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Living Compassion Weekly Tips Series – Week 41


“Don’t fill the air with a lot of words. Rather, create a flow where the other person can tell you what they need to know.”

– Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication:
A Language of Life

Living Compassion Tip — Week 41

Heart in Your Hands

Imagine this moment: You’ve been practicing your making a request with a loved one. You observed a situation that just happened, figured out how you felt, attached a need and made a clear request. Now you stand with your heart in your hands waiting for a response.

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg writes, “After we’ve openly expressed ourselves and received the understanding we want, we’re often eager to know the other person’s reaction to what we’ve said.”

We are curious about three things:

1. What the listener is feeling
2. What the listener is thinking
3. Whether the listener is willing to take a particular action

Sharing can leave you feeling vulnerable. In fact, the saying, “holding your heart in your hands” infers anxiousness. That anxiousness can keep us from being open to hearing what the other person has to say, no matter what it is.

With this definition, we can recognize that the listener’s reaction is only a small piece of the whole experience. Your willingness to be vulnerable, to share with an open heart, is also a huge piece that can be satisfying in and of itself, regardless of the response you receive.

But “hold your heart in your hands” can have another meaning: No matter what response we get, we have offered our words from our heart. Our heart has literally flowed through our words.

Mindful Practice for the Week

This week, focus on sharing from your heart. Put your anxiousness about the response you might receive aside, and focus on the satisfaction and joy you can experience by sharing freely from the heart. Enjoy your week!

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Living Compassion Weekly Tips Series – Week 32

I don’t believe I have ever posted an ad for anything before, but this one is part of the Living Compassion tip series this time and I very much want to share NVC with as many as possible. I do not yet own any of these books, but for those like myself who cannot get to in person NVC trainings they may be the very best way to get more in depth understanding of the processes used.

“I want to take my time: to come from an energy I choose rather than one I’ve been programmed to come from.”

– Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication:
A Language of Life

Living Compassion Tip — Week 32

“If You Woke Up Breathing, Congratulations!
You Have Another Chance.”

This quote from Andrea Boydston points to one more basic human need, physical nurturance. This category encompasses the corporal requirements for the human body such as: air, food, movement, protection from life-threatening forms of life (viruses, etc.), rest, sexual expression, shelter, touch and water.

We ask a lot of our bodies. At times we limit some of these basic needs because of circumstances, beliefs or unconscious actions. But as the quote states, “If you woke up breathing – you have another chance.”

Along the course of life there will be reasons why all of these physical needs might not be nurtured. Yet at each turn in the road, you can ask yourself, “Under my present circumstances, am I considering the needs of my body? Am I giving my body what it needs at this time?”

Physical nurturance is the foundation upon which you can build a strong YOU to explore and enrich the other NVC basic human needs. A strong YOU opens up the possibility of more compassionate and life-giving relationships.


Mindful Practice for the Week

This week, every day you wake up breathing, look at it as a chance to understand the needs of your body. Take some time to review the aspects listed above and see if there are changes you can start making to be a stronger YOU! Enjoy your week!


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