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Tikkun weighs in on Ukraine Monday March 3, 2014

Editor’s Note from Rabbi Michael Lerner:

One thing I’m sure of is that media accounts available in the United States are so tainted by anti-Russia and U.S. nationalist and capitalist interests that we have no idea of what is really happening in Ukraine.

It is clear that the U.S. involvement is not “out of the blue,” but part of an ongoing campaign to increase NATO power and Western economic penetration of the countries surrounding Russia, stimulating for some Russians reminders of the previous trauma of being attacked by the Nazis and others through the Ukraine, where pro-fascist, anti-communist and anti-Semitic sentiments ran strong and welcomed foreign interventions. While we at “Tikkun” have some doubts about parts of the analyses by Robert Parry and Norman Solomon presented below, I am sharing them because they have the advantage of momentarily challenging the dominant discourse, though in ways that represent its own peculiar perspective. And they do have some plausibility-we know that much of the neo-con perspective on the world is based on an amalgam to two somewhat different commitments that have been welded together:

a. the neo-cons whose primary goal is to maintain and expand the U.S. economic and political empire and

b. the neo-cons whose primary goal is to protect Israel and destroy all of its potential enemies–a list that grows longer and longer as long as Israel retains its dominance over the Palestinian people and denies them fundamental human rights.

These two goals come together as long as the United States is perceived by the neo-cons as the primary and sole reliable ally of Israel, and all others are suspected of being willing to see Israel destroyed. Russia’s backing of Iran and Syria are seen as threatening to Israel and threatening to the domination-interests of American political and economic interests, so renewing the Cold War with Russia is from the neo-con standpoint an important goal.

Ironically, however, the neocons seem all too willing to ignore the fascistic and proto-Nazi elements in the coalition that last week overthrew the democratically elected and pro-Russian government. But for those of us Jews who have not drunk the neo-con cool-aid, it’s not hard to see that the one thing that might reunite all elements of both sides is anti-Semitism, which has a long and disgusting history in both Russian and Ukrainian nationalism, and very little has been done in either society to root out the teachings and the aspects of popular culture that retain that undercurrent of hatred against Jews.

For us, neither side looks particularly appealing, and a U.S. crusade on one or the other side of this conflict seems deeply misguided. So it is particularly distressing to watch the U.S. news media frame this whole issue as one in which President Obama is being called upon to prove his “toughness” (read: manliness) by standing up to the Russians.

We’d prefer if he would stand up to Israel’s Netanyahu and do the one thing that would best help the Jewish people, namely using American economic and political power to push Israel toward an accommodation with the Palestinian people, thereby actually enhancing Israel’s long-term survivability. But that, of course, would be portrayed by the neo-con dominated media as capitulation to Arabs and lack of backbone. Yet even a much smaller gesture-articulating to Israelis a vision of what a fair-minded and sustainable agreement would contain, such as I outline in the Winter 2014 issue [ http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/what-terms-for-middle-east-peace-would-actually-work ] of “Tikkun”, could make a huge impact in moving the whole discourse toward peace. Well, I’m not holding my breath, because Obama is in fact without backbone to stand up to the neo-cons and their powerful media friends, and that means without the backbone to do this one thing an American president could do to create the preconditions for a lasting Middle East peace. That will not be facilitated by a renewed Cold War. It remains to be seen if Obama has the backbone to stand up to those who are cheerleading for this new Cold War with Russia.

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The Oracle Report Monday March 3, 2014


Monday, March 3, 2014
New Moon Phase: begin, initiate, seed, wish
Moon in Aries

As the opening to this month of watery nebulousness continues, today it is powerfully true that things are not always as they seem. Despite what is being shown on the outside or to everyone else, other things are happening inside or behind the scenes.
Issues of worthiness and whether what is being offered is worthy underlies today’s energy. This is due in large part to the Sun making exact conjunction with Chiron today and pressing on our wounds or creating new ones. When Chiron is involved, we need to take care that we are not lingering into self-sabotaging or self-destructive behavior (including thought patterns).

Reversals of many kinds happen under today’s energy. If you experience this, rest assured that all is for the best. The situation is being handled most likely in ways that we have been unable to undertake for ourselves. As with most things today, things are not exactly how they appear, so the reversal or change may not seem beneficial. In may very well feel the exact opposite, but this involves the starry codes of your life, and is part of aligning you with your proper course.

The energies are strong and this report is heavy, but if we use today’s wisdom that more is going on that what seems, we can ride that lovely undercurrent. That current is refreshing. It washes over wounds and heals them. It helps us remember who we really are and what we are really doing on this planet. It reconnects us with our role in the unfolding of human potential. It reminds us that we are characters in a magical story that has entangled its author.

It would be easy to overlook these undercurrents today, but wise owls will stick to them. Remember that there is more than meets the eye today.

(Note: I’ve recorded a new audio and am attempting to get it up on the site.)

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Secret cabal surrender negotiations continue as their Ukraine bluff is called after an exchange of nuclear threats | Ben Fulford

I don’t know if the WDS plan will happen but I know from my own study of international relations and recent observation of the awareness level of people on Earth that the cabal plans are utterly ridiculous and impossible.

Too many at all levels of society are awakening for these insane machinations to play out as they wish. These cats will refuse to be herded:-)

I suggest we all keep praying, focusing more on the good outcomes we DO want and less on the nightmares they keep trying to induce. If you can generate compassion, love and light toward all living beings including the cracked eggs coming up with the crazy-making then it could help and surely won’t hurt to do.

Secret cabal surrender negotiations continue as their Ukraine bluff is called after an exchange of nuclear threats

Posted by benjamin
March 3, 2014

The high-stakes geopolitical poker game that began with the recent events in the Ukraine culminated in secret with cabal threats to have “Ukraine nuke Russia using US made nukes,” resulting in counter-threats to nuke Washington D.C., New York, Tel Aviv, Brussels and London, according to White Dragon Society sources involved in the negotiations. The cabal then scaled down the nuclear threats and instead threatened to create a “Rothschild ring of fire around China and Russia,” starting with “10 ‘Muslims’ killing 33 people on a train in China” and warning that “US funded attacks” will “sky rocket,” the sources said. This blustering is all a form of cabal table pounding and posturing for better treatment in their ongoing surrender negotiations.

Under the surface, former US President Bill Clinton, a relative of the Emperor of Japan and US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy offered to help cash a series of Kennedy gold backed bonds as seen below:

kennedy bonds
on behalf of the WDS in exchange for continued funding of the United States of America Corporation.
They were told the WDS would only act if usable liquid funds were deposited into the White Dragon Foundation bank account. If that were to happen, the WDS would act in total transparency according to the law and the will of the people of the world.
The Chinese communist government and the Vatican also contacted the WDS last week to discuss the possibility of unifying Asian states into

some sort of single entity. The suggestion was made that it might be possible if a new capital was created somewhere like Laos or Nara Japan so that all parties would be able to save face by being part of creating something new instead of feeling like they lost to Beijing or another power bloc.

The Vatican P2 lodge says this is part of a push to create a world federation of governments. In their vision a “world federation of equals” was needed to prevent World War 3 and to prepare for human expansion into the universe.

However, according to them, “The Khazarians under Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu” continue to suffer from “Zionist delirium,” and are refusing to give up their dream of starting World War 3 so that they can become a “master race,” that enslaves the rest of humanity.

The long term scenario planned by their Nazi/Zionist military leader George Bush Sr. now unfolding in the Ukraine calls for a second “Iron Curtain,” according to MI5 sources. In this scenario, after the EU takes half of Ukraine, the Russians will “use this as an act of provocation pushing blitzkrieg style as far into Europe as possible before proposing the boundary for the New Iron Curtain.” If the Ukraine scenario escalates, then Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry and Putin have been playing roles dictated by Bush Sr., the MI5 source says. “This is a classic Hegelian move by the cabal to set up a problem and, in providing the solution, steal all the assets,” he continues. Thus he says “It looks like the EU will be sacrificed as a new martial law is imposed exactly as in the militarized zones post WWII,” he added. This plan would need China’s cooperation initially to allow Russia to mobilize in Europe. However, after this scenario was used to militarize Europe, the next move would be for this militarized Europe to attack China, the WDS has warned the Chinese.

The other part of this Nazi/Zionist plan calls for the birth of a Caliphate in the Middle East as part of an encirclement of Russia and China from the Caucasus to Turkey, and from Syria to Iraq and Iran, not to mention the Chinese Uighur Muslims. Under this plan, the US will not play much of an aggressive military role in these changes but instead would prepare the US homeland for the internment of large numbers of the population. This will come after the collapse of international trade causes immediate cash, food and gasoline shortages especially in the US, the MI5 sources say.

The Gnostic Illuminati confirm the MI5 picture in part by saying that in addition to the ongoing turmoil in the Ukraine, big moves are being planned in Turkey and Thailand. The move in Turkey would be aimed at reducing Russian control of gas pipelines while the Thai trouble is aimed at reducing Asian control of gold supplies.

These geopolitical chess “games” by criminally insane gangsters result in the deaths of countless innocent people, which is why the WDS is fighting to end them once and for all.

The WDS has proposed a very different scenario from the Nazi/Zionist cabal nightmare future planned by Fuehrer Bush, madman Netanyahu and their fellow Satan worshipping cabalists.

If the WDS is able to cash the Kennedy bonds pictured above (which are fake according to MI5) or otherwise get usable funding from the dollar and Euro based Western central banking system, it proposes a massive campaign to turn the deserts green, replenish the oceans with fish, explore space etc. The plan would start with Operation Santa Claus, a major push to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

Of course, to carry out such a plan, new institutions will have to be created to replace or revamp the dysfunctional cabal institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations.

Given all the different bonds, Federal Reserve Board boxes and other items of paper containing astronomical numbers of dollars that have been presented to this writer but can never be cashed because the Feds keep coming up with different excuses, it may be necessary to take more drastic action.

For one, the Feds and the cabalists have talked about astronomical amounts of gold (many decimal points more in value than official world gold reserves), without offering an ounce of proof it really exists. Despite trips to Korea, the Philippines, China, etc. to talk about hidden treasure, the only real treasure this writer has confirmed to exist is the one buried in the mountains behind the treasure museum in Taipei, China. It is becoming increasingly obvious the Western system of privately owned central banks is a massive, 300-year old Ponzi scheme.

It may thus be necessary to shut down the entire global central bank computer networks of ATMs, credit cards etc. and reboot the system minus all the cabalists’ fraudulent numbers. This would entail handing out enough cash to everybody for two weeks or so of essential supplies and the use of hand-written account books until, a new system based on real things like land, commodities, factories, precious metals etc. can be booted up.

In the meantime watch as senior cabalists vanish one by one.


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The Oracle Report Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Issues related to values, love, attraction, security, beauty, finances, and health surface today. This is a wide area of coverage, isn’t it? For those that follow astrology, Venus and Chiron make exact conjunction today while continuing yesterday’s square to Jupiter. This energy has been heavy. Chiron energy is a lot to handle and we’ve had a lot of Chiron in play. The thing to remember is today is not the end of the story. Whatever looks like the end is not really the end. We can’t see things clearly right now, only hazy outlines. It’s nebulous. So if you feel defeated about something or feel like giving up or giving up hope, just park that for today. Put it on hold. Skip out. Walk away. Let the universe take over and work with it for a while. Ask that it be transformed. “Butterfly medicine” is at work but in order for it to work we have to give it space.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, March 2 – Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday, March 2 – Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

We are moved to share our thoughts, ideas, and projects with others during Disseminating Moon phases. In doing so, we add on to or build on what we already have based on what we learn from others. So it is important to share yourself this weekend even though the energy inclines us toward wrapping ourselves up so no one can truly see us. Fears about judgement from others, rejection from others, and disapproval from others are strong Saturday with the various astrological aspects. The energy pushes an element of division and separation from others (emotionally, mentally, and physically). The common reaction is to self-protect, isolate, and put up a barrier so that we don’t get hurt. But this is the exact opposite of what we need to do. We need to share ourselves authentically and let the chips fall where they may.

Sunday’s energy is rather unique in that we find ourselves engaged in important practice for something that is upcoming. There is a high degree of foreshadowing of future events. It is a good idea to take notes or journal what is going on in your life, what you hear from others, and what sparks your interest. Sunday is a day to fill yourself up or replenish your resources for something that is in the near future. Jupiter moves to the degree known as “a quiver filled with arrows” and the Sun is located at the degree of “an officer drilling his men in simulated attack.” What do you make of that?

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