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Daily Kos :: CEO to Obama During Contentious Meeting with Top Tech Executives: “Pardon Edward Snowden.”

I find it very interesting that the President said he ***could not*** do so. Despite others disgruntlement with our President, I still believe that he was not truly aware of the actual power structures in place behind the scenes until After the election.

I think were it not for stark warnings such as Paul Wellstone and John Kennedy, Barack Obama would have changed a LOT more of the negatives in our government as soon after the election as possible.

I still believe he is playing a dangerous game of chess with the cabal/1%.

Any Druid influenced souls out there besides me notice the name of the man who blew the cabal’s panopticon control structures open to public view is the same as the sacred mountain in some very old prophecies? 😉

CEO to Obama During Contentious Meeting with Top Tech Executives: “Pardon Edward Snowden.”
by David Harris GershonDec 18, 2013 12:23pm PST

Executives for the nation’s largest technology companies met with President Obama this morning to argue that the NSA’s unchecked surveillance is harming their businesses and the overall economic environment in which they operate.

CEOs from over 15 companies – including Google, Apple and Microsoft – pressed for the president to rein in the NSA’s bulk surveillance activities and expressed anger over the government’s infiltration of U.S. servers around the world.

During the meeting, Mark Pincus (founder of Zynga) boldly suggested to Obama before the gathered groupthat Edward Snowden should be pardoned. Pincus, it is important to note, gave $1 million to Obama’s Super PAC, Priorities Action USA.

Obama’s response: he could not do so.

This suggestion by Zynga’s founder represented the tenor of a meeting which came on the heels of a federal judge ruling that the NSA’s bulk phone collection is unconstitutional. And while nobody else was so bold as to suggest Snowden’s pardon, as reported by The Washington Post, the meeting’s central message was blunt:

Their message was to say: “What the hell are you doing? Are you really hacking into the infrastructure of American companies overseas? The same American companies that cooperate with your lawful orders and spend a lot of money to comply with them to facilitate your intelligence collection?” said one industry official familiar with the companies’ views.

While it’s clear Obama heard their message loud and clear, it remains to be seen whether such influential industry leaders (and campaign contributors) will be able to influence an administration which has, as of yet, refused to budge on the matter of the NSA’s surveillance activities.


David Harris-Gershon is author of the memoir What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?, just out from Oneworld Publications.