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Pow Wows.com newsletter Wednesday 21 May 2014

DNA Below are excerpts of articles that have been published on Powwows.comover the last couple of weeks that you may have missed!

Be sure to check our site often for new articles!

Congratulations Diane Humetewa! Newest Member of the Federal Bench

You might remember we mentioned Diane Humetewa was nominated to serve on the U.S. District Court for the district of Arizona as a federal judge. It was announced May 14, 2014, that the United States Senate confirmed her to serve on the federal bench! Humetewa is the first American Indian woman to serve in the federal judiciary.

The National Congress of American Indians released a statement.
The Honorable Humetewa is impeccably qualified for her new role. She has practiced law in federal courts for over a decade – as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, as Assistant U.S. Attorney, and as the U.S. Attorney for Arizona – and is experienced in a wide array of complex proceedings, hearings, and cases.

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Pow Wow Calendar Update – May 15, 2014

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Plan your Pow Wow trips!
Upcoming Pow Wow

40th Annual DE-UN-DA-GA Memorial Day Pow Wow
May 23 – May 26
7 Boy Scout Lane, Carlton , PA – 16311

Memorial Dayz Pow Wow has been postponed
May 24 – May 24
The Mall, Washington D.C., D.C. – 20024

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Congratulations to all the New Native Graduates!

Lots of folks were busy attending graduation ceremonies this past weekend, for both high school and college. Good job everyone!

I saw this great photo by Jack Ahasteen, the man behind Navajo Times’ editorial cartoons, and thought it would be an appropriate sentiment to share.

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Chickasaw Nation Showcases Thriving Culture Online

The Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma is proud of its heritage and hopes to increase awareness of their culture and legacy by producing high-quality videos for the public to view. Chickasaw.tv is where the Chickasaw Nation’s past and present come together. Take a look below at some of the talented members of this nation.

Jeremy Wallace is a Chickasaw drummer, singer and stomp dancer. During his performances, Jeremy’s connection to his ancestors and the Creator become palpable, as he honors his Chickasaw heritage through song and dance.

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Videos from the 43rd Annual Stanford Pow Wow

Our friend Charlie Ballard hit the pow wow trail again and attended the 43rd Annual Stanford Pow Wow this past weekend. The Stanford Pow Wow is one of the largest student-run pow wows in the United States.

It looks like he had a lot of fun taking in the sights, the sounds and the frybread! Check out some of his videos below:
Interview with Southern Emcee Tom Phillips. He has the perfect emcee voice!

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Gathering of Nations Midnight Special – Smoke Dance Competition

Were you lucky enough to watch the Smoke Dance Competition at Gathering of Nations this year? If not we’ve got you covered. Check out some highlights from the Friday Midnight Special with singer Sheldon Sundown.
Men and Women together:

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Waskewitch Family, Gathering of Nations Hand Drum Singing – Pow Wow Video of the Week

Waskewitch Family, GON 2014 hand drum singing

Watch the video!

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Third Native American Issue from Sooner Spectator Released

I met some really great people during my years at the University of Oklahoma. It was wonderful to have such a strong Native American community there as well. That’s why it makes me happy to see that OU is recognizing those strong contributions our fellow Native students made to the campus.NDNSports has a great write up of the latest release of the Sooner Spectator which features a 16-page section on key student-athletes who have helped enhance the tradition and history that Natives have established there over the last 108 years.

“Native Americans have played such a significant role in so many aspects of campus life at the University of Oklahoma. They are an essential part of the fabric that is OU and OU athletics,” said Jay C. Upchurch, editor of Sooner Spectator. “Looking back at the history of OU football, Natives have been there basically every step of the way — helping build a tradition that many believe is the greatest in college athletics.”

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Overcrowding An Issue at Pow Wows?

There’s no doubt about, Gathering of Nations is one of the most anticipated Pow Wows each year with representatives from over 500 nations attending the event. According to tourism statistics in New Mexico it’s the 2nd largest event in the state, right behind the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

In its 31st year, the pow wow was examined for safety issues with reports of at least 2,000 dancers on the floor during grand entry. Local TV reporters from KRQE TV took a closer look at the concern.

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Natives Fight Back: Siouxper SOBER

In case you missed it last week, University of North Dakota (UND) students came under fire for creating some ignorant party t-shirts that proclaimed they were“Siouxper Drunk”. The t-shirts show a version of the old UND mascot (Fighting Sioux) with a beer bong in his mouth. This led to outrage, protests and heated arguments on social media.

If you want to order a t-shirt follow the link for Pow Wow Jamz. And if you want to, there’s also a new group you can join on Facebook called#SiouxperSOBER Natives.

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Have You Seen the Lakota Bears?

Back in 2011, 20 episodes of The Berenstain Bears series were dubbed with the Lakota language and began airing on public television in North and South Dakota under the title Mat?ó Waú?šila Thiwáhe (“The Compassionate Bear Family”). The Lakota Berenstain Bears Project is a joint venture of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Lakota Language Consortium, with the goal of bringing the Lakota language to television sets across Indian Country

My little guy watched a whole episode, not even caring that it was a language he didn’t understand. Too bad they don’t have a Comanche version! What other languages would you like to see the series dubbed with?

The first episode is “Trouble At School: Owáyawa-ta Wóiyotiyekiye” Watch the full episode below:

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Life of a Pow Wow Singer

This upcoming Summer, many pow wow singers will be hitting the road. Our friend Charlie Ballard recently sat down with Manuel Lieras to get an inside peek at life on the pow wow trail with one of the many singers everyone will be seeing this 2014 season.

CB: Please introduce yourself – name, tribe, where you from, schooling/education, age, horoscope sign, dating status, family members.
ML: Manuel “Manny” Lieras. I’m Diné and Comanche, born and raised in San Diego, CA. I have a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University, turning 36 on May 29th, Gemini, Indian, married. I have a daughter named Joni who is 16 months and expecting a second child with my wife Yvonne Marshall in December.

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Help Send the Sewam American Indian Dance group to France!

Eddie Madril, Anecita Hernandez, Michael Bercier and Sara Moncada are honored to be the first Native American Indigenous group to be invited to present at the Cultures of the World International Dance Festival in France. The festival has over a 40-year history of presenting cultures from around the world and has been awarded a non-governmental organization partnership with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, for the safeguard, development and promotion of traditional cultures around the world. Other groups in the 2014 program include Pampa y Huella from Argentina, Wadaiko Group Saidi from Japan, Baku Group of Azerbaijan and the Massai from Kenya to name a few.

While the festival provides housing and meals while there, the dancers are responsible for all travel and extras in getting their people there and back home.

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Mahalas Astrology | Planet Alert – May 2014

I recommend following the link at bottom as Mahala has two extra articles posted since this one about current energies in May. One is a guest article by another astrologer. SO much going on lately! I’m very grateful for resources like these experts who share their knowledge so generously!


Planet Alert May 2014
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on May 2nd, 2014
We are moving into summer. How is the weather where you live? Here in Seattle we are basking in 80 degree temperatures, and it is very beautiful with so many flowers in bloom. I send love to all the people experiencing the tremendous tornados that are happening right now. The storms are becoming stronger and stronger as life goes by. Look at what happened to the East Coast this past winter and spring. I bet those people thought they would never see the end of snow. Fortunately Jupiter will move out of the sign of Cancer (water) by the end of July. Then they will just have the hurricane season to go through before Jupiter moves off the coast. This storm energy should be over by October.

The cardinal cross has been causing a lot of very intense energy. This is the year of the grand cross. We started this year with a cross in the heavens. On January 1st there were 5 planets in Capricorn, 1 planet in Aries, 1 planet in Cancer, and 1 planet in Libra. The planets were not exact at that time but it still formed a Grand cross. This started the really intense energy that is still in effect. April 22/23 was the culmination of this cross with the planets on 13 degrees of each sign. Thirteen is the number of transformation.

The third and final cross will be on July 4th of this year when the sun will be on 13 degrees cancer, Mars on 19 degrees Libra, Pluto on 12 degrees Capricorn, and Uranus on 15 degrees Aries. Then by the end of July the cross will start to separate when Jupiter goes into Leo and Mars goes into Scorpio. The cross on July 4th will again activate the energy that occurred on April 22/23.

By the end of July the energy should start to mellow so we will be able to relax somewhat. Pluto and Uranus will still be making a square to each other so we will still have the energy of sudden change and transformation in affect although it should not be as intense as it has been.

When Mars moves into Scorpio, which is where Saturn has been for the past couple of years, we may start to feel the disruptive energy from those two planets. Then we will have both Mars and Saturn activating Moscow and the Middle East which includes parts of Africa. This could cause more disruptive energy in those areas. The planet Mars was on top of Vladimir Putin’s Sun in April and this war-like energy will still affect his chart for a while. His Sun is on 13 degrees Libra, so I think the revolution in the Ukraine is not over yet. With the next cross over Washington, D.C. there could be more challenges between the United States and Russia. Or this energy could bring Washington, D.C. into fast speed transformation.

The other possibility is that the time-lines finish coming together by the time of the third cross and will move us totally into the new energy. Or maybe that event will happen sooner. I feel like we are getting closer to manifesting the oneness energy. Some people are already doing that. We need more people manifesting this type of energy to push our Earth totally into the higher frequency Earth.

We just had a solar eclipse on April 28/29th depending on where you live in the world. The umbra from that eclipse was seen mostly over Australia. The Sun was on 9 degrees Taurus and this degree means ‘the compassionate linking of all men’. In other words it reveals the feeling of human cooperation at the stage of pure altruism and service to the social Whole. On that foundation of Christ love, or true companionship, man must reach a still higher level of experience made possible by the refinement of the substance of his being, his consciousness and his will. This goes beyond imagination and faith in the future for it implies going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived. Looks like there will be people who will still need our help.

There was another cross that appeared as a crop circle in a field in Holland on April 26, 2014. You know the saying ‘as above so below’. I think this crop circle is another sign that we need to pay attention to. Here is a link to that crop circle. http://www.robbertvandenbroeke.nl/graancirkelarchief/5e_Formatie_2014. (More info for link: http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert.php)

Then we have the Wesak Festival on the full moon of May, which is on May 14th this year. This is the celebration of the birthday of the Buddha. It is held in the Wesak Valley at the bottom of Mt Kakais in Tibet and occurs in the unseen world. You can attend this celebration if you meditate with the intention of going to the valley to be a part of this celebration. This celebration brings heaven and Earth together just like the cross in the heavens and the cross on Earth. The celebration usually starts at least a week before the full moon and there will be celebrations going on all over the valley. Those who are ready to graduate to a higher level of consciousness will do so at this celebration. It is a very special time of year.

Then as we move on into October energy we will experience another blood red moon eclipse. This eclipse will occur on the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth. The date of that holiday starts on the night of October 8th and has always been considered a happy celebration. It corresponds with our harvest festival that is always in October.

The Earth is still transforming and changing. Have you ever thought about how our combined thoughts of anger and fear could be causing a lot of the Earth changes that have been occurring? Thoughts are things. This means to be very careful of what you think because it just might manifest in your life.

The most important thing about this change is the change we see within ourselves. The letting go of what we do not need anymore including our physical possessions. Doesn’t it feel good to clean your closets and get rid of, or recycle what you do not want or need anymore? I find it is a good feeling and makes me feel lighter and gives me a feeling of freedom.

Freedom is a state of mind. You can be free where ever you are. It’s all in your mind. And it’s time to start using your heart brain instead of your head brain. Do you realize how many people have been going through brain problems since Uranus went into Aries? That sign rules the head and brain and Uranus rules changes, thus changes in your brain. A lot of people have had to go through the experience of brain problems to teach them it is time to think with your heart.

I remember my grandchildren watching a video with little bears in it who used their hearts to send out beams of love to people in trouble. The video was called ‘The Care Bears’. I thought to myself, we should have more videos like this to teach children how to live and love instead of the violent videos most children watch.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Enjoy your day, and remember to walk softly on this beautiful planet and stay in the vibration of love. So Be It! ** Mahala Gayle **

Thank you to those who have sent donations. They are greatly appreciated. Blessings to you!


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Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast May 2014-Did that Really Happen?

Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast May 2014 – Did that Really Happen?

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1By Emmanuel Dagher, May 6 2014http://www.emmanueldagher.com/energy-forecast

Blessings My Friend, How have you been since we last connected, at the beginning of last month? In April’s Forecast, I shared that there would be several celestial alignments that would inspire rapid changes to occur in our consciousness, and that a big part of this change would include a profound purification of our mind, body and emotions.

The Solar Eclipse at the end of April was the exclamation point that closed the doorway to what was probably one of the most intense yet transformative times in the last 10 years.

If you glided through the past month completely unaffected by the intense energies, then you’ve probably reached a point of great balance within yourself. However, if you struggled with those profound shifts, know that you are not alone, and that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your path.

For many, the experiences of the last month have left them asking, “Did that really happen?”

The Release

Last month, many experienced the deeply rooted patterns that contribute to the creation of fear-based reality, which promotes separation, coming to the surface more potently than ever. These patterns came up so strongly this time around, right in front of our faces, so that we can free ourselves of them once and for all.

As a result of the massive release that occurred in April, many felt stretched to their breaking points. This might have shown up in areas such as personal and professional relationships, career, local environment, life purpose, and self-esteem.

Repressed personal experiences from the past (specifically from childhood) that we thought we had already worked through may have resurfaced, in order for deeper healing to occur.

The fact that we made it through this most recent intense cycle is a testament to our resilient nature.

After moving through a huge energetic releasing cycle such as we’ve all just experienced, there’s usually a quiet introspective period that follows. This allows us to reflect on what just happened.

For many, these introspective pauses bring out a wide range of emotions, sparking a heightened sense of sadness, confusion, exhaustion, then eventual relief and joy.

Again, know that this is completely normal. When a person’s whole world has been turned upside-down, it’s a given that an adjustment period will naturally follow.

The key to moving through this period is to love our way through whatever we are experiencing. That includes loving ourselves through every emotion, even if they may not feel the most comfortable.


Entering the month of May, we will have the opportunity to start feeling more grounded again.

When we ground, we instantly align ourselves into the present moment. It’s in the present moment that we operate from our most powerful self.

Becoming present allows us to transcend the illusions of time. It’s from this space of no-time (a place of non-attachment) that our greatest desired intentions can manifest into our experience.

Here are some simple things we can do to help us feel more grounded:
• Spending time in Nature
• Placing bare feet on Earth (soil, grass, sand)
• Focusing on mindful breathing
• Reflecting on the gifts of our 5 senses, allowing ourselves to fully be present with them (noticing the sounds, shapes, colors, textures, fragrances, tastes occurring in that reflective moment)
• Expressing gratitude daily
• Making time for joyful, belly-shaking laughter
• Looking into the eyes of those we interact with, and remembering that they are a reflection of the Universe

At first, the concept of grounding may seem a bit constricting. This usually stems from ideas that grounding insinuates a fixed or inflexible nature.

By being grounded, we instantly bring ourselves into the present, where again, we are at our most powerful.

It’s in the present that most of our freedom is experienced, because we are no longer bound to the past or the future. Consciously choosing to ground ourselves in the present moment leads to a life lived from a state of grace, flow and fluidity.


Now that April’s energies have passed, many of us are feeling a renewed sense of urgency regarding our life path. You may be experiencing a new level of discontent with your current job or life situation, and wanting to make some changes. You may also be feeling that you need to “get more done” in terms of your life purpose.

It’s natural to feel that way after a time of growth and release. But after making it through what has become one of the most challenging times for many on their spiritual journey, a well-deserved rest is in order.

This will give us the nourishment needed to feel renewed and replenished again.

Let’s release the need to “figure out” what our next steps need to be, and just use this opportunity right now to rest, play and lighten our loads.

Everything always works itself out when we choose to move out of our own way, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Until next time,
Miraculously yours,

©2009-2014 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved www.emmanueldagher.comYou are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.