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Thoughts on The Petition

I am glad to see people questioning this even if only out of fear. I have no idea about address gathering or if Cobra and company are either knowingly or unknowingly working for the cabal or anyone else. Everyone I have read posting support for Cobra’s plans has been sincere and to my perspective caring and dedicated lightworkers.

But, my higher self has given me unmistakeable resistance to this poll, the Event, the earlier plan to overthrow the US govt and hang my President by Drake and friends and in fact every single instance of **giving my power and responsibility to others**.

Why do we who know ourselves to be creators, who recognize that we were born in this time and place in order to ascend-to fully incarnate our higher selves with all our power and ability into these human forms in order to heal the Earth and end tyranny-why would we choose then to go awol?

To dump our mission, to stay slaves or perpetual children by assigning OUR work to some mysterious group whether terrestrial seditionists or ET “Resistance”??

It is of course easier to allow others both the power and the work-all adolescents to some extent try to do this and our current stage of spiritual growth could well compare to adolescence-but it is a dead end is it not?

Why do we feel so helpless?

Why do we assign our power to create change to a proxy who may or may not truly represent our intentions?

I have spent over 4 decades fighting the cabal both directly and indirectly, on the physical and the other levels.

Why should I now concede my own quest and self determination to what could resemble Orwell’s Animal Farm where some Resistors are MORE EQUAL than others?

When we the people of Earth stop trying to duck our responsibility and give our power away to one master or another THEN we will no longer be slaves no matter what else is going on.

Read Starhawk’s book The Fifth Sacred Thing for a good illustration of what I am talking about. Or Neo in The Matrix for a more sensational illustration.

A small group concentrated collectively and made it rain in the Sahara at a specific place and time-what do you think we could do with a larger group? Or even a few fully ascended individuals?

You don’t have to vote or give away your power and personal agency to ANY group or individual whether governments, Resistance groups or guru leaders.

Look up Horizontalism, watch Velcro Ripper’s Occupy Love.on youtube.

Wake up to who you really are and you will never fall for another hierarchy based hard sell demanding YOUR power and agency in return for “freeing” you from enslavement.

No one can free you but you.

And you really really CAN’T tear down the master’s house using the master’s tools; if you are enslaved by hierarchy and giving your power to others who “save you” “protect you from the terrorists” or “take out the cabal for you”, you are still enslaved by hierarchy and giving your power away.

Watch V for Vendetta too-V merely inspires the people. The people take back their power and act on their own-as we too must if we ever hope to be free.

EDIT- I made the following comment in response to a friend who said questioning the petition was negative, that we need to believe. I feel it goes with/continues my thoughts in this post so I am copying it below.

I believe.  I just believe in US not in more empty promises from people who whether they realize it or not are working to keep us helpless and enslaved.

Many days I can’t even wash or feed myself. Most days I spend 98% of the day unable to  get out of bed or stand for more than a few minutes.


If anyone would be overjoyed by seeing the changes take place instantly like in a movie or on tv-brought to us effortlessly by helpful angels, aliens or elves- it would be me.

I consistently deeply feel others suffering and work to alleviate all of it that I can but I can’t ignore my higher self, my intuition or my common sense and observations.

When people are being led on into distractions designed to prevent the very changes they so deeply desire, how can anyone with integrity stay silent? 

**WE**are the golden age, the return of Christ and the answer to a thousand years of human prayers.

That is what lightworker means if it means anything at all.

We are the kindling that lights the fire of humanity’s collective spirit!

We ascend thru our own work on ourselves and each light that flares in the darkness sparks more to ignite.

 It is very like a nuclear reaction-once you get fission in a few particles it spreads as the first few trigger/ignite the next and on out wave after wave.

The more of us light up (ascend, attain a certain level of enlightenment) the FASTER the process will go.

The more of us neglect our inner work to chase pretty lights and distractions designed to keep us off course, the slower the process goes.

Telling my gut level truth is not being negative,  its being positive that we CAN do it. 


Not some mysterious saviors that swoop in as ‘deux ex machina’ to save the day, but us, humanity, lightworkers,  starseeds-everyone. 

I have no idea how I can do it useless as I now appear to be, but I know I will. 

I feel the truth like a flame inside me that cannot be extinguished. 

I know we can and we are.


Even tho I still get frustrated at what I perceive as my own snail like slow progress, I know now what we are doing.

The key is not to get the golden age so we can enjoy it- the key is for us to enjoy it now. 

To fall in love with our lives-faults, flaws, suffering and all; to fall in love with the Earth, our fellow humans and all of nature, every living being.

To light ourselves up with love and gratitude that will flow out from us,  wave after wave like fission only not dirty or dangerous:-)

I know its hard-its hard for me too but I know I/we can ask for help and get it every moment.  

We are the pillars of light Blossom was promised.  We are the Resistance. We are the golden age-in seed form.

Its time to turn our energy inwards, reach our roots deep into Mother Gaia-Sophia and SPROUT!;-)

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The New World Order Defeated?



I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the cabal has lost. The bad news is beating the cabal is the easiest part of our task.

If we do not heal ourselves, evolve and grow beyond the limiting 3d mindscapes and worldviews that keep us trapped in the games of dominance and control that colonized societies have trained generations of humans to be mentally enslaved by, then when we defeat the cabal we have not won because we BECOME THEM.

That is the nature of colonization. It is a meme of dominance and control based and rooted in the deepest fears that drive the ego. It cannot be killed or conquered anywhere outside of ourselves.

The colonizer who began it all has been been dead for thousands of years yet his evil structures keep replicating themselves-the Earth Borg devouring the lands, the forests, the seas, the animals, plants and people until all is devastation, dust and death OR until WE decolonize our minds and spirits and clear the meme from our processors.

(or in other words until we stop living as ambulatory demon hotels;-)

In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm the Animals take over the farm declaring that all animals are equal, that the farmers dominance is wrong.

Soon however the colonizer meme does its dirty work and the pigs begin to emulate the farmer declaring that “Some Animals are MORE equal than others!”

This has been the nauseating result of revolutions to liberate humanity for about five thousand years at least.

In recent history we can look at the results of the Magna Carta, or the French and American Revolutions. We can observe the disintigration of idealism among the communist nations as the revolutions faded into more totalitarianism no better than the fascist capitalist totalitarianism they opposed.

We can observe the decolonization of Africa and its subsequent disintigration into feuding warlords, pawns and “client states” of the cold war adversaries, much the same has occurred in all once colonized areas that nominally gained freedom from the colonizers.

We can of course argue that the interference of the destabilizing forces (alphabet soup groups like CIA, KGB and their varied counterparts among other colonizer nations) had a large hand in keeping these areas in the dominance control model, but if people were not mentally and spiritually colonized the machinations of spooks would have little effect.

The disease once contracted must be cured before the people can function normally again.

We have been taught that human nature is greed, dominance, violence, control and power over.

I would submit to your contemplation that these things are not human nature but very much a diseased form of nurture produced in the dysfunctional worlds created by the colonizer meme and not at all natural to humanity unless so cultivated.

Certainly those vices DO appear in humans in all societies. But then so does cancer and we don’t think of IT as human nature.

Just as all bodies produce cancer cells and destroy them daily, so too do all human societies produce individuals with aberrant ideation, and so too do normal, well adjusted, sane societies squash and redirect these antisocial impulses in ways that do not allow them to overcome the positive nature of the societies.

What people who call themselves lightworkers, discuss ascension, evolving beyond 3d, stopping the negative cabals and creating a golden age of heaven on Earth are trying to do in my opinion is to heal the collective of humanity, or rather help and encourage it to heal itself from the cultural virus that has been variously known as colonization, evil, turning away from God and a thousand other names in the thousands of years since it began.

We cannot stop individuals who are committing crimes based on greed and fear and expect to right the world unless we root out greed and fear from our own spirits. As Jesus once said “Cast out the mote in thine own eye…”.

I have repeatedly observed drama and conflict in the online “lightworker community” based in ego issues and greed for the spotlight and the desire to be “right” or some variation on the “one true prophet”.

People cut one another down, villify others work, claim this one or that one is a cabal agent, this one is lying, that one is a hero-it is all ego and all negative.

There are 7 BILLION humans on this planet. Only a colonized, patriarchal mindset could assume for a split second that only ONE of them (or even one group) is going to be THE ANSWER, or the HERO/SAVIOR etc.

Patriarchy is OVER. There is no more need or room for our egos to jump ahead of our hearts.

Not one of us needs a savior or a hero (externally-I am not dismissing or disrespecting the religions in which a savior is central at all).

Every single human on Earth is capable of contributing to making our planet better and creating a golden age.

Every single one of us, down to the smallest baby born todayare not only capable but NECESSARY.

EVERY contribution counts. Sure some contributions are showier, some are flashy and adventurous and FUN to watch or chronicle.

But every time you smile at a sad person or rescue a drowning kitten or move a worm out of the walkway to keep it from being stepped on YOU are making the world better.

Every time you treat another living being with respect you are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of Respect.

Every time you act, or even think from a loving place instead of a fearful, angry judgemental or hateful place YOU are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of LOVE and weakening the morphogenetic field of HATE.

Conversely every time you JUDGE, every time you dismiss someone else as unimportant, or worse, every time you spread hateful words online or in person, fill your mind with hate , resentment or condescension for another YOU are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of HATE.

You are in effect FEEDING the cabal energy.

When you reinforce the field of Love, of Compassion, of Respect then you are starving the evil of energy just as if you were picking up its food bowl and hiding it away.

Now I know we all get trapped by our egos, we get overwhelmed by the jerk who acts unkindly, or the cabals minions who act in plainly harmful ways.

We all have our moments when we cuss and spit and judge and cry but we don’t have to glorify them, repeat them, JUSTIFY them to others.

We can CHOOSE to accept ourselves, weakness, ego and all but still remain mindful and aware. Each time we recongnize that we are feeding the evil we can gently turn our minds and hearts back toward love and gratitude.

We don’t have to HATE the cabal to stop their various negative projects. Indeed LOVE is their greatest fear.

As long as they keep us angry, judging, fearful, off balance-they WIN.

When we focus on creative solutions to the problems they cause instead of on them, what is wrong with them, how to beat them, how they should be punished etc we starve them of energy and feed the field of the golden age we are building.

Above all we need to focus on LOVE and UNITY.

That does NOT mean we need to bury our heads in the sand or up our own rumps gazing at butterflies and walking past the dying children in the gutter!

It means that when we see the things that are obviously wrong we face them with courage and we join together in Love and Unity, with dedication, creativity and determination to SOLVE those problems.

We don’t allow them to eat us up inside and weaken us. We don’t allow them to lead us into anger, fear and judgement because we know now that is a trick.

We simply choose to allow God to deal with those who create the problems, we let them face their karma alone.

We face our own, we learn to forgive ourselves for all we have ignored and allowed, to forgive one another and to keep WORKING toward solutions.

Those who are suffering whether human, animal, plant or other do not gain from our anger, our tears, our judging. They are not helped by our glorifying some (or ourselves) and putting others down.Those activities are a waste of time.

When you see someone with a broken leg do you get them to a person qualified to help them, or do you stand around telling everyone how great it is that doctors can repair broken legs and how great you are because you plan to help this person get to one?

I believe that everyone who is trying to make this world better IS.

It doesn’t matter if their idea of better and mine clash. It doesn’t matter if we disagree on global warming, the color of angels wings or whether President Barack Obama is a good person in a bad situation or a bad person-those are OPINIONS.

My Dad used to say “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all STINK!”

The more we can learn to RESPECT one another and treat one another with kindness, respect and love the better off we will ALL be, no matter what opinions we hold.

The Earth is a really BIG place and has no ONE solution whether lawsuits and money, insiders taking out bad guys, revolutions, spiritual schools, permaculture, Transition-every one is just one facet of the huge project we have ahead of us, and the sooner we recognize that we are all in this together the faster things will get better.

One of the afflictions of the colonized is this belief in the great white hero, the “ONE” like Neo in The Matrix movie.

People in Africa and South America and India have been telling people in Europe and America for a long time-we don’t need you to rescue us, just get your own house in order so we can take care of ourselves without your interference.

This same dynamic is important in the current situation. Lightworkers are pathfinders, teachers, trailblazers-but none of us is one tiny bit BETTER, or ABOVE any other living being. We are not here to rescue anyone. We are not here to get laurel wreaths and virgins thrown at us for being so fabulous and saving the world.

We are here to bring a collective of 7 billion powerful, amazing, creative souls TOGETHER because in the act of collaboration, of community and unity we create solutions and outcomes that are much greater than the sum of their parts.

We are more like the egg that makes the other parts stick together to make a cake, or the prism that shows the beauty already inherent in the Light passing thru it.

The prism didn’t invent the beauty of the Light, and the egg isn’t the Source of the cake.

(To reframe this a bit; I can bake a cake without ANY eggs and many things other than prisms can produce rainbows from light.)

So no matter what we do, no matter how spectacular or noteworthy or exciting-If it does not include clearing our own egos and evolving to a space of inherent Love and Respect for ALL living beings we aren’t saving anything but our own egos.

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Changing the Pattern-Lightworkers, Bilderbergers and Chaos

Fractal Mosaic Background Of Rainbow Colors Stock Images - Image: 14444974
I saw a comment earlier about lightworkers dropping all the big ego escapades and getting down to the business of actually working together to manifest the new world we want-rather than waiting for NESARA, alien contact or whatever anyone may be waiting for. I agree that waiting is futile-that play Waiting for Godot pretty much covered that 50 some years ago;-)

But that comment inspired me to write about some things I have been thinking, feeling and mulling in a disconnected way lately. After replying to the friend who made the comment I realized these thoughts and feelings might be significant, helpful or uplifting to others who have also spent a lot of time and thought on trying to change the world and stop the cabal/bilderberg/bad guys and take our planet back.

So here’s my thoughts-please comment and share what you think of them, if you see the same thing or something different, or just anything that inspires you-the more we focus on the inspiring, the positive, beautiful, loving and joyful the more effective whatever we do will be!

I’ve been feeling lately like we actually *are* working together, just not the way we have been taught in colonized society things are supposed to be done. We are not all together following the same plan or the same leader. We aren’t set up in a hierarchy of any kind, with any of the kind of order and organization we have grown up seeing within the colonized/slave planet society we have been living in-but I think/feel that this may be a really good thing and a huge advantage that the cabal/bilderberg lot are totally not expecting or addressing.

(because they can’t;-)

Imho, the idea of horizontalism is not just a way to get people involved and feel heard psychologically-it literally is a manifestation of the new world, the 5d way of thinking and acting as sovereign, free and equal beings.

It only LOOKs like complete useless chaos from the vantage point we have as individuals in a media controlled society.

As each of us follows our own internal compass, our own passions and talents to doing what we are most drawn to, best at, have local access to do etc we are each acting like a fragment of a wonderful holographic fractal pattern that is Gaia, and the Universe overall.

Even tho what we do seems not connected, seems in disarray and not effective-those things are only seemings.

‘They cannot conquer the empty forest’-that is a very old saying that illustrates the way tribal people fight colonizer armies effectively when they are few in number and with lower tech weapons-and they amazingly often have won, at least for a time.

This time the entire Universe is shifting to be more workable for the way we do things, so we have an advantage we did not used to have.

The bilderberg lot cannot fight several billion sovereign, evolving, ascending, becoming more conscious, connected and synergistically effective beings. They have no tools, and more significantly they do not have the minds for it. 3d minds are too limited to think in that level of complexity/chaos.

So even tho they seem unconnected, the survivalist family living off the land in Colorado with a mass amount of guns and stored food and the acupuncture and herb clinic owner in downtown St Pete FL, and the immigrant activist collective in southern California are all actively changing the pattern.

Each fragment of the hologram creates the whole so as each of those and the millions and billions like them all over the planet each ERASE a bit more of their piece of the Bilderberg/Cabal/Slave Planet PATTERN and recreate it as the new, diverse, complex chaotic *uncontrollable* 5d pattern the more the control the Bilderberg/cabal nutters had over us all dissipates, evaporates and mysteriously (to THEM) disappears.

We don’t have to AGREE or even meet one another to do our part to help cocreate the new world, the freedom and the magic we all want for all of us.

I think that was the trick I fell hardest for and suffered most for falling for-feeling like I had to herd cats and get all the humans to agree and work together to create the changes. It seemed impossible because it is!

Humans are just not all going to agree and think alike or even necessarily work consciously together for exactly the same ends-and by convincing us we had to play by THEIR rules in THEIR game they always won.

We make the rules. There are no rules. Just like when they told us you have to pick ONE choice (what is your favourite colour? what is your favourite animal? etc)

(I always refused such choices by answering with things like Rainbow and “all of them”-why accept stupid *pointless* limits people impose on you for their own ends?)

You can’t defeat what you can’t define. 😉

Viva Chaos! Hail Eris, fnord;-)