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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The Oracle Report – Wednesday, November 5, 2014

“To Boldly Go…” Scorpio Lunar Cycle Overview – October 22, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Passion)

Skill: open up

Negative Imprint: interruptions, intrusions, insincerity, tangled up in other’s business, closed off or shut down, overcomplicating, not speaking up for oneself

Positive Imprint: contentment, self-sufficiency, depth, connections, transformation, repair, communication, magnetism, sincerity

A few years ago I noted a pattern of increased solar activity when the Sun comes into range, astrologically speaking, of 14 degrees of Scorpio in the sky, as it does today. The pattern is increased solar activity, as we are having now. The most recent example, November 5 2013, produced a solar magnetic crochet and an X3 flare.

What is happening at this place in space?

Our best clue about the effects of this energetic has been handed down to us by the Sabians, the Gnostic skywatchers of the before times. The contemporary symbol for 14 Scorpio is “telephone linemen at work installing new connections.” It is the energy for communicating our feelings, thoughts, and ideas. We “nexus” with people as the divine plan unfolds and sends what we need for co-creation with others. People, places, things, and informationare brought together or brought into a line – alignment. Professional, personal, and romantic relationships are often repaired under this energy. For as long as I have followed the Sabian symbols, this symbol has always proven to be quite powerful.

Under a Gibbous Moon phase, it is powerful magic.

(Because energy comes in waves, the energetic effects are experienced for three days prior to the Sun’s movement to this degree and three days after. This is why some people “pick up” the energy of the daily reports earlier or later than that day. If your chart is attuned to any of the degrees that are activated, you will usually feel it in advance. So you may already have picked up on this energy, especially since Venus just moved from this degree.

But back to the magic. Our willingness to open our hearts is directly tied to experiencing the magic. If your heart is closed off with sadness, grief, loss, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, and all like colors in the palette of human emotions, the magic cannot reach you, take spark inside of you, and manifest in the personal painting of your life.

Kamala, the Mahavidya or Wisdom Goddess who is one of the faces of Gaia Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet, specializes in opening our hears like a lotus blossom, specifically by igniting passion for the things that make life worth living, which are myriad.

All of the Mahavidyas work from the heart, but some more than others. Bhairavi calls to us and fortifies our hearts. Shodashi brings the fulfillment of our highest desire – the desires at the soul level.

But Kamala works on a much more earthy, instinctual level. She engages all of our senses to open so that the fires of the heart can begin to rise throughout our bodies. She is interested in full, multi-dimensional awareness experienced right in the here and now. She takes what is instinctual and makes it sublime. This is intoxicating to us and it is why so many people (men particularly) are enthralled with Kamala’s energy (though few know this is what or who it is). Kamala uncoils from the base chakra and rises up. She is kundalini.

So Kamala’s energy helps us open, as if by magic, and connect with what we desire. When we connect with desire we become empowered and we take action. This is how our world is changing.

Today’s report is more of a behind-the scenes kind of view, so please rely on the negative and positive imprints to understand the nature of today’s energy and the kinds of things you might encounter and need to navigate.

Like a lotus blossoming, Kamala is trying to open our hearts today. She wants to free us from the shadows of our fears and bring us to the land of the truly living. Connect with her today. Open up to the possibilities that are being offered and engage the magic.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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Truthout Daily Digest November 5, 2013

Noam Chomsky | De-Americanizing the World

Noam Chomsky, Truthout: During the latest episode of the Washington farce that has astonished a bemused world, a Chinese commentator wrote that if the United States cannot be a responsible member of the world system, perhaps the world should become “de-Americanized.”

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William Rivers Pitt | Decisions Are Made by Those Who Show Up

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: All you need to see to understand just how poorly our level of voter turnout has been working out for each and every one of us is the front page of any newspaper in America.

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The Rise of Chicago’s 99% Against Rahm Emanuel, “Mayor 1%”

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Kari Lydersen, author of Mayor 1%, tells Truthout that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is representative of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party, and he’s getting significant pushback in his efforts to expand privatization and limit protests.

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Bill Moyers | Yves Smith and Dean Baker on Secrets in Trade

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: Some vigilant independent watchdogs are tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations with sources they trust, including Dean Baker and Yves Smith, who join Moyers & Company this week.

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Food Safety Modernization Act Threatens Fresh, Healthy, Sustainably Grown Food

Michael Tabor and Nick Maravell, Lancaster Farming: “Each week at my farm stands in the Maryland area, we try to explain a peculiar situation to our customers. On the one hand, they want to buy our fresh fruit and vegetables. However, in a few years, these will all be illegal to sell! Why? Because they have some degree of dirt and bacteria on them.”

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Food Stamps Are Affordable; Corporate Welfare Is Not

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Simply put, the American taxpayer isn’t paying much for social safety net programs like food stamps and Medicare. But we are paying a lot for the billions of dollars the US government gives to corporate America each year.

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A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One and Alienating the Middle East

Bob Dreyfuss, TomDispatch: Although President Obama can order raids virtually anywhere using Special Operations forces, and although he can strike willy-nilly in targeted killing actions by calling in the Predator and Reaper drones, he has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the Middle East.

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California Probe of Campaign Donations Sheds Light on “Dark Money”

Chris Megerian and Anthony York, McClatchy Newspapers: Tony Russo had a multimillion-dollar problem. The Republican consultant and his team had raised piles of cash to use in California politics as last November’s election approached. But a wrinkle in state law meant he couldn’t spend it in the final two months of the campaign without jeopardizing the anonymity he had promised his rich donors.

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MSNBC “Leans Forward” Into Running “Native Ads” Promoting Fracking

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog: Three years into its “Lean Forward” re-branding campaign, MSNBC has given new meaning to the catch phrase, leaning forward into running branded content promoting hydraulic fracturing.

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Drones Have Come Out of the Shadows

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK: New films, reports and media coverage finally are giving the American public a taste of the personal tragedies involved with President Obama’s deadly drone program.

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First Wall Street Criminal Confession in a Generation … Still No One in Jail

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: Hedge fund SAC advisers have admitted to insider trading. This is the first criminal confession from a Wall Street firm in a generation.

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This Week in SpeakOut: An Open Letter to the Climate Justice Movement

Robin Hahenl, New Politics: “I am writing to you with whom I share these central political commitments because I believe you are making a serious strategic mistake by categorically rejecting international carbon trading.”

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Ben Fulford November 5, 2013

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

By Benjamin Fulford

The ongoing global financial war is reaching its final stages. Multiple reliable sources in three continents are all now reporting that a major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent. We can confirm from our own sources (including MI6 and Japanese military intelligence) that a large delegation descended on Washington last week and read the riot act to the Washington D.C. establishment. They have been informed the Federal Reserve Board must be shut down immediately and the new financial system must be implemented or else the United States would be totally cut off from the world.

The military is also close to open revolt with more than half of the military supporting a total clean up of Washington D.C., according to a CIA source. The Washington establishment therefore faces a choice between stepping aside and facing a truth commission or else arrest, civil war,chaos and eventual death for all members of the ruling cabal. We believe that sane minds will prevail in such a situation and that a peaceful resolution is imminent. However, it is not over until it is over.
Last week the Chinese were on the verge of helping the US government kill the supporters of the new financial system in Washington until the Japanese government intervened to provide protection. There were then discussions with the Chinese where they were given an explanation of the inner workings of the international financial system. They were also made an offer.

What was told to them was that over 90% of the dollars ever created were not owned by Americans. The people who own those dollars do not want them to become worthless paper when the Federal Reserve Board implodes. Instead, all dollars earned through honest work (i.e. not through derivates and other types of fraud) would be backed by gold. These gold backed dollars would then be renamed. The Chinese want to call it the Renminbi. The Rothschilds want to call it the Hong Kong dollar. Our proposal is to call it the Hong Kong yen (pronounced yuan in Chinese). Many details will have to be worked out by experts. However, it is certain that never again will it be possible for private individuals to manipulate the world through the creation of money. The Chinese insist the creation of new money should be a job run by the government and this was agreed to by the concerned parties.

A high powered Japanese government delegation will be going to the Philippines towards the end of the year to deliver Chinese gold taken there in the 1930’s to China to be used for the purposes of backing up their dollar holdings. The Japanese delegation, led by the Japanese government& rsquo;s number two man, Hajime Ishii, will also be given presentations about suppressed technology.

I will also be going there to give them some ideas about a new structure of global governance.

The Chinese want to move the UN headquarters to Laos because it is the site of some of the most ancient and pristine Asian culture. This seems like a nice idea. Of course the UN is now an extremely dysfunctional organization and will have to be totally revamped. It now serves as a global control mechanism for the victors of World War 2. This will be fundamentally changed.

In addition, the functions of the World Bank will be moved to China, probably to Hong Kong. All current World Bank employees will have their track records examined and only those who have contributed positively to the planet will be re-employed.

The IMF will be disbanded because it has only caused misery and poverty throughout the world. It has functioned mainly to steal resources and property from the people of the world. In its place the Japanese will set up a new institution that will function to ensure the safety and stability of the global financial system. Hopefully it will be headquartered in Osaka.

All of these institutions will be set up as meritocracies. Anybody will be allowed to take the exam to join them. In addition, there will no longer be places at the top reserved for people of specific ethnic backgrounds.

The new organizations will all be very busy because the entire commercial structure of the planet will be changed. The industries that are expected to vanish or shrink dramatically include: petroleum, war, nuclear power and pharmaceuticals and automobiles. Companies in these industries will need substantial help to transform themselves. The petroleum industry, for example, could be changed into a geo-engineering industry. The armaments folk will move into space exploration. The automobile industry will start to manufacture anti-gravity scooters. The transformation of all the obsolete industries needs to be carried out in a manner that causes as little social disruption and dislocation as possible.

In addition all countries will have to agree to submit to the international court of Justice. Disputes between countries should be settled through negotiations or else in court.

However, it might be possible for countries to also agree to settle disputes through ritual warfare. They could, for example, each send 10 of their best martial artists to a desert island to duel it out but no killing will be allowed. The winning country will then get a more advantageous settlement of whatever the dispute was.

In any case, humanity is about to be freed from the grips of a horrific cult that has killed hundreds of millions of people over the years. Most of the 800 US military bases world-wide may well be shut down. The US military will have to be transformed into an entirely different organization dedicated to planetary defense and big projects for humanity.

We are headed for an unprecedented historical transformation. Hang on to your hats.

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, November 5, 2013



New Moon Phase: begin, emerge, intend

Moon: Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

The planets are booming today. Mercury retrograde is particularly powerful, tangling up communications and making things overall energetically noisy. Mars is activating charisma and drama, hyping things up. Jupiter is taking things to the extreme.

Wise owls remain calm today, dealing with one thing at a time. We reinforce our grounded,grassroots connection with Sophia through a loop of love.

Communication is difficult today, but here is the mission to ground light as best as I can describe it. We re-imprint the “crazy” energy present today by recognizing the power of it and then re-grouping that power into raw “bundles.” In other words, we are going to redistribute the overall energy and our personal energy. Look at how you are expending your time and energy and then consider how you need to change it up, regroup it, or balance it. By redistributing your energy now, you are reinforcing/strengthening future possibilities. Since this lunar month relates to the idea of limitlessness, your bundles can be mounds and mountains.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that jumbled communications, misunderstandings, and confusion create openings and opportunities. If the energy (and this report) is confusing, our attempt to understand it takes our minds in all kinds of directions. This is creativity in action. Don’t limit your mind but keep your feet on the ground. We are the grassroots!