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NorthPoint ASTROLOGY JOURNAL | March 2 to 8, 2015 | Pam Younghans

Posted Sunday, March 1, 2015
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
March 2 to 8, 2015
By Pam Younghans
Photo: Auroras over Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway on January 3, 2015 (credit: AnneBirgitte Fyhn, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

THE PLANETARY ENERGIES this first week of the new month are both complicated and invigorating — no doubt just a first taste of the grand banquet that is March 2015.

It’s virtually impossible to talk about each aspect listed under this week’s “highlights” as a separate unit, because in truth, they are all interrelated. Uranus trines Jupiter, which quincunxes the Sun and conjoins Venus, which squares Pluto, which sextiles the Full Moon, which opposes Chiron … I think you get the picture.

So, if life seems especially complex right now, we have good astrological evidence to support that perception.

THE FULL MOON on Thursday seems like the best inroad to start exploring the week ahead. This lunation is arguably the focal point of the week, and talking through its meanings may be the best way to start unraveling the puzzle.

Full Moons occur when the Moon and the Sun oppose each other in the sky, so the themes always involve an awareness of polarities and the need to find a point of balance. Thursday’s Full Moon occurs with the Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun in Pisces, providing opportunities for us to reach a better understanding of how to “be in the world but not of the world.”

VIRGO’S AGENDA is always heavily weighted on the side of what is practical and useful. This sign inspires us to analyze situations so that we know the best way to proceed to get the job done. Along the way, however, we can get caught up in the details and think that we need to control every aspect of the process in order to succeed.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Pisces’ agenda is to teach us faith and trust, to help us follow the flow of events rather than try to control them, like a water droplet in a river that finds the path of greatest flow on its journey downstream. But even this lofty aim, if we take it to extreme, can result in not much accomplishment on the physical plane, and perhaps not even much growth on the spiritual plane if we have not learned to apply some structures to our process.

THIS FULL MOON, then, calls for us to find the balance point between the agendas of Virgo and Pisces — to know when it is best to analyze and direct, when it is better to trust and allow, and how to gracefully adjust our way of being to the right solution of the moment.

The Sabian symbol for the location of the Moon provides a visual that in many ways represents this merging of Virgo and Pisces:
“A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors: The quintessence of deeds well done.”
“Deeds well done” could be a mantra for Virgo — and yet the “fine lace handkerchief” is far from a practical solution when we consider how a handkerchief is meant to be used. That description is more in keeping with the Pisces view that the purpose of our lives goes far beyond just focusing on what needs to be done and what “makes sense.” We must also take the time for creativity and beauty. We must develop our artistry and spirituality as a counterbalance (and even a reprieve!) from the list of things that “have” to be done.

THE URANUS-JUPITER TRINE that occurs on Tuesday is the second of three such aspects, the first occurring last September and the last occurring this coming June. These two planets are working together throughout this ten-month period to inspire us to take risks, to open to new experiences, and to courageously and creatively follow the inner wisdom that is guiding us forward.

Venus steps into the mix on Wednesday, first aligning with Uranus in Aries and then squaring Pluto. With the final Pluto-Uranus square just two weeks from now (on March 16-17), any other planets that enter the Pluto-Uranus energy field immediately become part of the bigger picture of these times.

Venus represents the feminine, and her interactions with Pluto-Uranus may inspire some to increase their rebellion against being dominated by the masculine. This theme is also supported by another aspect that same day. The alignment between Mars and the South Node may provide us with the courage needed to break free from old patterns that do not support equality and justice in relationships.

NEXT WEEKEND, the alignment between the Sun and Chiron sheds light on where fears may still be running the show of our lives. The ultimate goal of Chiron in Pisces is to transform fear into faith, and to dissolve patterns of control so that we can receive the benefits of allowing and acceptance.

If the fear of the unknown seems stronger now, and the old control mechanisms no longer serve to bring solution and resolution, this Chiron-Sun alignment represents an important opportunity for us to let go of the past and to advance in our ability to live with greater trust. Our first step, as always with Chiron, is to hold our own fearfulness with love and understanding. As we love this small-child aspect of self, rather than judging or ignoring it, we take major steps toward creating a world that will, in the same way, more fully love and support us.

In peace,

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Highlighted Aspects This Week
TUE: Uranus trine Jupiter; WED:Jupiter trine Venus, Uranus conjunct Venus, Pluto square Venus, Mars conjunct South Node, Jupiter quincunx Sun; THU: Full Moon10:05am PST, Pluto sextile Sun; SAT: Chiron conjunct Sun
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