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Truthout Daily Digest Thursday May 1,2014

May Day: While the World Celebrates Workers, the US Celebrates “Loyalty” and “Law”

Justin Doolittle, Truthout: Let us mourn the loss of May Day here in the United States, and defy it by expressing solidarity with workers all over the world and gratitude that the US government’s shameless attempt to replace May Day with contrived expressions of obedience and propaganda has so utterly failed.

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“Rising Voices for a New Economy” Connects the Dots

Sam Knight, Truthout: “Rising Voices for a New Economy” brought over a thousand activists together in Washington DC to protest rising economic inequality, poverty and family-destroying deportations in the absence of immigration and other structural reforms.

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Taking Back Cinco

Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, Truthout: From no acknowledgment at all, to a proud celebration of “Mexican-ness,” to a commercialized beerfest, Cinco de Mayo has seen many transformations in the last half-century. It is time to transform it again and recover meaning.

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The Untold, Real-Life Story of the Prison in “Orange Is the New Black”

Victoria Law, Waging Nonviolence: The Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, is the prison made famous by Piper Kerman’s memoir-turned-Netflix-show “Orange Is the New Black.” It’s also where the real-life group Families for Justice as Healing got its start.

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The Working-Class Mini-Revolts of the 21st Century

Jeremy Brecher, Labor Network for Sustainability: Each of these 21st century mini-revolts, whether or not successful in realizing immediate objectives, succeeded in transforming the understanding of the world and of the possibilities for action for millions of people.

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In Spite of Corporate Lobbyists, Vermont Residents Organize to Raise the Wage

Jonathan Leavitt, Truthout: While legislators in the Vermont State House seem to more often be swayed by Koch-funded lobbyists than the concerns of their constituents, The Vermont Workers’ Center and other activist groups are organizing to win livable wages in the state.

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The Serendipity of Social Media – Sevim Irmak’s Fight for Her Country

John de Graaf, Truthout: The author of Affluenza learns the power of social media to help him understand the world beyond his borders, specifically the strange case of neoliberalizing and fundamentalizing Turkey.

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Execution Chaos: Witness Recounts Botched Killing That Caused Oklahoma Prisoner’s Fatal Heart Attack

Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!: Oklahoma death row prisoner Clayton Lockett was injected with an untested cocktail of lethal drugs and died of a heart attack after a botched execution Tuesday night. Journalist Ziva Branstetter was present and discusses what she witnessed.

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This Land Isn’t Your Land, This Land Is Their Land: An Empire in Decline (City by City, Town by Town)

Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch: As the US economy starts to look more like the old economy of the Great Depression, the divide between rich and poor seems to grow ever starker. Peter Van Buren has been traveling the Rust Belt, taking the temperature of a land with a significant fever. Here’s his account.

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The Neoliberal Turn in American Health Care

A. W. Gaffney, Jacobin: The failings of the Affordable Care Act are rooted in a long shift away from the idea of a truly universal health care. The law leaves intact a system of health care based on key neoliberal beliefs including the “moral hazard” of free care and the primacy of health consumerism.

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Economic Update: Shameful Economics

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on Alabama prison/slave labor; automobile irrationalities; and the California drought. Major discussions of cutting public employee pensions; cutting state support for public higher education; and lotteries as disguised taxes on middle and poor Americans. Responses to listener questions on the Federal Reserve “creating” money and why corporations operate overseas and then want government (taxpayers’) support for corporations’ foreign operations.

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Take Roots Action:

The FCC is proposing to end the open Internet in favor of a system that favors corporate content. The Internet is pushing back, trying to save itself.

You can help: Tell Chairman Wheeler and the rest of the FCC that we will not stand any move to end net neutrality.


The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

World Health Organization Calls for Urgent Action to Preserve Power of Antibiotics and Make New Ones

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Egypt Mass Death Sentences: 60 Percent of Defendants Not Present at Scene of the Crime

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Military Sexual Assault Reports Skyrocket 50 Percen

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Why Is Alaska Fighting the Cleanup of Chesapeake Bay?

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Hawaii Raises Its Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour, Strikes a Big Blow Against Tipping

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Natural Gas CEO Pulls in $142 Million, Despite Company Never Turning a Profit

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

This American Refused to Become an FBI Informant, Then the Government Made His Family’s Life Hell

Read the Article at Mother Jones

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The Oracle Report Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

While a purging of grief and a breakdown of old, restrictive, beliefs and systems is underway, simultaneously, beams of energy are being sent in to not only support, but also replenish the structure as a whole. This goes for everything – the world at large and ourselves as individuals.

Picture it this way: An implosion is underway inside of us and energetic pieces are flying off. But at the precise moment a piece leaves, a beam of light is shot into the area. The beam of light is raw energy. It’s nature is highly refined and it fills in the spaces. It also activates the DNA of the body to harmonize or resonate at vaster levels. It’s the pure energy of creation that is being sent to us and the goddess embodied as the planet by her fellow divine beings in the Galactic Center. (See recent posts for more information on the astrological transit of the Black Moon to the Galactic Center.)

The purpose of this is not only to sustain the Earth and us while drastic changes in the collective of humanity are performed (so that “civilization” or the state of humanity at the moment doesn’t collapse), but also to provide an opportunity for something truly magnificent to transpire and make the collective of humanity much better than it was before.

On the individual level, this means that energetically we’re the butterfly emerging from a cocoon and pieces of us are being left behind because we are changing form. We’re very familiar (and thus comfortable) with those old pieces but those pieces need changing, so they’re being blown away and replaced with fresh pieces that do things differently and more artfully. In short, we have a better life.

Some are experiencing this more acutely than others. We can be of great support to ourselves and others by remembering that refreshment and healing are taking place. Remembering that refreshment and healing are taking place is the hardest thing to do when it is happening because we are enmeshed with whatever is being blown away. It is often hard to face what is being revealed. Wounds hurt before they feel better. (The wound is our core or primary fear in life – see “The Astrology of the Black Moon” in the Books tab above for free download.)

Healing is facilitated by several things, so pick a bouquet of some of these today and carry them around with you: tolerance, patience, laughter, kindness, simplicity, attention, creativity, acceptance, surrender, gratitude, generosity, interest, appreciation, service…any others?