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BeWise on Ascension, a comment that touched my heart

I do not know if it is poor manners to copy and post this, if so I apologize! But this touched my heart and blew open my mind as nothing I have ever read online has done, so I feel compelled to share it in case it does the same for others. I do not know if BeWise has a blog, but if so I will link to it as soon as I discover it.

What he has written here, is much of what I was taught growing up as well. Reading this felt like having layers of muck cleared off the screen of my mind all at once.


Hello again Sue and ohnwentsya. For me the idea of ascension seems to be another duality. They way its presented as a choice, for those choosing the downward spiral while those choosing the upward spiral, those choosing constructive patterns while others choose destructive patterns, those staying in 3d, or moving to 4d, then to 5d, it is still a duality, a hierarchy. And with the indigenous upbringing, duality, hierarchy is just an illusion. We are all one, no matter what dimension you dwell in, and the value of an ant, or a tree, grass, plant, the air we breath all have the same value. Also, in my indigenous upbringing I was never taught to use the term divine, because this world itself implies hierarchy, duality, and separation. In order for something to be divine, something else has to be undivine basically separate. I was taught that ALL THAT IS, is ABSOLUTE. Why do we have to choose dark or light, when these both are illusions as well. The question is, and bear with me, is choice an illusion? I understand the we all accepted to incarnate into this grand experiment and that we decided we all wanted to evolve spiritually and consciously.

The way you present it Sue, saying you will receive your light body or crystalline body but I have been taught that we are all light bodies already. Also you say that by helping others it can diminish their experience but I have been taught that by helping others you are helping yourself. It does not matter what choice you made, what matters is the experience because we are all truly experiencing the same thing in our own unique ways. A great example is the life of Buddha, he ascended, but he also understood that the real work is done by helping others. He himself said that by ascending this 3d reality is really a selfish act. The life of Buddha also started with a selfish act when he left his wife and new born, saying they held him back.

When I had my first child, I knew that this would allow me to grow spiritually because I no longer lived for myself, but lived for someone else. My life was no longer my own and I accepted this because it made me understand that we all must learn to be selfless, compassionate, empathetic, patient, and to love unconditionally. The offspring of your own essence allows this, which is why source allowed us to separate and enter the grand experiment.

Now dont get me wrong, and I mean this with all due respect, with love and gratitude. I understand a lot of what you are saying, and except it as a truth but the ascension you speak of still seems to imply separation. For me the goal is community, the full circle, the unity, and we have yet to experience this in the 3d realm. This is why I feel that before anyone can ascend this realm, we must learn to experience unity in this 3d realm, because we all came from unity, source of ALL THAT IS, and the goal is to recreate it in the here an now, together in unity, not separately. This is why the entire cosmos is watching with anticipation seeing if we can recreate the unity where we all came from. And yes it does take much inner work, but it also takes outer work as well. The balance that must be achieved, and yes we change our inner self we also change the outer experience. But this must be done collectively and not individually. I guess the difference is, you see this with an individual perspective and I see it as a whole. Yes I am an individual but I am part of a greater community. What I do affects the entire community, the community being the entire human race and every living thing on mother earth, as well as all living things in ALL THAT IS.

This unity I guess is what is holding me back from accepting the idea of ascending into the 5d realm. In my mind and heart, the darks only task was to create separation, and it has done it well because this new age talk of 5d still implies separation, which is the goal of the dark. What I am trying to say is that if there is a choice to be made, then that choice is either separation or unity. Its not whether you choose to ascend into the 5d or choose to say in the 3d but whether you choose to separate from ALL THAT IS and ascend into the understanding that everything is ALL THAT IS and you unite with it. If we have free will then this is the choice we all have to make.

Believe me, I want to accept the idea of ascending into a 5d realm but my heart and inner self just will not allow me to accept it. It tells me its the easy way out and it tells me that it just does not exist because the true existence is in the here and now. It is just like the saying, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.

All infinite possible realities are converging at this point of the here and now. Also the idea of 5d was never taught to me by my elders, what they taught was that the coming age and era of the 5th sun. Now they never implied that we would ascend into a 5th dimension, but said we are currently living in the era of the 4th sun. The 5th sun is one where humanity will unite in love and compassion and create the new earth now, in the present.

The elders would say, this is the reason we are all here at this very moment, and is the reason why billions of souls incarnated in the here and now. This is why I do not understand the concept of ascending into the 5d realm. Why would ALL THAT IS allow billions of souls to incarnate for only a few thousand maybe million to ascend into the 5d realm. This just does not seem like the work of ALL THAT IS.

Ascension for me, is the unification of humanity and all living things on mother earth and the cosmos of ALL THAT IS. This is what ascension is to me, according to my perspective. Just look at the current state of the world, there is no unity, meaning there is no love. Love is unity and this is why I would rather say In Love and Unity than Love and Light. How can I ascend into the 5d realm when there is much more work to do in order to create and united humanity. Like I said, ascending into the 5d realm, according to my heart and inner self, is the easy path, because it teaches you to focus just on yourself and not the collective whole of humanity.

What is your choice Sue, separation or unity? You decide.

With Love and Unity to all,


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The Power of Sex Inelia Benz

During my preparatory work for the Sex, Love and SoulMates Talks which start March 21st 2013, I remembered something that happened in the early 1990s.

While I was in college, at Dublin City University, I was at a lecture being given by a world leader in sociolinguistics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language is used, and the effects of language use on society

During this lecture, he was talking about how rape had nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or even sexual desire, but all about power. How one person was basically physically bulling another and forcing the other person to submit physically, so that the perpetrator could feel powerful). As this lecturer was a world respected leader in his field, extremely intelligent, and a formal government “expert” who was a key decision taker on laws and guidelines for the country, his view was more than just a personal opinion.

Half way through this lecture, I put up my hand, something unheard of during his lectures. When he saw that my hand was up, he immediately asked me what it was I wanted to ask or say. My response was very short and in the nature of:

“Of course it’s about sex, sexual desire, sexual energy, sexual power, and sexual dominance. Otherwise their genitals would not be in the equation. To say it has nothing to do with sex, when it is the sexual organs that are being violated, or used to violate in many cases, is ignoring the elephant in the room, it’s a way to make it ‘comfortable’, as we don’t talk about sex in Ireland. I would have to disagree with you, and say that although rape is about power, it is also all about sex.”

The lecturer went into a huge defensive monologue for the rest of the lecture. To which I did not respond in any way or form, except by staying wide open to what he was saying, without judgment, to see if he was indeed right.

On his next lecture, he began by reminding everyone about the statement I had made the previous week, and how he had defended his own position on the matter. He then said words in the nature of, “I was wrong. Rape is completely related to sex. Yes, it is about power, but to separate sex from rape is not possible.”

By the end of the year, this change in view had been reflected in Irish governmental documents and formal policy reviews.

The reason I am sharing this story at a public level, is to express something, an awareness, a view, that was in fact missing from both of our viewpoints at the time, and it is so obvious, and so talked about, that most of us take is as a norm, but often don’t even see it.

Power of SexSex is Power.

When we think of power, in the western world, we immediately think of power over others.

When we think Sex is Power, we often think of a woman holding this power to further her own agendas, for others to use the sexual power of women to sell cars, clothes, and everything else that can be sold.

We might think of a history lesson where we learned that women stopped a war by withholding sex from their men. There is more than one example of this.

Throughout the few thousands years we have lived through, women’s power has been equated with their Sex. Not gender, but their sexual organs.

So, why is Sex so Powerful?

The answer is very much related to the energy centers (at a chi level) of the physical body. It is related to the bringing forth of a new soul into the 3D, and also the creation of a physical body for that soul to incarnate into.

However, before concluding that they are powerful because they are there solely to bring forth new souls and bodies, think that perhaps the organs were placed in the powerful location to facilitate the bringing in of new souls and bodies. That the power center was there to begin with, and something else was placed there to take advantage of it.

Basically, the aim of this article is to start you looking at the construct behind Sex. To see its Power as independent from Sex. And also look at the possibility that EVERYTHING we think and “know” about Sex is simply an external program designed to have a particular response in us.

Imagine, for a minute, if all those programs were gone, and the Power (chi) was free from any programs or roles, or predesignated jobs. What would happen?

Some of these programs, which really are not related to sex, but we think they are, have to do with:


Being loved


Being touched

Soul Mates

Power over others


Self worth

…. the list goes on and on… and on.

As we move into the New Paradigm, by creating the 5D, our awareness of this source of Power (chi) and all it’s constructs, programs, belief systems, uses, abuses and capacities, needs to expand. We can do that when we feel “safe” to do so. We begin by processing all our fears around Sex, Power, and the Power of Sex. Make a list today, and start that processing!

Another thing we can do, is simply to have the intention to “look” at this topic within our own lives.

Until next time!

Inelia Benz

Note: If you are interested in exploring these topics more, I am giving an intensive series of talks starting March 21st 2013, on Love, Sex and SoulMates in the New Paradigm. Click here for more information.


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Anonymous – Symbiotic Subsistence #OpELE


Published on Mar 10, 2013

Operation ELE: http://amerisec.org/current-ops/op-ele/
Symbiotic Sybsistence: http://veridoctores.wix.com/cunctus-l…

7,000,000,000 People
7,000,000,000 Human Lives
More than you could ever know in a lifetime
Our species has dominated the Earth with our cities
Our communication networks span the globe
We have pierced the heavens and made the sky our domain
Our massive empire brings light to darkness
Derived from common ancestors
Sisters and Brothers
Too many names to remember we have become


We are the manifestation of the human spirit and we are world wide
As diverse as life itself no label can explain us all
But at the core of our being stands a prevailing idea which holds us together
It is the law of every great society
It is the will of every great deity
It is a binding force
The Ultimate Prescription


The Media profits from our pain
They sell us violence and hate
Money and Power
Lust and Ego
But these things do not endure
They are meaningless and fade away with time
Our true message is eternal and can not be forgotten
It is a message of Peace Love and Unity
Solidarity with every Nation
Love for all People

Operation ELE