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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 22 – Sunday, March 23, 2014


NEW ARTICLE: Mars, Eris and the Perfect Storm or How the Illuminati are Poised to Strike and Why They Will Fail (Part 2)(link for this in on Oracle Report site)

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate, feedback, messages

Third Quarter Moon Phase (Sunday 9:47 pm ET/ Monday 1:47 am UT): revise, realign

Moon in Sagittarius

We remain in the Disseminating phase of the Moon through most of the weekend. The Moon will pass through the sign of Sagittarius – the Archer, the Seeker. Since the New Moon in Pisces on March 1, we’ve been climbing a narrow path seeking illumination. The energy of the Moon traveling through Sagittarius this weekend enhances our journey.

Mercury, the Messenger, will make a conjunction with Neptune, the Revealer, throughout the weekend. This will considerably amplify the energy for illumination. This energy is absolutely fabulous. It helps us see where things did not work and it helps us let go of things, particularly perceived failures. The energy brings renewed connection and dedication to things that are in line with what is in our highest and best interests.

On Saturday, our powers of objectivity are sharper. Boundaries and limits come into play. We bring things into bounds. The energy also provides a sense of structure or framework to things. As you sense your own energy coming together in a new form, take things slowly. The tendency is to rush forward and over-do things when the Sun moves into Aries. If you develop a headache, this is a sign that you may be processing and doing things too fast. Set a good pace.

Saturday’s energetic signature also tends to bring out control issues and bossiness. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by details and feeling burdened by responsibility. Be aware. People who are demonstrating this need something to lighten their load. Fun is missing. The universe is giving everyone a permission slip for fun this weekend. Pass it along.

On Sunday, the energy shifts to focus on relationships, including the relationship we have with our self. Any dramatic events or issues that develop are sourced in imbalance, particularly where one thing or person is overly dependent. Aries energy is often accused of selfishness. The Black Moon’s placement in Leo also enhances this theme. So we take in any messages (illumination) about what needs to be brought into balance. All of this is in preparation for the upcoming new year March 30. Take steps to rectify anything that shows up as needing attention and redress.

Sunday’s energy is also brings themes of guardianship and protection. This is the energy of dogs, who are creatures worthy of emulation all the time, but particularly this weekend. Let’s make it a dog’s life and follow the trail.


(Note: The PDF version of the article detailing the New Moon in Aries is posted above; the article is also on the Articles page. This is an “abstract” of some of the energies that will be in place at the natural new year beginning March 30. I could have written an entire book on the 2014 New Moon in Aries. I will expand the themes in an audio recording, so consider this the accompanying material.)