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New post on HighHeartLife Denise le Fey October 23, 2014


If you have noticed a correlation between your mood/aches etc and solar activity; you are not alone. Denise gives a breakdown in this post of some of the common physical experiences often called “ascension flu” or ascension symptoms, that tend to flare along with the sun.

Some gorgeous solar photos in this one too!

October 2014 Eclipse & Solar Transmissions

by Denise

Over the past few years, more times than not there’s been increased solar flares, storms, winds, holes, CME’s etc. leading up to both Lunar and Solar Eclipses. This has certainly been the case in October 2014. What a month… what a year! 😮 Even though the solar “professionals” claim that when the Sun is not […]

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Denise | October 23, 2014 at 11:07 AM | Categories: Ascension Symptoms | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-Hz

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The Oracle Report | Thursday, October 23, 2014



Oracle Report – Thursday, October 23, 2014

“To Boldly Go…” Scorpio Lunar Cycle Overview – October 22, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Moon Phase: emergence

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (The Goddess Who Assures Humanity)

Skill: ease into the switch of the energy

Negative Imprint: alienation, naïve, disconnected, escaping responsibilities, over-reliance on the past, stuck, suspicion, obsession, criticism, fear, distrust

Positive Imprint: groups, observation, recollection of memories, calmness, thoughtfulness, following intuition, ceremonies, open-mindedness, celebration

Welcome to a new lunar month, the Scorpio cycle, complete with a partial eclipse of a Sun that is churning with activity. The eclipse will be most visible to those in the Eastern and Central time zones of North America. It happens at sunset, with mega-sunspot 2192 (which is now the size of Jupiter!) also visible.

Sunspot 2192 is extremely active and releasing flares (an X-flare yesterday!), but no coronal mass ejections so far.

The recording of the overview for what’s ahead, entitled “To Boldy Go…,” is posted on the homepage ofwww.oraclereport.com. I go in-depth into the signs of the times for this month.

I titled this recording “To Boldly Go…” because the Sabian symbol for the month, “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists,” in combination with the energies of the other planets find us in new territory this month. As the new world order’s plans collapse and tumble from its own weight, those ways begin to dissolve. We glimpse life without control by the matrix.

But, the Sabian symbol tells us that in the process of the fall of the matrix, things look and feel very different. This produces an uneasy, anxious feeling because it is new, and what is new is unfamiliar, which makes us humans guarded. We find ourselves feeling like we need to “tiptoe” into the energy.

What we see this month may be very difficult to fathom or understand.

We have the best guide we could have this month, the facet of Gaia Sophia who is Kamala. Gaia Sophia steps her consciousness down into ten facets, ten goddesses known as the Mahavidyas, or Wisdom Goddesses. This is Sophia’s preferred method of direct interaction and instruction with individual humans.

I meant to weave discussion of Kamala into the audio when I reviewed Venus’ movement into Scorpio, which is quintessentially Kamala. Instead, she announces herself today.

Kamala is the Goddess Who Assures Humanity. Many of the Mahavidyas are associated with lotus blossoms, but Kamala’s energy best fits this, in my opinion. Lotuses form from the Earth, from the mud, and rise above it to bloom. Kamala is the most “human” or “worldly” of the Mahavidyas. In this I mean that her energy is best suited to understanding and resonating with us. She is mentioned as tenth or last in line, but this does not mean her powers are lesser. It means that she is closest to us and able to scoop up many humans for awakening.

In baseball terms, Kamala bats clean up and always rounds home base. She brings everyone in. She does this by attuning to OUR frequencies and lifting us up with assurance. Kamala is driving the sight-seeing bus and I am glad of that!

This month, as the things we observe happening in the world and in our lives look and feel foreign, we can always fall back into the arms of the Kamala, the Goddess of Assurance. You may already have been tuning into the incoming month’s energy with feeling surreal or like you are in the twilight zone. It will feel strange, so don’t personalize or take it on board the bus. Understand that a process of the end of one time and the beginning of another is happening, and that newness always is always a bit unsettling for us. We are creatures of habit and comfort and we generally don’t like change.

This is a good change, so we can welcome it, celebrate it, and LOVE it. The time that we’ve been waiting millennia for is happening. Can you catch the wave of excitement with it? Can you imagine the new things that will come of it? Can you see you in it? It’s the trip of a lifetime.

We need to ease in to this energy today, rested with assurance. You will definitely notice the shift, especially after the New Moon enters at 5:55 pm ET/ 9:55 pm UT. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are moving into Scorpio together, pulling us right along with them.

Say hello to Kamala as you climb onto the bus today. Set the intention of resting assured that you are going to be just fine this month – better than just fine. No fear. No meanness. No stinging others. This month is about sovereignty, kindness, and love. Result by the end of the month: deep healing and deep wisdom.

Sound good?

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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The Oracle Report Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: share, distribute, teach, demonstrate Moon: Gemini/Cancer

The Sun released a powerful M4 solar flare and a formidable plasma wave today. You can listen to it atwww.spaceweather.com.

Expect to have a pretty massive understanding, revelation, event, or insight.

The wave of this energy intensifies continuing themes from yesterday and yesterday was all about the Chiron Point (wounding and healing). The Sun has now moved into Scorpio and is opposing the Chiron Point. The movement of the Sun into Scorpio is its own kind of beast, but the addition of today’s solar flare and plasma wave amplifies the energy.

The Sun is a Divine Being the ancient Gnostics called Sabaoth. Sabaoth is aligned with Gaia Sophia and her interactive experiment with humanity. When Sabaoth sends a flare, it is for a reason. Sabaoth is a conscious being who is directly engaged with us and always has been (even while Sophia was in her shock-slumber). So the energetic themes for the day are intensified by the extra solar punch.

The primary theme of today’s energy involves catharsis -freedom. Things (emotions, situations, organizations, relationships, institutions, systems, frequencies) that have become too dense, concentrated, unbalanced, or heavy will release, break apart, or fracture in some way. This energy dismantles. It’s literal and metaphorical earthquakes. It’s the genie out of the bottle. It’s a good thing. It takes what was unnoticed or unrecognized and brings it into consciousness.

The energy also hyper-activates the brain, calling up previously dormant, inactive, or forgotten patterns, ideas, and missions. What’s calling up from within you now?

Recall that this lunar month, the month beginning with the New Moon in Libra, holds the symbol of miners emerging from a deep coal mine. It’s about returning from a long, dark journey back into the light carrying a boon or reward. Today, let’s carry the boon or reward of that which can be HEALED instead of that which can be WOUNDED.

Thanks, Sun!