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The manuscript of survival – part 264

The manuscript of survival part 264

by Aisha North

As you have mayhaps noticed, activity is on the increase. Not only inside, but also on the outside. We refer to the downloads that are being registered not only in your body, but in your celestial and indeed earthly abode as well. So you are not the only ones currently feeling the urge to moan and groan a little at the moment. Indeed, as above, so below, and you are all being inundated with round after round of strong, but friendly fire if we might use such a phrase. For this is indeed a barrage, but even if you do feel rather the worse for wear at times, we venture to guess that you have all in some ways been able to tune into that new tune that has started to make itself heard within.

In other words, even if some of you may feel less than inclined to even lift a finger at the moment, you are in fact growing steadily stronger. For as you opened up to these changes in energy, you have welcomed these missives from beyond your atmosphere that have started to trigger a chain reaction inside you all. And this chain reaction is of such a magnitude it will sweep away any of the old cobwebs still clinging in the hidden corners within. We know that we have talked about some of these spring cleanings before, but what we refer to now, is on a whole different level indeed. This is no longer preparatory work, this is the finishing touch to call it that, and for those of you still harbouring any doubts as to how you are doing in all of this, we can guarantee you that you are performing excellently.

After all, you have welcomed these changes, for without your innermost decision to do just that, your life and your whole world would be at a very, very different place now. For you have welcomed the light in all of its shapes and forms, and the light has started to make its voice heard in earnest now. So even if some of you are still faltering under the heavy pressure from this new visitor, some of you are already feeling the pressure lifting, and with it, your soul. For there comes a moment for each and every one of you when suddenly the storms raging within suddenly seem to go away completely, and you are left with a quiet but oh so strong knowing that you have arrived. Exactly where you have arrived may not be clear yet, but the feeling you have within is such a strong confirmation you just know that you have stepped away from the confusion, and the certainty has finally started to surface.

So fret not, all that have yet to savour the calm of this moment, for it is coming to you too. And again we say, do not think that it is by fault that you still feel the storm raging around you. It is not by chance that any of you are where you are at the moment, and it is not any form of competition where the amount of time you spend in this cleansing storm is measured. For you are all winners, no matter at what moment you cross the finishing line, and as such, you will all have reason to celebrate. For you are all reaching inside to wrestle forth the real you, the one that has not been reachable for lifetime after lifetime. But now you will finally meet up again, and you will do so at the exact right moment. So again we repeat the same advice of breathing and focusing, and know that underneath that roar of wind and hammering of rain lies that quiet spot that is yours, and only yours. It awaits you all, and you will not be able to miss it, for it is calling to you with a power that cannot find its match anywhere in the universe or beyond.