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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, struggle, challenge, question

Moon in Taurus

As Jupiter prepares to station direct (appear to move forward once again), emotional energy floods us. Jupiter is in Cancer, a water sign that is “ruled” by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon “rules” the emotions. Our emotions tend to rule us over the next couple of days. But the Moon also points us to the solution or antidote for overwhelm by its transit today and tomorrow through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign. It rules the ground. Grounding with the Earth is the salve for wounds being washed over by the tide of emotions.

Before proceeding into a short discussion on what grounding with the earth means, let’s divert with something to deal with Chiron’s themes of self-struggle that are present all month long because the New Moon in Pisces was conjunct Chiron. My hope is that it helps everyone give themselves a break. First let’s be clear that everyone must take responsibility for their own actions, feelings, and beliefs. We are powerful, sovereign beings. But we aren’t exactly completely responsible for our experience because we are under considerable interference. The designers of our genome (the Aeons Sophia and Thelete in Gnostic terms) intended a Sun, Moon, planet system for us. That means we would “grow” or learn and evolve within an energetic system of three planetary bodies – not what we have. We have a multi-planet system because the Archons created it this way. So we are not under the influence of three energetic signatures, we are under at least eleven more (plus a lot of asteroids). Let that sink in for a bit.

When Chiron and all of the retrograding planets and the Black Moon bring a tidal wave of overwhelm, maybe think about how you are doing pretty good considering what we were designed to handle and what we are truly handling.

And then take it a step further and consider what the beautiful gem of your soul is becoming under the pressure cuts of multiple facets. Just because the Archons produced the planets doesn’t mean their mechanics are not celestial. They use the same principles of the universe, but toward different ends. We, however, are being chiseled and chipped into brilliance. Sophia never saw this coming, but it is indeed the way it is.

If that explanation doesn’t pull you through to a better place, go outside and take a deep breath and start observing something natural. It may be only one tree if you are in a concrete jungle. Divert your focus to nature in whatever way you can.

Today’s energy is powerful but it is trying to open us to receive wisdom. The more we can let go and follow along, the better.


(Note-the beautiful tree in the image above was posted on the Oracle Report Facebook group by Robyn German. I like to add an image if Laura hasn’t posted one with the Report and this was so beautiful I had to share it:-)

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Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez dies of cancer-Press TV

As mentioned in the article below, this was not a natural occurrence. If you look up the facts of what was done to Bob Marley, this case is disturbingly similar.

Those who stand up for the poor, for the people, for peace, and coming together to make the world better for ALL whave for so long been attacked, villified, hounded, and indeed even murdered. Despite those who have been programmed to equate Socialism with Fascism(which it is not) and oppression, this is a very, very sad day.

Socialism to my mind simply does not go FAR ENOUGH. Capitalism was built on slavery and imperialism, on the oppression of the many for the enrichment of the few. Not a good background, and it’s not showing any signs of improvement. (If it was really so great why do they have to murder everyone who successfully disagrees????)

I believe in Indigenism, and decolonization. Mr Chavez, unlike his critics, was a force for these things in the world. As one of the only leaders on the entire planet who enacted policies to actually HELP and protect the indigenous people oin his nation, and support the indigenous peoples across Latin America, both the man and his helpful influence will be sorely missed by many.

It is up to those who are left to remember those who have been murdered for trying to make our world better and help the truly oppressed. It is up to us to carry on the Bolivarian Revolution not only in Venezuela, and Latin America, but across our entire world.

His compatriot in the Bolivarian Revolution, President Evo Morales passed the first law recognizing the rights of Mother Earth. Let us move this Revolution forward in every country until there is no more oppression and suffering anywhere on Earth, until the Earth is more protected than the MONEY, until the waters are clean and the children are all fed.

And let us give thanks to Creator for sending us such a spirit as Hugo Chavez to stand against the powerful and bring this to the awareness of so many. I am praying for the spirit of Mr Chavez to pass in Love and Beauty, forgetting all pain and suffering, and knowing the gratitude of so many for all that he gave while here with us. May he be blessed for his good works, and forgiven his sins.

Venezuelas Hugo Chavez dies of cancer


Wed, 06 Mar 2013 00:18:32 GMT

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died after a two-year battle with cancer, Vice President Nicolas Maduro has announced.

Maduro, flanked by political and military leaders, made the announcement on Tuesday evening on national television.

“We have just received the most tragic and awful information. At 4:25 p.m. (2055 GMT) today March the 5th, President Hugo Chavez died,” a tearful Maduro said, directly from a Caracas military hospital.

“Long live Chavez,” the officials surrounding Maduro chanted.

“It’s a moment of deep pain,” he said in the address.

Hours before Chavezs death, the Venezuelan vice president stated that someday there will be “scientific proof” that the socialist leader was infected with cancer by “imperialist” enemies.

“We have no doubt that commander Chavez was attacked with this illness,” Maduro said.

“The old enemies of our fatherland looked for a way to harm his health,” he noted.

On February 18, the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader returned to Caracas from Cuba, where he had cancer surgery.

Chavez traveled to Havana on December 10 for a fourth operation after his cancer reappeared, despite a year and a half of treatment.

In late March 2012, Chavez began radiation treatment in Cuba after an operation in February 2012 that removed a second cancerous tumor from his pelvic region. Chavezs first tumor, which was baseball-sized, was removed in June 2011, and then he received chemotherapy.

Chavez was born in a poor family on July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta, Barinas state, Venezuela.

He graduated from the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences in 1975.

Chavez became involved in revolutionary movements within the armed forces in 1977.

In 1992, he led a failed attempt to overthrow the government of President Carlos Andres Perez and was jailed for two years. Despite that fact that the coup failed, the incident launched his political career.

Chavez toured the country, electrified Venezuelans with his speeches, and won his first presidential election in 1998. He also won presidential elections in 2000, 2006, and 2012.

In 2002, a group of opposition politicians and troops backed by the United States staged a coup against Chavez. He was arrested and sent to a military base on a Caribbean island.

However, just two days later, the efforts of loyal military officers and massive demonstrations by Venezuelans swept him back to power.

Chavez founded the Bolivarian Revolution to establish popular democracy and economic independence and equitably distribute wealth in Latin America.

He was one of the key players in the progressive movement that has swept across Latin America over the past few years.