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The Oracle Report | Saturday, November 1 – Sunday, November 2, 2014



The Oracle Report – Saturday, November 1 – Sunday, November 2, 2014

“To Boldly Go…” Scorpio Lunar Cycle Overview – October 22, 2014

Saturday, November 1 – Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance) with appearances by Tara and Bhuvaneshvari

Skill: take care of yourself and others

Negative Imprint: intimidation, fussy, playing games, panic, immature attention-seeking behavior, pretending to not need help, not accepting help, shallow, afraid to make a move, not taking care of oneself

Positive Imprint: assistance, nurturance, beauty, blooming, compassion, renewal, inventiveness, possibilities, destiny

This weekend is a time of breaking down boundaries that separate us from others, assisting others, and nurturing our own mental and physical bodies. It’s about taking care.

Saturday’s energy brings us into closer resonance with people who are kindred or like-minded – soul families. What I’ve been calling the “nexusing” (or linking up in space and time with people, all planned prior to incarnation) is accelerating. The attention of Gaia Sophia, now fully awakened and fully engaged with humanity, is the reason for the acceleration.

When you declare yourself aligned and participating in the co-dreaming of humanity and Sophia, life becomes what some would call magical.

Some will struggle with this over the weekend, not wanting to boldly go where no one has gone before because of fear of the unknown. This will cause emotional spirals, especially on Sunday, leaving some unable to cope. You may be called upon to help someone out of a dark emotional state, but you may have to cross over into that place to do so. Wise owls are quite adept at seeing in the dark and helping others find their way to light. We do it for each other all the time. This is no different, but you may not have expected to be helping who you are helping. We are all human and everyone needs help at one time or another. If someone is offering it to you, it comes from a place of great love, so accept it graciously.

The Mahavidyas Tara and Bhuvaneshvari return this weekend as the Earth, Gaia Sophia, reaches the degree of the Taurus New Moon and the Sabian symbol of “a red cross nurse.” Do you remember the Taurus lunar cycle – most of May 2014? We were lucky enough to have two red cross nurses on duty that month. Look back to that time. What was developing for you then? What did you seed or intend for the future?

Tara and Bhuvaneshvari will help us get our physical, mental, and emotional bodies in better shape for the rest of this month’s journey. This week, the Moon will build toward Full and Mars is on approach to Pluto. The look and shape of things is likely to get even more nutty, as one wise owl put it. So we will prepare ourselves for this and build up our energetic reserves.

This whole month, once again, is like a long Full Moon. Full Moons bring things to their heights. Sensations, emotions, and passions run deep. We come fully alive under Full Moons. There is tremendous power for manifestation under Full lunar cycles. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. The whole month is like a long Full Moon, but this weekend we are in the last days of the First Quarter phase of it. First Quarter is when we step out. We go out on branches doing dances. Leave your emotional comfort zone. Break a boundary of fear that has held you back. Embrace the opportunities for growth.

With strong sensations, emotions, and passions, aggression and conflict can emerge. Again, this is clarity coming from the fullest amount of light. Maintain alignment with the light, even if this means that what you see from others means you have to take action. Do not be intimidated or manipulated by someone trying to overpower you.

The Mahavidyas are sprinkling flowers along the path this weekend, waiting for us to pick them up. This means we have to know what we are looking at when we see it. Do you see external evidence of internal beauty? It takes wise eyes.

Step out, break out, reach out, go out. Take a chance. Do a dance.

(Note: Let’s watch closely who stands out in global “leadership” over the next 10 days. The person who emerges as dominant during this time span will wield power to sway the future.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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Common Dreams: Week in Review-Revolution and Heartbreak,  November 2, 2013

How Science Is Telling Us All To Revolt
by Naomi Klein
“The fact that the business-as-usual pursuit of profits and growth is destabilising life on earth is no longer something we need to read about in scientific journals. The early signs are unfolding before our eyes.”
Congressional No-Show at ‘Heart-Breaking’ Drone Survivor Hearing
by Lauren McCauley
“In ‘historic’ briefing, Rehman family gives heartbreaking account of drone killing of 65-year-old grandmother… to five lawmakers.”
Targeting Wall Street, Robin Hood Tax Comes to Washington
by Karen Higgins
“We have a revenue crisis, and we know where the money is, it’s on Wall Street.”
‘Catastrophic’: Congressional Apathy to Push Millions of Nation’s Poor into Deeper Hunger
by Jacob Chamberlain
“Funding extension for SNAP allowed to expire as lawmakers weigh further cuts to the program for families in need”
With JPMorgan Under Spotlight, Growing Calls to Jail the Banksters
by Andrea Germanos
“Bank executives facing prison time for illegal activity would be better sanction than fine, say Wall Street reform advocates.”
How Economic Growth Has Become Anti-Life
by Vandana Shiva
“An obsession with growth has eclipsed our concern for sustainability, justice and human dignity. But people are not disposable – the value of life lies outside economic development.”
Screens, Screens, Screens: The Worrying Childhood Impact of the Digital Revolution
by Jon Queally
“New reports show the growing trend of mobile media as pediatricians warn families to get grip on their kids’ digital diets.”
Perpetual War: How Does the Global War on Terror Ever End?
by Jeremy Scahill
“It is not just the precedents set during the Obama era that will reverberate into the future, but also the lethal operations themselves.”
Japan OKs ‘Perilous’ Cleanup at Fukushima’s Reactor 4
by Lauren McCauley
“Removal of 1,300 spent fuel rods deemed ‘humankind’s most dangerous moment since Cuban Missile Crisis.'””
Our Invisible Revolution
by Chris Hedges
“Did you ever ask yourself how it happens that government and capitalism continue to exist in spite of all the evil and trouble they are causing in the world?”

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The Oracle Report Saturday, November 2, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal, forgive

Moon: Libra

On Friday, the Sun amplified the energetic of the conjunction (joining) of Venus and the Galactic Center by releasing an M6-class flare. To refresh our memory on what this conjunction is about (because it is still in effect Saturday), here’s an excerpt from Friday’s Oracle Report:

“Like a parliament of owls flying over a moonless night, a wave of love and protection sweeps over the planet today. This is due to Venus’ conjunction with the Galactic Center, the home of love, light, and life in our galaxy. A particular type of energetic is activated. We are drawn toward connections and bonds, but will react strongly if we feel like we are being overly bound, limited, restricted, or committed. The energy may produce a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is due to its ‘sweeping’ nature. Let it sweep through you if you are struggling. The nature of today’s energy is also to uplift. Reach out your hand and you’ll be embraced. Reach out your mind and you’ll be enlightened.”

Mindsets, moods, feelings, events, and intentions imprint the daily energy. The Sun’s flare yesterday empowered this wave and with it the imprint of energy for the day. The flare was released at 7:55 pm UTC/ 3:55 pm EDT, so it was about 4 hours after the initiation of the Oracle Report group meditation/intention. In other words, the intention was in place and empowered by the flare. Lucky us! Many thanks to everyone who added their mind to the imprint of love, protection, and limitlessness.

Today is the last day of Balsamic Moon phase, the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio. Normally I post one report for the weekend, but since the New Moon arrives tomorrow, I will post again. We don’t want to mix energies. Balsamic phase (today) is the time when we release whatever we don’t want to carry with us into the next lunar cycle. It’s a time to chill. It’s a time to be creative. It’s a time to connect with your inner fire. It’s a time to take care of yourself. Focus on letting this beautiful energetic with the Galactic Center linger through the day. Check back tomorrow for the New Moon and the return of one of the Mahavidyas.


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Messages from Ann and the Angels,  November 2, 2013

Each moment is new
I stood in the forest shortly after dawn, enjoying the peace, the quiet, and the cool air. The trees were shaded by the canyon walls. Suddenly the sun burst over the top of the canyon, illuminating the trees with a glorious glowing gold light. Life is like this – every moment is fresh, new, and different, and certainly more beautiful when illuminated by our love.
Photo taken in Sedona, AZ©Ann Albers, All Rights ReservedVisit Ann’s Photo Site for more 


My dear friends, we love you so very much. Each moment of your life is new, precious, and unique. It can never be recreated exactly the same way. In each moment, you get a chance to say, “Who am I now? What do I want to bring into this moment? Do I want to bring my past into my present? Do I want to create a new experience? Do I want to see what unfolds?” You get to choose, dear ones, what you bring into each special, precious, and unique “now.”If your past was painful you can make a choice right now to focus on something better. You can say, “Yes, I remember how much something hurt me, but in this moment, no one is hurting me now. No one is in charge of my reality now except for me! Now I choose to take my attention and turn it away from the pain. I choose to love myself and be kind to myself. I choose to do something nice for myself. I choose to focus on something that uplifts my soul. I choose to focus on perhaps uplifting another’s soul. I choose to focus on anything I possibly can, however small, that is loving and kind.” And in this fashion, dear ones you build spiritual muscle. You practice turning away from habitual and ingrained memories and thoughts that do not make you feel good… now. You learn that you and you alone get to choose who and what is carried with you into each moment. You remember, that you are a NEW YOU with each and every breath you take. Likewise, even your most positive memories cannot be recreated, but rather can be made once again, anew. When you fall in love with a person, do not expect them to be the same tomorrow. Look at them as if you see them for the first time, as if you love them for the first time. When you fall in love you look for the best in another. What if you could look for the best in each other, all beings, every day? Likewise, say you enjoy an event, a celebration, or a ritual such as eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee. See if you can recreate this experience anew every time you enjoy it by bringing the full focus of your love and attention into the present. Do not expect things or people to be the same… bring your best self to them, and then they may be even better!Dear ones, each moment, each breath, is a gift. We know how difficult it is to overcome the human tendency to carry the past into the future, however, with practice, you can lean to create each moment, fresh and new, bringing only the love you wish to see into the present, and therefore, also into the future.God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels


Hi Everyone, Hiking taught me to see things new in each moment. I have some favorite trails up north and although I have hiked them hundreds of times, each hike is different. The forest changes from week to week and even more so with the turning of the seasons. The skies are different. The temperature is different. Trees grow, fall, and decay over the years, and new life rises up from the forest floor. The trails I love are like old friends, somewhat the same, but constantly changing. When I take the time to focus on the forest as if I have never seen it before, wonder, magic, and new treasures are always there to be seen.Likewise I strive to relate to the people in my life as if they too are similar to what they have been but constantly changing. I have learned not to cling to who a person was yesterday but rather to dance with who they are today. Friends who were once stable and are not now sometimes leave my life. Friends who once close, suddenly become so much closer as they open up to their own hearts. Sometimes I am delighted when people I thought I knew well reveal more of what is inside of them. You can never truly know another human being except in the moment. We are always changing.I think, as human beings, we try to cling to what is good, and we tend to carry around the pain as well. And yet this is such a huge amount of work. Life becomes far simpler when we can say, “Here I am now. Let me make it the best moment I can. Let me bring my best self to this moment.” And when I do not bring my best self, in the very next moment, I can choose again. The angels have said this many times – God does not keep score. We get to recreate ourselves any moment we choose.Gazing with Braco has been an adventure in being present. No two experiences are ever the same. One moment I’m crying out a past life and the next I’m watching gold light stream all over the room. One moment I’m feeling my own internal resistance to allowing the energy to expand within me, and the next I’m One with the cosmos. I open up, surrender to the moment and just trust the process. I am approaching life like this more and more, as I continue to practice, and it is a blessed and beautiful experience.So this week, if you find yourself in a moment you don’t like, ask yourself, “How can I bring more love into the next moment? How can I bring a better me into the next moment?” Watch as your life begins to change!Have a beautiful week!I love you all… now and now and now again!Ann