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Malaysian Plane Shot Down by Ukrainian Army in Attempt to Blame Russia and Rebels?

According to the article quoted below from Truthout, CIA analysts identified the people who fired the rocket as wearing what appeared to be Ukrainian Army uniforms.

My first thought when I heard it was shot down was “Do the fascist black ops a**holes ever do ANYTHING original? “.

I thought it was a “false flag” operation with the intention of blaming the separatist rebels and increasing the pressure on Russia.

Then I thought I was too cynical and maybe it really was an accident. But the evidence has been stacking up in favor of my gut reaction.

The Powers that Were are getting pathetically predictable. Not that they weren’t 30 years ago-but how many times can you use the exact same tricks and really think people will believe your lies?

Not everyone on Earth is stupid, even if half of America is trained to believe complete nonsense just because it is repeated often enough on television!

I’m spending a lot of time just praying for all those in harms way. No matter how stupid the tricks, they are harming and murdering real human beings;men, women and children who do not deserve to be used to further some idiot greed based agenda (or any agenda!).

The fascist takeover of Ukraine was another old standard from Central and South America, with occasional uses in Asia and Africa as well.

The separatists are like any of us who simply would not stand for a military coup of our country without doing our best to ensure our families and communities future-even if it involved armed resistance.

I’m extremely disappointed that the monsters in charge have made our President, Barack Obama, the person who has to justify their insanity. I don’t believe he agrees with them but he can hardly say the opposite of what the rest of our government is saying on foreign policy-it would cause havoc.

So they make him the scapegoat-when he surely knows more than most of us how utterly corrupt the whole mess really is.

I so loved his “The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back.” comment too. I should have guessed they would make him pay for mocking them. ;-(

I still believe in the long run that he and Putin will beat them and achieve peace. Obama and Putin are both much smarter than their handlers realize.

The Mystery of a Ukrainian Army “Defector”

“As the U.S. government seeks to build its case blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the evidence seems to be getting twisted to fit the preordained conclusion, including a curious explanation for why the troops suspected of firing the fateful missile may have been wearing Ukrainian army uniforms.”

Read the whole article at the link below on Truthout-