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Truthout Daily Digest | Monday, March 9, 2015

Heeding the Call: Black Women Fighting for Black Lives That Matter

Thandisizwe Chimurenga and Sarah Rosenblatt, Truthout: In response to the killing of Black people by police and the lack of accountability that follows, there has been a resurgence of civil disobedience reminiscent of the 1960s civil rights movement. Black women activists have been at the head of this new movement.

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Rewriting the Future

Walidah Imarisha, Bitch Media: The science fiction – or speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism etc. – we humans create doesn’t appear out of the ether. Whether it’s settings from The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Star Wars,these fantastical worlds end up exploring issues like war, racism, gender oppression, power, privilege and injustice.

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There’s So Much Life Here: A Death Row Prisoner Looks Back on Over 20 Years in Solitary Confinement

Jack Shuler, Truthout: Keith LaMar is sentenced to die for his role in the 1993 Lucasville riot, one of the most violent prison uprisings in US history. While he lives in an Ohio supermax prison because of the crimes he’s convicted of, LaMar strives to maintain connections with the outside world.

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The Cost of Compassion: Why Churches Turn Their Backs on Torture Victims

Justin Norman, Truthout: When compassion becomes politically inconvenient, churches turn their backs on those in need.

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Shaky Conviction, Ongoing Punishment: Canada v. Omar Khadr

Aisha Maniar, Truthout: The former Guantánamo child prisoner Omar Khadr, who returned to his native Canada in late 2012, has finally received essential shoulder surgery and is catching up on the education he was denied. Still, Khadr may be left blind due to untreated wounds.

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Will Biden’s Billion-Dollar Plan Help Central America?

Alexander Main, NACLA: At first glance, the White House’s new plan appears to herald a salutary shift away from the US government’s failed regional security policy.

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Indigenous Storytelling in the Limelight

Francesca Dziadek, Inter Press Service: The Berlin International Film Festival, known as the Berlinale, has established a European hub for indigenous voices across a number of platforms, including its NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema series and Storytelling-Slams.

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A Sea of People Fighting for Water in Sao Paulo

Midia Ninja and Laura Capriglione, NINJA: The Iguatemi Mall did not seem to welcome the crowd. Neither did the Rolls-Royce store on Cidade Jardim Avenue. These sacred luxury consumer temples, where the water tanks are always full, lowered their doors before the the march that brought together 15,000 men, women and children.

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The BuzzFlash commentary will return soon.

“Selma Is Now” Says Obama Ahead of Visit to Highlight Abusive Justice System

Watch the Videos at The Guardian

Bank of Canada: “Stop ‘Spocking’ Our Currency”

Read the Article at Jonathan Turley’s Blog

Maine Effort to Tax Nonprofits Raises Eyebrows Across the US

Read the Article at Seattle Pi

US Media Executive Includes RussiaToday in the Same “Challenge List” as ISIS and Boko Haram

Read the Article at Global Research

Holder Says He’s “Prepared” to Dismantle Ferguson Police Department if Necessary

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Robert Swan Leads Antarctic Expedition to Show Firsthand Effects of Climate Change

Read the Article at EcoWatch

Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

Read the Article at Spiegel

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The Oracle Report | Monday, March 9, 2015



The Oracle Report – Monday, March 9, 2015

“Load In” – Pisces Lunar Cycle (1) 2015 – February 18 – March 19, 2015



Monday, March 9, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Scorpio

Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: take a second look at things; attune with your values

Positive Imprint: patient, spontaneous, generous, adventurous, grace, attention to details, like-minded people coming together, new paths, balance, brain power, critical pieces of information provided, social gatherings

Catalysts for Change: impatient, impulsive, overly-critical of self and others, agitated, restless, bored, attacking, not moving on, following the road most traveled for safety and security, temptation, disorder, distortions

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange, expressions of self)

The Sun released a powerful M9.2-class (almost X-class) flare with coronal mass ejection Saturday, March 7 at 5:22 pm ET/10:22 pm UT. The archetypal energy of 11 degrees of Libra – “a professor peering over his glasses at his students” was delivered. This is most interesting given that the Sun was making conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer andTeacher, at that time.

In the weekend’s post, I discussed how the energy would bring up old pain, but that the wise thing to do was to focus on the teaching component of Chiron. I think the Sun (the divine being Sabaoth, according to the Gnostics) wanted to make sure we understood the teaching (or lesson, if you prefer, though I dislike the connotation of punishment with that word).

The solar flare and coronal mass ejection – the extreme light – reinforced our ability to see (and be).

Moving back into the present, today’s energy prompts a feeling of wanting to propel forward or get things going. We have ideas or visions in our minds of how we want things to be and we tend to want them now under this dynamic. In many ways, change is actually craved today, unlike most days when we are rigid and rickety with change.

But the Sun is disseminating the energy of “a table set for an evening meal” today, which is about making preparations and having patience. So there is a conflict or rub if we are trying to push things ahead of their time.

The highest octave of the “desire for change” energy today is to take another look at the table that is set for an evening meal (the field of consciousness) and see what we might like to add to it. The table may be set, but are there flowers? Do you want to add candles? What would make it more suitable or beautiful?

In other words, what do we want to add to our ideas and visions of the way we want our experience of life to be over the next year? (The “new year” according to the natural cycle of the Sun and Moon begins April 18. Until then, we are “loading in” to the fields of time and space our intentions and visions for the next year, i.e. setting the table.)

Keep in mind that there is an energetic signature that makes us more sensitive to going against the grain or the status quo or what is socially acceptable. If you feel naked and exposed, you are stepping beyond your comfort zone as you follow your heart’s path. Be patient with yourself.

It’s easy to find errors, see mistakes, and over-analyze today. When coronal masses are ejected, our brains light up, too. We have more brain power. Let’s keep ours from blowing fuses. Take breaks so that there is time for mental rest.

One last thing: If you find yourself in a conflict with someone, pause and determine if it is a battle you want to engage and if you have what it takes to back it up. It is very important to gauge situations before reacting to them today. Even if you are “right,” it is not necessarily in your highest and best interests to assert yourself. If anger is being triggered, it is even more important to gauge the situation. Be wise and take care of yourself.

Venus is delivering beautiful things that we can add to our “table” today. What are you adding to yours?

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Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 8 – Sunday, March 9, 2014


First Quarter Moon Phase (8:26 am EST / 1:26 pm UTC Saturday): step forward, action, break away, expression

Moon in Gemini

The sublime Sophia is so close we can almost feel her. Of course, we can always “feel” her around us, but sometimes it’s so strong that it penetrates deeply into the matrix and is easier to access. This isstupendous Balsamic energy (we are in the Balsamic time of the year all month long) that happens when the Sun and Moon are in a certain place in the sky and a certain place in the cycle of nature. The effects are enhanced by the Moon’s transit through Gemini – an air sign. All we have to do is breathe and we are taking in frequencies of light that basically are giving us an oxygen transfusion. The cells in our blood, in particular, are being scrubbed up and revitalized. Anything we do to get our hearts pumping will magnify the effects.

As this is happening, deep internal wisdom is being accessed. You can think of it like computer programs (software) that are being clicked open to start running. Sophia is the wisdom goddess, meaning this is the pre-dominant nature of her energetic signature. Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge plus experience. From the two we gain wisdom. The key here for us is the “experience” part because experience has been seriously degraded with the Archon’s interference with humanity. This weekend, Sophia will try to awaken something inside you that wants to be experienced – something that will be developed over the next year. Remember we are preparing the field (of consciousness) to plant something new during the month of April (beginning with the New Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014) that will evolve through the cycles of the year. Right now is the time when divine inspiration, messages of the soul, creative dreams, visions of happiness, and overwhelming love and guidance come to us. The wisdom goddess sends this to us over the weekend by energetically touching our hearts. I do not mean this in a cutesy way. I mean an actual activation. You could say the sublime Sophia raises her hand and touches our hearts with her index finger and something comes alight.

At the same time, her touch brings a deep level of healing.

An open, receptive mind is the proper mission this weekend. “Mission” isn’t the best word because mission implies action, and we aren’t supposed to be very active during the Balsamic time of the year. We do feel the urge to create, and this is an active thing, but it is also a receptive thing because creativity operates on receptivity. To have an idea about something means we take time out for it to come to us. So this is a really good excuse to let your mind wander and be somewhat lazy. (Just remember to take some time to get your heart pumping a bit, too, to enhance the energetic “transfusion.”)

Focusing on any of the other energetic signatures this weekend is insignificant because whatever answers we seek lie inside of ourselves with our inner wisdom. This is where we turn.

Happy weekend, wise owls!

(P.S. – I am building the site, as you can see, and have added some of the beautiful pictures that you all send when you are out finding beauty. I have credited them from memory because these were in email from the old site. I do not have the name of the wise owl photographer of the algae composition on the “Contact” page, so if it is you, please email me atlaura – my email account is all in order now.)