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Truthout Daily Digest Saturday March 15, 2014

Mandatory Minimum Gun Laws Steal Lives

Maya Schenwar, The New York Times: We are accustomed to hearing about exorbitant mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses, but similar sentencing for gun possession is less frequently mentioned, though its effects are often just as devastating, especially for poor people and people of color.

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From Waterboarding to “Water Curing”: Guantanamo Detainee First To Legally Challenge Force-Feeding Abuse

Candice Bernd, Truthout: In the first legal challenge of its kind, Yemeni detainee Emad Abdullah Hassan’s attorneys argue the military protocols for force-feeding prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have been knowingly altered to inflict superfluous suffering, in a move to silence the prisoners’ nonviolent protests.

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Only Way To Get Big Money Out of Politics: Devalue Political Influence

Carmen Yarrusso, Truthout: Buying and selling political influence is, like money laundering and illegal drug trafficking, a consensual crime with a radically different nature than most crime that makes enforcing laws against this category of crime practically impossible.

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How Does Yasiin Bey’s Mathematics Add Up Now?

Chris Steele, Truthout: How have the politics and statistics Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) used in his 1999 song “Mathematics” changed in the 15 years since the song’s release?

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The Zombification of the West

Werner de Gruijter, Truthout: The West in general passively believes the narrative of its secret services in favor of state control. What’s wrong with us? Why do we give up our liberties so easily? How can we avoid this trend toward authoritarianism?

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Dismissal of Lawsuit Legitimizes Blatantly Racist Concert Promotion Policies

Kathleen Wells, Truthout: For 114 years, The William Morris Agency has perpetuated overtly racist policies, disallowing black concert promoters from contracting with white entertainers. Now Leonard Rowe has filed commercial liens against the agency and others following wrongful dismissal of his civil rights lawsuit.

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A Moral Blind Spot: The Catholic Establishment and the Y-2 Nuclear Protest

Michael Gallagher, Contrary Perspective: The enthusiastic world-wide support given the extraordinary trio failed to include so much as an absent-minded pat on the head from the American Catholic hierarchy. Nor did they get much more attention from the liberal Catholic media.

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Lakota Vow: ‘Dead or in Prison Before We Allow the KXL Pipeline’

Camila Ibanez, Waging Nonviolence: For a nation whose land and sovereignty has been threatened for hundreds of years by US politics, the Keystone XL pipeline is part of a long history of threats to the Lakota Nation – and to the earth itself.

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Why I Didn’t Make It to Gaza for International Women’s Day

Medea Benjamin, Pink Tank: Benjamin: When I boarded the plane to Cairo, Egypt, to make sure everything was in place for the women’s delegation headed to Gaza, I had no reason to think I’d end up in a jail cell at the Cairo airport and then violently deported.

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The Story of Atalissa Highlights America’s Long-Term Care Problem

Sarah Galli, Next New Deal: America’s health care system neglects people who require long-term care and denies them the opportunity to lead full, rewarding lives.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

William Rivers Pitt | The Answer Is Turnout: Vote, You Jackass

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The CIA Has Brought Darkness to America by Fighting in the Shadows

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Pipeline Approved To Bring Tar Sands to Montreal and New England’s Doorstep

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Arkansas’ 12-Week Abortion Ban Is Struck Down by Federal Judge

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Paul Ryan’s Worst Nightmare: Here’s the Real Way To Cut Poverty in America

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Women Should Embrace the B’s in College to Make More Later

Read the article at the Washington Post

Yet Another Trader Suicide Rocks Financial World

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Messages From Ann and the Angels March 15,2014


Release Expectations/Keep Intentions

The trees know they will blossom in spring, but they don’t say it has to look a certain way. So too we can know our desired goal while letting go of expectations as to how it must happen.

Photo taken in Phoenix, AZ

©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
Visit Ann’s Photo Site for more 


My dear friends, we love you so very much. 

There is a very big difference between intentions and expectations. Intentions create an energetic commitment to your desired outcome. Expectations are constructs of the human mind trying to figure out how your intentions will come about. Intentions create a “destination.” Expectations define how you think the path should look. However, when you release your expectations, miracles are possible. God may have a better path for you than anything you can possibly imagine. 

The creator gave you free will. You can take your energy and aim it any way you like. You can leave a lot of room for God to work in your life or very little. You can say, “Dear God I want a relationship and it must be this person!” And then dear ones you may wait a lifetime because the other person has free will too. Far better to say, “Dear God I’d love a very great love that you think is perfect for me.” Then release expectations and trust! The creator of the universe wants you to be happy. God wants loving interchanges upon the planet. You can say, “Dear God I need money! I must get more work!” and then you will slave away as more work is presented to you. Or you can say, “Dear God I would like a vacation, a car, or whatever it is you would like to use that money for.” This leaves a great deal more room for God to work. You could win a vacation. A friend could offer you accommodations. Someone could give you a car. In each case, God’s solution involves Love for all involved.

So dear ones, try to release your expectations of how your dreams“ should” come to fruition. In most cases these expectations only make you miserable! Keep your intentions, your desires, and your prayers by all means, but release your expectations of how they should be fulfilled. Give God room to work in your lives. You have free will. You can narrowly select only one path that you will embrace, or you can open your mind, heart, and soul to receive the unexpected miracles and the beautiful solutions that you cannot even imagine. 

As we like to say, God moves the stars in the heavens and makes the seasons turn. Certainly this love can find beautiful solutions to all your dreams and challenges.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
— The Angels


Hi Everyone, 

As the saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” And while I know that God does not laugh at us but only loves us, there is some truth to the idea that whatever we come up with in our human minds as the “best plan” is probably nothing compared to what the loving mind of a God that creates universes can conceive for us.

Years ago when I was an avionics engineer I had no idea my life would turn out as it didtoday. I only knew that I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. I was working long hours, and I was required to make other people’s lives miserable by calling them in to work long hours as well. I had no clue what else I would do. My parents had paid quite a lot for my college education. I was “successful” by other people’s standards. But I didn’t love my life. So I prayed, “Dear God, help me go to bed grateful, wake up happy, and do something that helps people for a living.” Then I proceeded to try to “figure out” the answer to my own prayer.

I decided the only thing I knew other than engineering was Reiki and so I would get a job at a local spa. I called up the spa and made a complete fool of myself on the phone, hung up and felt my life was over! I was trapped in a job I didn’t love! Oh the drama! I laugh looking back. That day, to console myself, I took off hiking. I climbed Camelback mountain and when I looked down at the city of Phoenix, and its huge grid of roadways, I heard the angels telling me that there were many paths to a destination. I had been so narrowly focused on one I thought that was the only solution for me. God had a much bigger view. So finally, I let go. I embarked on a journey of personal growth that eventually led me to the life I am living today. It wasn’t an overnight revelation or a sudden insight. When I first felt energy, that was a sudden revelation! I knew I wanted to know all about it! But what to do for a living was an entirely different question.

I joke that my current job started in a ladies room. I had been doing readings at a Halloween party that my mentor insisted I attend. I argued with her that I was not good enough to do readings in public yet. She basically said, “Too bad, you are going to do it!” So there I was – scared stiff and doing readings anyway! When I finally took a break and went to the ladies room, I overheard the gossip from the next stall. It was a woman’s voice, saying, “I just got a great reading from that girl at the corner table.” I sighed with relief! She was talking about me! Suddenly it seemed possible that I could make a living doing what I had come to love. This same dear mentor pushed me to apply for a job as “psychic in the window” at a local metaphysical bookstore. I surrendered, prayed like crazy to do a good job, and got the job.

And so the story continues until this day… nothing I once imagined about how my life would look came true, but everything I wanted and more was presented. In fact, here I am again, soon to embark on a new adventure of filming an internet TV show. I didn’t “make” this happen at all. I have to do a lot of work now that it has been presented to me, but I had little to do with the Divine timing that arranged this opportunity. 

I tell people about their futures often in readings, but as for mine… I like not knowing. I think of a life lived in anticipation of God’s miracles and goodness as a journey of unwrapping the Presents of the Presence 🙂

Love you all!
Have a blessed week!

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The Oracle Report Friday, March 15, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

You could say that today’s energy brings what is ripe to fruition. Earlier this week we discussed how this month was going to bring greater clarity and insight into our lives or enable us to see how to integrate something. We’re fitting the pieces of a bigger picture together and seeing how we fit in to a bigger picture. Of course, if you have been following this site for a while, you know that the bigger picture is the story of the goddess embodied as the planet and her creative vision-experiment of humanity. We are on the metaphorical playground with her, joining in what she wants to play and her joining with what each of us wants to play. Elements of who we truly are coming to the forefront for developement. This includes aspects of our destiny, latent talents, hidden desires, and urges to pursue. The inner voice is clear and strong under this energy. What type of imprint do you want to make on the human collective? We are doing it whether we know it or not, so why not consciously choose the way we want our personal energy and resources to affect the field?

This lunar month is ruled by the dakini Nairatmya. It is her second month to rule. This gives us another opportunity to understand her teachings and the way she delivers her teachings. How is she speaking to you?

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