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NorthPoint Astrology Journal May 19 to 25, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo is from the National Geographic website, chosen as one of their “favorite space photos.” I agree!

THE FINAL WEEK of May brings remnants of the past into the present. Venus, Mercury and the Moon’s nodes are working together for the first three days of the week to reconnect us with old friends and lovers.

Venus conjunct the South Node (Tuesday) is the energy of remembering the relationships of the past — either from this lifetime or from other lifetimes. Mercury’s trine to the North Node (Monday) and sextile to Venus (Wednesday) indicate that these relationships will, at the very least, reach our conscious awareness. At the most, we may have direct interaction with certain people from our past, in particular those with whom we share karmic connections or unresolved issues.

IT APPEARS, since the South Node is in Aries, that the reconnections and rememberings that occur early in the week are our opportunity for a “do-over.” Perhaps we ended things in anger, or we acted from the belief that the other person was like us in some regard, instead of seeing them (and accepting them) for who they really are.

This convergence of Venus, Mercury, and the nodes this week provides a view into our relationship history and offers new roads for us to travel. The North Node in Libra tells us that we can now resolve and more fully let go of what was, both by communicating clearly from a place of truth and by being able to see reality through the other’s eyes.

OUR NEW MOON on Wednesday is in Gemini. Usually, a New Moon in the sign of the Twins emphasizes the logical, intellectual, and communicative aspects of our personalities. However, Neptune strongly squares (is 90 degrees away from) the Sun and the Moon at the time of the lunation — so, instead of our brains being fully “in gear,” we may find our thinking to be foggy and our perspective more imaginative than realistic.

In other words, although Mercury does not go retrograde (backward) until next week (on June 7), we’re probably getting a head start on some of that influence as soon as this new lunar cycle begins. In response to the groans I just heard, let’s take a look at the positive potentials of this Neptune square (and the upcoming Mercury retro phase).

MOST OF US spend two-thirds of our lives in conscious mode, consumed with processing the events of daily life, and one-third of our time asleep and unconscious. We are aware of variations in those states of consciousness primarily in times of meditation, heightened creativity, or lucid dreaming.

Neptune, being the planet most associated with the creative process and spiritual growth, always reminds us of the importance of those states of altered awareness for our physical, emotional, and mental health — and for our spiritual evolution. Mercury’s retrograde phase, occurring for about three times a year or about 24 days, steps in and helps with those reminders as well.

IT OCCURS to me that the Universe is being very compassionate by scheduling a Neptunian New Moon and Mercury’s retrograde phase at this time. We’ve just been through a LOT. The recent Cardinal Grand Cross brought great change to many lives. And, for those less obviously affected, the intensity of the energy waves required, at the very least, each of us to adapt and find new ways to stay in balance.

In other words, we need the healing allowed by those altered states of consciousness. We need to let go of the worries and concerns, and to drift for a while. For most of June, we will benefit from being less attached to concrete, external reality and being more in a place of expectant listening, waiting for the whispers of our higher minds and intuition to come into our awareness.

It would be great if we could all put the “Gone Hiking” sign up on the door, and take a break from our usual schedules for the coming month. Since that isn’t a realistic goal for most of us, we will at least benefit from using the coming weeks for more creative and meditative activities, and do our best to let go of needing everything to make sense for a while.

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal May 19 to 25, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Auroras over Bergheim, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 30, 2014 (photo by Mike Boyce, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

TWO PLANETARY EVENTS that occur this week are notable in in their support of forward motion:

  • After being retrograde (moving backward) since March 1,Mars finally goes direct on Monday.
  • And, on Saturday, a process that began last July comes to completion with a harmonious Saturn-Jupiter trine aspect.

Taking these two events chronologically, let’s talk a bit about Mars. Astrological tradition tells us that Mars represents the assertive/aggressive sides of our human natures, as well as the power of individual will and the advancement of personal desires. As the Roman god of war, Mars (known as Ares by the Greeks) is the leader of the charge, the one with the courage to venture where others fear to tread.

WHILE MARS has been retrograde, it’s clear that all progress has not completely ceased — I’m sure that if we look back to early March, each of us can find ways in which we have taken steps forward. But when a planet is retrograde, we are most supported if we internalize the process it represents.

This means that part of our psychological and spiritual directive over these past 11 weeks has been to acknowledge and work with the fears or other internal resistance that may have been inhibiting the manifestation of what we desire. If you are familiar with the channeled work of Abraham-Hicks, you may call this resistance “being outside your Vortex” or “holding your cork underwater.”

BECAUSE Mars has been in Libra throughout this retrograde phase, some of what we’ve needed to look at is whether our need for others to like us, or our need to maintain a semblance of harmony in our relationships, has actually been undermining our ability to create the life we desire. The paradox of Libra is that it wants to create relationship and harmony, but it often does so at the expense of self. We tend to forget that the Scales of Libra are also about balance and fairness, which means we need to give ourselves equal value in all situations.

So perhaps, as we look back over these past 11 weeks, we can find some progress in how we assert ourselves and have learned that it’s OK to want things for ourselves. If we’ve made advancement in those ways, as Mars goes direct and then starts to pick up speed over the coming weeks, we will likely be more successful in creating circumstances and relationships that are fulfilling on deeper levels, not just in appearance.

It will be interesting to watch our experience in mid- to late June, when Mars once again reaches the energy field of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square. We are likely to see developments then that are related to our experience during the grand cross in mid-April — but in June, with Mars direct instead of retrograde, we may find our engines more revved and our courage more online for taking those forays into new territory. (Exact dates: Mars square Pluto June 14; Mars opposite Uranus June 25.)

OUR OTHER major event this week is the Saturn-Jupiter trine on Saturday. Because of the back-and-forth nature of planetary movement, this trine is actually the last of three that these two planets form while in their respective water signs (Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer).

The link back to the other two trines (on July 17 and December 12, 2013) may seem a bit obscure in our memories, since this is not a “flashy” aspect, with lots of fireworks and clearly life-changing events. This trine tends to work more on subtle levels, along the lines of “slow but sure” effects.

SATURN deals with manifestation in form — practical, tangible results based on discipline, responsibility, and hard work. Jupiter is quite different in effect, providing hope, optimism, and faith, and asking us to always look for the larger meaning in events and in our lives.

When these two planets are working in harmony — as they are throughout this week and next — principles we usually think of as being opposites are on the same team and working together. This means we have equal access to both realism and optimism, both practicality and faith, and both conservatism and expansionism.

In effect, Saturn is helping ground Jupiter, and Jupiter is helping uplift Saturn. And, with both planets in water signs, this trine should be helpful in stabilizing our emotional bodies.

SINCE SATURN is retrograde and Jupiter is direct, the Jupiter qualities theoretically will be getting more conscious “air time” — but we can’t forget that Saturn in Scorpio is still at work beneath the surface, weeding out the emotional patterns that may be interfering with our ambitions.

Perhaps the best advice with this planetary aspect is to take advantage of all the positive perspective available, and remember that we have until July 20, when Saturn goes direct, to complete some important work in our ongoing self-discovery.


By now, you should have received my announcement (and the follow-up email with active link) about my next teleclass on Thursday, June 12, called “Finding the Trail Home.” I’m once again teaming up with Elsie Kerns, Wellness Educator, to share with you my thoughts about the planetary energies for the next six months.

As always, you can either attend live or just download the replay afterward at your convenience. If you’d like more information, or are ready to register, here’s the link:


I hope you can join us!



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