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Warbling in the Wetlands | Serenity Spell

Warbling in the Wetlands

by FeyGirl on March 15, 2013

A bird doesnt sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. Lou Holtz

Which is why Im constantly running to Nature, and to these wonderful creatures. That reminder to JUST BE (or in my words, Simmer Down). And our winters provide a more varied opportunity for observing different happenstances of this simple state of being the migrating birds make their residences in the area, even if it is temporary.

Palm Warbler, Florida Wetlands

A Wee Warbler in the Wetlands

A few Palm Warblers flit amid the trees; here, among a strand of young cypress. These tiny bright gems of songbirds adorable little shocks of yellow in our swamp and wetlands are easily missed if youre in a rush, or arent fully aware.

Palm Warbler, Florida Wetlands

Sing it!

Palm Warblers are common winter residents in our marshy natural areas, migrating in the late fall to the southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean. The species is comprised of two distinct sub-species, the Yellow Palm Warbler and the Western Palm Warbler. Those breeding in the eastern range are yellow underneath, while those inhabiting the western part of the range are duller in color, with whitish bellies. Palm Warblers primarily breed in wetland habitats east of the Continental Divide, across Canada and the northeastern United States. A distinctive feature of Palm Warblers is tail wagging, or pumping. More than other warblers, this bird forages on the ground for insects and berries.

Palm Warbler, Florida Everglades

Warbling in the Everglades

Click here to listen to the delicate song of these sweet little songbirds!

Palm Warbler, Florida Everglades



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The Eyes Have It

Serenity Spell

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. ―Martin Buber

In preparation of an upcoming post on Black-crowned Night Herons, and in honor of Halloween, I give you the lovely and brilliant red and orange glowing pumpkin stares of these lovely wetland waders. I’m always captivated by birds’ eyes, but some are especially striking….


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