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The Oracle Report Saturday, October 12 – Sunday, October 13, 2013



First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon: Capricorn/Aquarius

Whoa! The Sun has indeed awakened, producing what was most likely an X-class flare yesterday. (Seespaceweather.comfor more information on the specifics.) This energy is new in that it is among the first of the Sun’s dissemination since its field reversal. (Data will emerge to show that this has happened.)

Solar electo-magnetic field reversal cycles mean a lot of things, but one of the things it means is that the Sun switches to “slanting” it’s energy toward masculine or feminine. Since the beginning of this solar cycle, the Sun has been in a “masculine mode.” It has now switched to a “feminine” mode. The daily energy it sends leans toward a more feminine interpretation. In turn, the interpretations become more complex.

Complex fun dominates the energy this weekend. There is an innate push to connect with others, but also trepidation due to fears related to how comfortable we feel being our true selves with others, letting people see our vulnerability or perceived flaws/ weakenesses, and risking exposure of what we think makes us powerful. This rests on who we really are and how integrated our “dark” and “light” and “masculine” and “feminine” sides are.

It’s best to just come from the heart with all matters this weekend. It’s energetic “play time” and we are naturally driven toward having a happy time if we follow along. In order to do so we have to drop Fear and its minions: Insecurity, Limitation, Victimization, Self-Sabotage, Isolation, and Pessimism. Don’t let these things keep you from enjoyment and connection this weekend. If you aren’t feeling a strong connection with other humans right now, connect with the planet and her creations – the animals, trees, water, plants, wind, mountains…

We are unique beings in the cosmos in large part because we were created to be playful. Likewise, when we are playful we are creative. We are creating a new experience of life via the Second Renaissance – the time when ancient wisdom returns and brings sanity to the world.