purchase full article see below]…

With so many changes and so much uncertainty about whats to come, I am greatly looking forward to living each moment this month as if it were my first and last…or maybe I should say last and first. Excitingly, I have no idea where I am headed, yet have never felt more ready to get there.

Wishing each of you a most blessed holyday season filled with LOVE and a new excitement for a new life!

See you next year!

ThinkWithYourHEART.com©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2013 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.

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Think With Your Heart | The Radiant Ones: eMERGEnce


The Radiant Ones: eMERGEnce


PageLines- 5DreportLOGO.gif

Is it just me or was this Mercury retrograde the fastest one ever?

Give or take some occasional left-brain processing glitches, it almost felt like I didn’t skip a beat. Overall, and compared to the last two retrograde nightmares of 2013, this one actually felt fruitful (?) and even “forward” moving in some ways.

Maybe I have finally released my resistance to it, or maybe it is all this Scorpio magic keeping me entranced in the alchemy of our blossoming creative powers…or maybe, just maybe, the more we empty out our heads and “think with our hearts”, the less effect Mercury has on our (intellectual) minds?

Whatever it is, I am better for it and I hope you are too.

Physically, the past three weeks were a whole different story.8O The council mentioned in the last report that we were going to be provided with…ahem…a rigorouspathway to re-concile, re-claim, re-store, re-plenish, re-vitalize, and ultimately re-surrect as we embody the Christ template in union with our monadic Source. In my own words: !@#%

Add to that the u n p r e c e d e n t e d amount of recent solar activity, and it can definitely feel like we are being electrocuted daily…which, among other things, is affecting (read: upgrading) the rhythm of our body’s electrical system: changes in our heartbeat & breathing rhythm, (increased heart rate/pulse, palpitations, etc.) muscle twitches, erratic sleep & eating patterns, extreme body temperature fluctuations, swings from vitality to exhaustion, and the like.

Hopefully this intensity will soon subside (in time for the holidays would be ideal), but while the body tries to find its new rhythm, we still need to be patient and support ourselves thru these temporary imbalances. That said, and even with retrograde mostly behind us, we still have a big month on tap.

…[section protected, to purchase full article see below]…

The Radiant ONEs

The September equinox served as a definite demarcation point, the (energetic) “separation of worlds” that has released us from so much collective heaviness. As a result, we have been extensively expunging the memories of this heaviness from our physical cells so that we can embody more and more of our divinity, in preparation for our emergence.

The recent lunar and solar eclipses have also been aiding in our emergence, showing each of us the perfect balance required of our physical (male/female) energies so that we can “light up” and become what the PHC refer to as “the radiant ONEs”.

The way it was explained to me is that the lunar (feminine) and solar (masculine) eclipses are actually fortifying our ascension, which is ultimately enabling our spiritual descensioninto physical form. In other words, the ability to descend into physicality is triggered and made possible by the sacred merge…it is the access point, the signal to the soul that it is safe to enter, so to speak.

The council says that so much has been taking place both within and around our physical world (like relentless solar activity for example) to result in/support/reflect “the emergence of the radiant ONEs”…the most obvious symptom of which, of our “turning inside out”, is the undeniable (yet still-growing) certainty of our energetic self-containment…that which the PHC calls an outward manifestation of our inner-merging process.

This tiny yet increasing (God) spark of solar fire is the divine masculine-focused power of (physical) creation swelling within us…a sacred energy spawned from our merging monad that opens our access to the memory of Home, of God-sovereignty…that which translates into our unmistakable inner-authority that we are now able to more firmly tap into.

(On a physical level, all this solar energy can create radiating plexus pain, abdominal distention and/or distress, and the opening/clearing/fine tuning of the lower 3 physical-oriented chakras)

I am hearing that when this infusion of creator-God power completes itself…and I get the feeling this is intimately related to the sun’s magnetic field reversal…the first collective of awakened beings will apparently “light up and be heralded as the radiant ONEs”…the first soul group to represent wht the PHC calls “the physical proof of prophecy”

…[section protected, to purchase full article see below]…


The rest of this month and leading into 2014 feels massive in terms of revelation and transformation. There is so much we have yet to grasp, yet so much is becoming crystal(line) clear.

On a practical level, it doesn’t yet feel like a time to make or act on solid plans, per se, but we are definitely starting to see our new lives take shape in the physical, even as our bodies continue to squirm in the ache of mutation.

We are gaining a vivid sense of where we belong in the new world, and the first steps we need to create our part in it are coming into plain view. For now, we still need to remain flexible and to allow the unfoldment of all our potentials, before we choose a firm path.

Simultaneously, all unacknowledged aspects that remain in the way of our emergence will continue to rise to the surface to be seen and integrated into our being so that we can begin our new level life with a squeaky-clean slate.

I am hearing that toward the end of November our real forward movement since the lunar eclipse/equinox period will begin…but this time we will be moving forward with more of our whole selves in tact. As we do, as we begin to “light-up” individually and collectively, we will start to magnetize life-changing, heart-resonant opportunities that will lend to the co-creation of our new world. Breakthroughs will abound and physical change will continue to manifest for all those who are true.

There is a real sense of magic in the air…a deep excitement and bubbling anticipation of what’s to come. While I have little to no idea how, when, or what that will look like for any of us…I am really looking forward to discovering it with each and every one of you.

ThinkWithYourHEART.com ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2013 All rights reserved.Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.


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Unity is born! The Fifth Initiation: monad merger – Lauren Gorgo (unpd. version)

Part II of the last 5D report is up and it’s called: The Fifth Initiation: monad mergerIn the FULL version of the article I discuss:post-equinox effects: unity is born!our liberation from causalityco-creatorship beginsmanifestation-revving upcausal to conscious creationmastery of/over matterrelease of the de-generation templateacquisition of the re-generation templateascension symptoms-soon to subside?spirit body descensionthe feeling of Christ in the bodynew energy Source-coming onlinethe fifth (& last) intiationabsorption of the monadmerging with the I AMbig biological changes/what to expectnew human (high) heart/respiratory activationlung/heart clearingsthe first (christ) breathdeparture of body elementals for wayshowersand more…Hope to see you there!HEARTfully,LaurenThinkWithYourHeart.comCLICK HERE to learn how to become a TWYH member!http://thinkwithyourheart.com/10087/the-fifth-initiation-monad-merger/Post-Equinox EffectsWe are born.  The (really) hard work is over, and the heaviness is starting to lift.You may still be feeling the discomfort from the birth itself, but if you’ve done the inner work, you are probably noticing that the challenges of this never ending process have been more manageable by day. If not, stay the course. If you keep yourself focused on yourself you will be absolutely shown whatever remains in the way of your sovereignty.Even tho things are getting lighter, we are still having to maintain a firm resolve with regard to sustaining our very new way of BEing…mostly because it is still in its’ infancy stage…but according to my Source(s), that need will subside substantially this season as we continue to dedicate ourselves to bolting our feet into the new earth and creating with our magic again. As we do so, as we release any and all energies (thoughts) of victimization and replace them with our divine authority, we simultaneously free up and declutter the expansive, creative space of heaven residing within each and every cell of our being.The sloughing off of our past, coupled with our new system upgrades and the wildly creative energies that we are now tapping into, means everything in and around our worlds (& bodies) will be changing dramatically.  As we uncover the many, multidimensional layers of our new true selves, we have the capacity now to see possibility in everything, and consequently, we will want to create our lives anew…in a big way.LOVE is our new template.  Anything left in our lives that is not LOVE must go. No exceptions. All things not-of-LOVE, including our thoughts, not only feel wretched here, but they will be incessantly amplified like a divine highlighter showing us what needs to be faced, and/or eradicated…without reprieve. Nothing is ever done TO us, we create, miscreate and uncreate it all. Stepping into our power means taking full responsibility for what we think and how we feel…including and especially about ourselves…and putting those thoughts and feelings in action. This is the only way to freedom.Most every lower-ego creation (stepping outside of our sovereign-selves) we encounter (read: reflect) requires one of two choices to heal the separation within: stepping up or letting go…putting up better boundaries and/or not crossing them. Projecting onto others (masculine expression) or allowing ourselves to be projected upon (feminine expression) are not welcomed (polarity) energies in 5D…and we all do both until we are self-realized.We are Source, so each and every time we put any person or thing before ourselves and/or put blame on another person or external thing, we give our power away by creating separation (from Source) within.  It really is as simple as that. It always has been, the difference now is that it feels so dreadful to step outside of ourselves that we are forced to stay within the strict confines of our solidarity…otherwise we reap the backlash and spiral quickly out of control. We have moved beyond duality but our participation is still required to stay in unity. Translation: each time we engage in habitual dualistic thoughts and behaviors, we will get burned. The universe is uncompromising in its integrity, and so must we be…ultimately we ARE the universe.The paradox is that we are only really able to see beyond ourselves, when we are impeccably, self-centered…likewise, when WE are the center of our universe, only then can we really be of service to the universe itself.  And yes, this goes against every fiber of our conditioned being, our lower ego, our upbringing, society, religious backgrounds, etc, etc…and yes, continually putting ourselves first more times than not makes us look like a total douchebag to those who still abide by karmic law/duality/separation.  No matter, after a couple of uncomfortable stings you’ll prefer being a douchebag over a doormat any day.Staying out of separation consciousness is our full time job right now and this means continually keeping these two (m/f) polarized energies (you versus me) balanced in ALL our relationships. This straight and narrow path is required to ascend, which means we can neither be too passive, nor too aggressive…too giving or too taking…too open or too closed…too rigid, or too flexible…too accepting, or too rejecting…too creative, or too structured…etc. We just can’t be “too anything”.Balancing both of these masculine & feminine expressions of self is the high wire act that I referred to in my last blog post…that which demands an enormous amount of discipline, self LOVE, and emotional responsibility…but this neutrality (realizing that both expressions of energy are the flip side of the same coin) is the only key to unlock those pearly gates…which we are all lined up at, waiting our turn enter.  Where we are in the line (front, back or middle) depends only on the degree to which we are able to remain unwavering in our God-power, that which comes from LOVEing ourselves so completely.We are ALL working this out on some level and in some area(s) of our lives…and likely we will continue to do so thru the upcoming Mercury retrograde/eclipse cycle…but luckily the post-equinox feelings of pure potential persuade us to not be dismayed by this. We are bolstered with the peace and understanding that this time will prove to be very valuable for each of us because deeply we know we have A LOT to grasp about the new/old us.  We are not only learning about our true capabilities as God-sovereign BEings, but we are going to be figuring out what to DO with them.  Remembering “do-ing”?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT sleeping….[section protected, to purchase full article see below]…The 5th InitiationFor the last several years, those of us here to lead humanity to it’s destiny have been held in what felt like “suspended animation”… hibernating in a cocoon of stillness & protection while we underwent 5 specific, extensive and successive human/spiritual levels of initiation into the Christhood.This path of initiation, or “ascension initiation” as it was explained to me in 2005, creates a gradual expansion in consciousness during which continual stages of unification eventually result from our mastery of:

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Think With Your Heart | Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)

Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)


PageLines- 5DreportLOGO.gifIf you are reading this, even if prone, kudos to you just for making it to September.

Because of the way 2013 opened for me personally, with the sudden and unexpected passing of my mother, I had a very strong feeling…despite all the magical things I was hearing and being shown from the higher realms…that the entire year was going to, yet again, mimic the last 13. Of course, I didn’t want to admit/accept/surrender to that knowing, but it was definitely there.

What I didn’t expect, is that this year would/could possibly feel any worse than 2012, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1.

Because the ascension volume was turned up so LOUD this year, and because each successive month has been more excruciating than the last, for the first time on this whole journey, I literally couldn’t see how I would get to September. And at times, I was so deflated that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.

But somehow, someway, I/you/we did. And that alone deserves a giant (soul) group hug because f.i.n.a.l.l.y, a tiny flickering light at the end of an unacceptably long and dark tunnel is beginning to emerge.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have been anesthetized under the veil of forgetfulness (separation) again…pretty much non-stop since the last (and second) grand sextile/merkaba activation on August 25th. Some say longer, but the point is that if you are here now, you are well on your way to returning/reconnecting/recalibrating to your true (power) Source as the final stages of assimilation from that recent energy blast stabilizes and takes hold within our physical cells. And yes, that integration period was another EPIC one.

This is a random non-sequitor, but each time we reemerge from these clearings after a major rewire, I marvel at the seeming similarities to dementia…where I eventually return to a state of full consciousness after a usually lonnnng period of memory (of home) loss, distinct (karmic patterning) personality changes, and impaired (limited) reasoning. Makes you wonder.

Part II of this 2-part series is aptly subtitledthe birth because, according to the voices in me head, we are gearing up for what Pleiadian High Council calls the “soul merge”, which is the last (?) requirement to step fully into the new world. This sacred (masculine/feminine) merge will apparently propel us into the unified state of being we have been working so unbelievably hard to attain, what they callthe soul’s complete expression of self.

I am also hearing that this meeting of the sacred mindsprecipitates the separation of worlds(within), and will enable us to drop a ton of old/karmic baggage which ultimately grants us the ability to uphold 5D+ as our resolute reality.omgyesssspleeeez Can you even imagine what it would be like to NOT carry around the accumulated weight of our personal pasts??? Without it, there is literally nothing to weigh us down…no wonder the unseens say we will no longer be bound by gravity.

In the super insightful words of Stephanie Azaria: karma IS gravity! That brilliance has never been more apparent to me than right now.

Anyway, before I break this information down into bite size pieces, let me first present you with the Pleiadian perspective of what the potential of this month in particular holds for us…

Tho September is always a month of major review, contemplation, and ultimately the integration of all we have been growing into during the 9-month gestation journey that we embark upon every calendar year, I am also hearing that this month we begin to solidify (birth) our 5D experience and that before us are some openings that will precipitate both a major ending and simultaneous new beginning.

The PHC say that we are going to be bothcompleting a level of incarnation, as well as beginning a new incarnation. This present incarnation experience I am told, will end with our soul’s merge into unity, and our new incarnation will begin with our connection to the full truth of who we are. Pretty trippy.

This ending that we are referring to is one of great magnitude. It is not only the end of a major phase in your earthly life, it is the end of an accumulation of many lifetimes, for many souls here, in what we would call…the lower world of form.

Once you release yourself from the lower world, you will be able to maintain the unified, LOVE-filled consciousness, in every delightful cell of your radiant being. –PHC

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Healing to Whole: from de to re-generation (part I) Lauren Gorgo



Is it really August? Not that I have any gauge left of time, but I swear it was just spring here in NY. And what a lovely spring it was. 8O
The good news is, after 3 months of mental stagnancy, and since the Lions Gate opened at the end of July, I feel like I have f i n a l l y broken thru to some new level information. It has been an excruciating passage without access to more expanded concepts, but I imagine that I needed to tidy up some loose DNA strands in order to be capable to receive higher level intelligence…and even tho I am always sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I am pretty sure it was worth the pain.
Healing vs Wholing
Since July, the Pleiadians have been telling me that we are at the crossover point between the unmanifest and manifest (new) world of (co)creation and part of that “crossing over”, as it relates to our biological perfection, requires leaving behind the 3D construct of healing. In fact, I am hearing that those currently ensouling themselves must now transcend the idea of “healing” altogether and as a whole.

That which you call “healing” is not really possible in 5D … for in unity, all is perfected in its purity. The reason that healing is not the way forward is because the act of healing is originated in imperfection. To assume that one is in need of healing is to assume that one is in an imperfect state…which is counterproductive by these standards.
Perfection in this case is the state of completeness, of wholeness, where one operates from the “blueprint of perfection”…the level of understanding that nothing is ever truly wrong, or missing, only the perception of such makes it so. -PHC

According to the council, the “healing” paradigm is based on the 3-4D linear time model, which they call the de-generation matrix, whereas “wholing” is based on the 5D cyclical model, which they call the re-generation matrix…the former based in scarcity, the latter, abundance.
To heal is to reduce our thinking to a temporal level of linearity…of finite (mortality) versus infinite (immortality). This paradigm shift is a requirement towhole, for without it we reinforce/maintain our connection to the 3D template and continue to create our reality according to the triple D’s: dis-ease, decay & ultimately death…which is so last year. :mrgreen:
As we release our connection to this (3D) linear healing model, we are also being encouraged to understand that just like the whole journey to arrive here, incremental wellness is not necessarily the process of resurrection, which is cyclical…so don’t lose heart.
The PHC say that the process of “wholing” can be likened more to a succession of betterment where we are inching, rather circling, upward in seeming sameness…progressing toward perfection…but without any clear indication that this is so. For this reason, we may feel as though no improvement is being made and then suddenly, in a moment, everything clicks into place on one level, and then off to work we go on the next.
I am hearing that this will be the way of August for the most part…that we will not necessarily experience a linear progression of positive change, but we canexpect “chunks of change”, as it were. This is how (cyclical) wholing works. It is not the focus of “fixing” what is broken (as denoted in the 3D healing model), but the result of coming home to ourselves, of drawing back the many disparate parts to the whole of who we really are…in chunks, apparently.
Since this home-coming process is lateral and not linear, the lower ego-mind may (read: definitely will) fight in moments to understand it. For this, the PHC recommend LOVE as a soothing balm and light (understanding/clarity) as our guide.
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Lauren Gorgo: Person Polarity-Reversal – unpd. version*


I can’t believe that May is nearly over. Also, May is the longest month I have ever lived thru.
I have been wholly immersed in a time warp, both heavily entranced in my future AND (reluctantly) reliving so many parts of my past, simultaneously. Since the last report I have been thru so many life-altering scenarios, yet very little has physically moved in my world. It almost feels like I have been placed in a virtual reality program, playing out many possible scripts, past and future, without having left my living room. So bizarre.
The first lunar eclipse (4/25) lit a wicked fire under my ass and so much started moving in my life at once that I was nearly terrified of how I would handle it all. It was like a crack in the veil shrouding me from my future started prematurely oozing into the present…it was at once exhilarating and overwhelming. Seriously made me reconsider all that I had asked for!
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Rotation Flip
A few to several (?) days ago, my body elemental was telling me about this thing called a ”rotation flip” in my energy field. I didn’t fully understand the concept until recently when the council brought up the topic again and told me that now that we are releasing/dissolving/morphing our karmic template, our chakras are rapidly changing to adapt to the frequencies of our christed blueprint, and this involves what they refer to as: personal polarity reversal.

You are changing your biology from physical beings having a spiritual experience to spiritual beings having a physical experience…this is a different bio-energetic and geometric dynamic. This switch in dynamic is solidified by, and resulting from, the release of the karmic template which means you are soon to begin the assimilation of the christed template. -PHC

The christed template ensures the embodiment of the divine-human, what recently they have been calling the Christos. Christos is a word they use to represent those who embody their divinity, it’s the energy of, the consciousness of, christ…IN a body. This Christos blueprint was created (by us) as a form for unity embodiment, a prototype designed to house…and be a (merkaba) vehicle for…the (risen) christ.
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Spiritual vs HUman Gifts
The council has also been talking about the opening of some new level gifts of mastery that I am assuming accompany our ascension…gifts that they have been telling us about since the 12/21 alignment that apparently have been building toward emergence. They are telling me that the time has come to begin to explore what this will mean to those of you who are activated and prepared for more responsibility.
What’s interesting…as tho any of this is uninteresting?…is that I am hearing that “what we perceive as spiritual is actually very human at this level (unity), since there is no separation between the two.” So what we may perceive in the lower dimensions as a “god-given” talent…a spiritual blessing…is in fact, a veryhuman blessing, according to the PHC.
What I think they are trying to convey is that in the lower realms, we are limited by the scope of our understanding due to the dismemberment…the inability to remember our full divinity. In the spiritual dimensions, we are in full rememberment of the whole of who we are, of ALL our “God-given” talents, as it were. So what we are going to be witnessing within ourselves is not really the opening of ”spiritual” gifts, per se…since we already have access to all of our gifts in spirit…but grounding these gifts into THIS human life.
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Here’s to the final eclipse!…in hopes that we will finally die to the past, but notwith our bodies this time. 8O

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Radical transformations ahead… Lauren Gorgo (unpd. version)

It takes quite while for the gases and interstellar dust to collect in enough density to begin forming stars, and even as the process begins to light up the nebula, there is much more going on in the dark, hidden and growing before it is visible.

It seems Lauren is telling us we are in that part of gestation that is like the “dog days” of summer when it is too hot to move, and all we can do is keep breathing and wait for relief. In the temperate (ie sane) climates it is only a few weeks past the dog days when the first cool fronts sweep in bringing sweet relief from the heat. Only time will tell if we are in a temperate energetic climate, or a South Florida style subtropical energy: here it is several months from the dog days of summer til even a brief cool snap.

But even as we use the grill to make Thanksgiving dinner to prevent heat stroke in the guests;-) we know eventually the heat WILL break. The same is surely true in our current process-it will go in its own times and cycles, but eventually we will be where and how we are aiming for-keeping ourselves grounded in Mother Earth, in prayer, meditation or whatever roots us in the moment and helps preserve our patience is often all we can, or need to, do.



So we are officially deep in the eclipse sandwich.
Since the full moon, I have been diligently feeling my way around in here, trying to grasp what this journey might mean for me individually, and for the awakened ones, collectively. I havent gotten very far into the future on my own, and thats probably a good thingbut the unseens have a lot to share with regard to what the potential of this sacred passage holds for many of us.
Mostly, I have been hearing a lot about the activation of the adam kadmon body and how this specifically relates to our ability to manifest as new humans.
A word about manifestation: wonky. We are in a really strange, fluctuating space of energy and it has been challenging, for me at least, to clearly determine what it is I want, let alone how to put that in motion, or if I even care to. Between the March equinox and the lunar eclipse, I have been witnessing in myself what kinda feels like an identity crisismeandering between what was, what is and what can bequestioning everything I felt I was becoming, wondering if any of it is real or possible, if I have been making it all up (key words here) and most importantly wondering how to gracefully move thru this funk of un-desire.
When nothing in-spires us, there is nothing to motivate us, and when nothing motivates us there is nothing to dobut BE.
And so here we BE.
Its a cold hard fact that the only thing that can move us now is divine LOVE, and because this level of LOVE can only be attained from within, there is nothing out there that can guide us or bring us that level of uncompromised joy. Joy (oneness) comes from our inner-being, happiness (polarity) comes from the outer-world and because we are so deeply in the oneness now our only option is to channel the true Source of our pleasure.
We can bring our joy to the world, but the world cannot bring us joy.the proverbial in but not OF this world is felt so acutely now. We are beginning to float above our lives in a way that is disconcerting, but also really freeing and peacefulif we trust the process and let ourselves defy gravity.
This eclipse sandwich is shifting some major gears, but more importantly according to the Pleiadian High Council, is that we are shiftingtemplates. Because we are still inching into our new template of divinity, divine LOVE is not yet our daily realitybut then again, neither is the 3D world we used to live in. Those countless hours of in betweenwhere we are bridging worlds and still required to hold onto faith (that whatever is coming is for the better) and hope (that all our action and non-action predicated on so much uncertainty is going to reward us in droves)are getting more and more excruciating.
We are so close to the gold (elixir of creation)universal LOVE, Source vitality, abundance as our birthright, sacred relationships, soul connections with our families of like resonance, etc. that being away from those energies for even a day is so suffocatingits literally asphyxiating when we are unable to breathe the particles of LOVE that are so vital to the new-human form. Our physical bodies are absolutely a-c-h-i-n-g for their true Source of nutrients (LOVE) and we are at the tipping point where nothing else can fulfill or satiate its needs.
The 3D pleasures of past just cant sustain us any longer..food pales in comparison to what our flesh truly desires (adamantine essence) , exercise for the sake of exercise, sex for the sake of sex, traveling for the sake of traveling, work for the sake of work, socializing for the sake of socializingall banal at best. Without the sparkling radiance of our christed-self bleeding thru to our 3D world, life is becoming a perpetual state of winter doldrums. (Contrarily, when we are connected to the core of being, enlovened with the energy of home, even the most banal 3D experiences are magic!)
And YET here we all are in this tremendous (eclipse) portal of potential that the PHC have named creation made manifest, but seemingly without the desire/will to be, do, or have anything.
Well, I learned the hard way (read: post melt-down) that this is all perfectly orchestratedthat before we cocreate the new world with our new magic, we first need to bring forth (manifest) the highest version of ourselves as conscious cocreators of the divine. That this is an accelerated, but partly passive journey of opening, of receiving, of unfolding, of allowing, of witnessing the birth of our brilliance, of our core authentic self.which is at the root of our magic.
Admittedly, this tripped me up a little because (in my mind) I was all gung-ho, ready to start many new projectsboth in my home and purposewhen I realized that sadly, there hasnt been enuf energy to support those thingsat least not yet. (Tho I do feel that shifting as we get closer to the solar eclipse.) I was told that the greatest manifestation that we will witness thru this portal, isdrum-roll pleaseUS! That we need to first be present to the process of our emergence and witness the manifestations that accompany this transition. And apparently, there are/will be many.
In addition to the emergence of our divinity, I have the understanding that many manifestations of our past and present desires are going to pop thru veil during this time, things that we have been working toward, waiting for, since the beginning of the journeyknown and unknown.where, in some cases, the absence of these things became or created the journey. Even some things that seem impossible (like hopefully the end of the !@#% ascension journey) will suddenly become possible now and all we need to do is get out of our own way and let our magic make miracles.
Its being shown to me that all these immense energies for physical manifestation are coming together like a perfect storm, bringing many exacting elements into play at once. If were present to the process, we can already see these energies swirling around us, moving things into place, even tho we are sitting stillalbeit on the edge of our seats wondering HOW these things will be brought to fruition.
As always, the how is none of our business. Even if we are teetering on the edgeand most of us arewe just need to make be-lie-ve for a moment longer that our dreams are real and allow these tremendously creative forces to guide us into (inspired) action while remembering that endings and beginnings are always simultaneous happenings. The pressure is always greatest right before the breakthru and I dont think any of us can deny that the pressure is unmerciful. This is make-or-break time, and every single one of us is experiencing at least one area of our lives that simply cannot continue to exist as-is.
That said, and tho I know I am preaching to the choir when I say this, but there is no use trying to DO anything that isnt ready to be done, we cant makeanything happen herewe can only will (read: allow) our desires into being. We move when movedperiod. We know by now that all effort is ignorance and that if we move ourselves into (forced) action instead of allowing ourselves to be moved into (inspired) action, we risk the consequence of another round of karmic (mis)creation. uh-uh. No can do.
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Finally…forward movement! – Lauren Gorgo (unpd. version)



So we finally, Finally, FINALLY made it out of reverse, and can start moving forward again…altho forward seems slightly subjective in this new territory because, for all intents and purposes, we are without a compass and with no linear marker points to hint at what direction is. But this whole new reality is pretty slick if you ask me because without linearity, without progressing sequentially, we literally have no choice but to think with our hearts. Pretty sneaky. Literally wipes the logic right out of us.
Having said all that, it doesn’t exactly feel like a running start. :( More like a crawling start….or whatever the word is for slightly faster than sitting. Either way, I’m in. I’ll take anything over going backwards and rummaging thru my insidey parts. Again. And again. And again. And…
(Begin rant) Hands down tho, that was THE l o n g e s t and most torturous Mercury retrograde in the history of retrogrades…and yes, it’s likely I say that every retrograde, but…s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. I am running out of adjectives to describe the inanity of it all. (End rant)
So even tho we were being held underwater for what felt like 3 or 4 eternities, in the bigger picture, we were undergoing an intensive “sacrament of initiation into the priest(ess)hood”…what the unseens refer to as a right of passage to reclaiming the power and authority of God. I don’t really know what any of that means yet, but I do know that we are changed humans because of it.
Sardonic sillies aside, it does feel a lot like this first week out of the (black) hole will be a bit of balancing act as we try to find our bearings, assess our lives and settle into unity. I am hoping the new moon will initiate the jump start we so desperately need, but the real magic seems to be coming from the new balance point we are teetering over. If you are still enuf…as if that were an option…you may be able to discern this pulsing central axis point within. Its a quiet, disciplined emptiness that is also supremely intelligent and certain of itself. It brings balance to the heart and mind, but also gives the heart a much bigger voice…makes ascertaining truth easier and more discernable with so much peace mitigating our once-polarized thoughts.
Make no mistake, this balance point IS our new beginning. No bells, no whistles, just peace. It is the fertile space of non-attachment, of pure potentiality, thru which all is born anew. The unification of spirit and matter, feminine and masculine, right brain and left, body and soul, etc…this is the merger between heaven and earth, and it begins with us.
The unseens say that this space is where we come from and return to, and it is the essence of which will radically transform our lives and bodies. This is the energy we have been waiting for and it is the energy we will be creating from. Whatever you are desiring is contained within this energy…whatever you have the courage to imagine, is in this energy. If you are not yet in touch with it, you will be. Tune into the center of your brain and notice the expansive silence in there. It’s subtle, but it’s there. If you still don’t feel it, wait until the intensity of the moon subsides…I give it the 3 day rule.
This energy is alive and its non-moving at the same time. It’s not a thought and it’s not a feeling, it’s outside of both those things….deeper and more profound. It’s not blissful, but it could be. In fact, it can be anything. It feels, for lack of a better word, like the space where possibility meets capability. The divine clay I suppose.
This is the stuff our new worlds are made of. It is simultaneously our new home and our new playground…and this is just the tipping point, the infancy, the beginning of the upward spiral of a whole new world to explore within.

The REAL Human BEing
For the first group of souls who successfully completed the long, dedicated journey thru causality (duality consciousness) the train to unity (triality consciousness) has arrived at the station. The doors are open and we are rushing the exits… frantically searching for the platform where the new high speed rail (upcoming eclipses) will arrive to take us to our new world.
When we switch trains, we will have officially switched templates from the slow moving 3d dimensional human DOing (effort) who is bound by gravity (karmic creation), to the warp speed creation of the 5th dimensional human BEing (effortlessness) who is unbound and free from dross. This shift is everything, if not all of the rest of our learning/PLAY/experience as new-humans…long as we choose to remain in a body, here on this planet.
The Pleiadians called the last 8 weeks of our lives “the most transformational portal of all our earthly existence”…and they assure us that the portal ahead is nothing compared to what’s behind us now. If we survived this passage…and truthfully, some people didn’t…what’s ahead of us will be like riding the wind.

You are turning the corner from living as what we would call a human DOing to a true human BEing, as you were originally designed and intended to BE. This switch in dynamic is the basis for your new reality system and one that requires the feminine principal of receiving to BE in first place…that you consciously BE first.
We know that this requirement, this learning, has been the bulk of the journey to arrive here…meaning, it is less complicated to be a human BEing when you are stripped of the energy, the desire, the will to DO…but it is a different thing to consciously put those principals in motion when the energy, the desire and the will returns. Now things will change in that you will need to put this concept into practice.
This moment in time IS that turning point…what we would call “the redirecting of the energy of DO”. -Pleiadian High Council

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Just Up Ahead
Personally, I can’t even see a foot in front of my face yet…we are still assimilating so much BIGness…but the PHC have been giving me glimpses of whats just up ahead, more specifically they have been talking about the upcoming eclipses (beginning 4/25), that which they call a period of “physical creation made manifest”.
We all know, but sometimes dread, those lengthy eclipse cycles that are ultimately “here to serve us”…of course they are, all of life was created to serve us….but not always in delightful ways. 8O
Though there is historically great fear around eclipses, the fear I am told, came from the great mysticism that was generated thru the power of eclipses, not the eclipse itself. Excitingly, the council says that this power is here to not only serve us, but for us to take hold of now, to alchemically transform our lives with.
I am being shown the image of The Magician in the Tarot deck with the understanding that these eclipses are granting those coming-of-age-new-human-leaders the ability to wield divine will…to tap into the physical arm of the cosmic forces of creation that will enable us to go beyond the physical laws, to transcend them. The Magician isthe 1st major arcana card, which carries the numeric vibration of ONE, the number of beginnings, and represents the alignment of unity on all levels of existence… the bridge between spirit and matter. (Interestingly, April is also vibrationally a ONE month)
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Unbuckle your seat belts, we’re about to remember how to fly!
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The latest 5D Report is up! It’s called: Duality to Triality: divine will made manifest

In the FULL version of the article I discuss:

  • getting out of reverse
  • the tipping point
  • leaving duality behind
  • entering ONEness
  • reclaiming the authority of God
  • reincarnation/progression period
  • difference between 3 & 5D creation
  • the divine clay
  • the REAL human BEing
  • release of karmic template
  • causal to conscious creation
  • more magic-in-action
  • requirements for divine manifestation
  • bypassing/bending the physical laws
  • right relationship
  • lessons from a trapeze artist
  • the great expansion
  • the coming creative energies
  • what’s just up ahead
  • equinox to solstice period
  • purpose of the upcoming eclipses
  • the rising kundalini/symptoms & guidance
  • lots more good stuff…

Hope to see you there!


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