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The Oracle Report | Friday, October 31, 2014



The Oracle Report – Friday, October 31, 2014

“To Boldly Go…” Scorpio Lunar Cycle Overview – October 22, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out

Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus)

Skill: honor great change and then open to the future

Negative Imprint: frozen in the past, attempts to dramatically display (false) happiness and success, chest pounding or grandstanding, too much information, scattered, disappointed

Positive Imprint: fellowship, renewal, connecting with others, stability, giving and receiving, uplifting others, fixing things, courage, big breakthroughs in seeing through illusions

Sometimes it is important to step back and take in the scope of things. Today is one of those days.

When we step back, the magnitude of the times in which we are living is revealed. We understand that we are in the midst of a living process of great change. This is an honor.

2014 is all about change. Are you resisting it? Are you accepting it? Are youembracing it?

There are pools of energy that tempt us into wallowing in disappointment, disillusionment, and emptiness (particularly about a perceived loss or failure) today. These things are part of the past, and as such, are not part of embracing the future.

Embracing the future is the second element to today’s “mission.” First we step back and try to really integrate the full-blown changes in consciousness that are happening, and then we open up to the effects this will produce. Real change is happening and the future is bright.

This may be hard to see today because the Moon will be moving toward opposition first with Jupiter (8:30 pm ET/00:30 am UT) and then opposition with the Black Moon (Saturday at 7:38 am ET/11:38 am UT). We want to work the positive imprint as best we can by welcoming change. If you find yourself struggling under these aspects, the best medicine is always to go outside. Reconnect with the natural world. Ask for guidance.

The ancient imprint for today’s energy involves fellowship, joy, and celebration of life itself. This has been horrendously twisted, but we retain the spark of it. Let’s spin these things back into the web of reality today, wise owls.

Here’s my kind of Halloween visual for the day: From our view on the shore, we take in the spectacle of the monstrosity of the matrix collapsing into the ocean, tentacles flailing. Lightning is flashing in stormy skies. The horror is sinking away. We are shocked and awed. To the side, something else flashes. It’s the Sun, breaking through the clouds. We turn to it and follow.

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Truthout Highlights October 31, 2013

Unmasking the Patriarchal Values in Halloween Costumes: Naughty Leopards, Sassy Space Girls, Warrior Ninjas

Jeffrey Nall, Truthout: Critically examining costume trends can go a long way in teaching us about our society’s values, particularly its gender ideals. In addition to thinking about costume names, consider these questions as you browse the aisles of costume shops.

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Why Anytown, USA, Privatizes Its Water System

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: When Allentown, Pennsylvania, rented its water and waste systems for 50 years this August, it was fortunate to find a public partner with closely aligned interests. Yet some of the problems with public infrastructure privatization remain very much the same.

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Stories of the Disappeared: The World Court of Women Against Poverty

Jackie Smith, Truthout: The World Court of Women against Poverty convened in Philadelphia to hear the stories of those disappeared by their socio-economic circumstances and to effect “social transformation through truth-telling, healing and building collective visions and strategies.”

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Chilean Students Poised for Congressional Victories

Jonathan Franklin, Truthout: Three Chilean student activists who fought for education as a human right are poised to become members of Congress in the country’s November 17 elections.

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Laura Gottesdiener: On Housing and Fighting Back Against Dreams Delayed

Laura Flanders, GRITtv: “This rise in home prices that we are experiencing isn’t largely being driven by new families buying their first home. It’s largely being driven by hedge funds – huge private equity companies,” says Laura Gottesdiener.

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Stop the Cruelest Cuts!

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: We are the richest country on the planet – yet 50 million Americans need federal help just to eat. And tomorrow, millions of them could lose access to that vital lifeline. That’s because the House is expected to vote on a plan that would slash $5 billion from the federal food stamps program.

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Paul Krugman | Janet Yellen: The Economist’s Economist

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “Ms. Yellen is, if you like, a member of my tribe here, and I think that’s a very good thing in today‘s economy. The fact that her appointment also makes history – she’d be the first woman to lead the Fed – is just gravy.”

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In Fight Over Abortion Access in Texas, a New Focus Emerges

Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check: Just one day before provisions of a new anti-abortion law were set to take effect and close at least 24 clinics in Texas, a federal judge blocked a portion of the law and brought into focus the emerging frontline battle over abortion rights.

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Interview: Texan Julia Trigg Crawford’s Valiant Effort to Stop TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: Julia Trigg Crawford is one of a handful of Texas property owners waging a fierce battle against the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. Her fight began in August 2011, when she turned down TransCanada’s final offer for an easement across her family’s 650-acre farm.

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Dr. Willie Parker, Doctor at the Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

Sunsara Taylor, Revolution Newspaper: To bring attention to the emergency that confronts the women of Mississippi, Sunsara Taylor conducted the following interview with Dr. Willie Parker, one of the two heroic abortion doctors who regularly flies to Mississippi to provide abortions.

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CIA’s Washington Post Leaks Aimed at Silencing Drone Critics

Jaisal Noor, The Real News Network: On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, for the first time, Pakistani drone strike survivors appeared in front of a Congressional hearing and testified about the devastating effects that the US drone program has had on their lives.

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Economic Update: Banks and Austerity

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on Goldman Sachs charity/PR, bank scandals, housing “recovery” exposed, suicides rising in Kansas, and a Benedictine nun who is leading the new anti-austerity party in Catalonia.

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The Oracle Report Thursday, October 31, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal, forgive
Moon: Virgo/Libra

A lovely day calls for a lovely rose. October brings many beautiful things, and one of them is a month when the Moon is in Libra two times. It’s easy to bask in Libra’s energy of harmony and kindness. But in addition to this today, we have Venus moving into conjunction with the Galactic Center, our spiritual home. Beauty and love begin pouring in.

The energy of the Galactic Center projects form into matter. When planets move into the same location in the sky as the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius 22), the energy harmonizes and brings us increased power to form, shape, mold, and sculpt reality. The Sabian symbol for the Galactic Center is “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.” So the power to imprint the energy is strong and whatever is pushed or focused upon today strongly impacts the future.

Instead of focusing on anything fear-based today (which is already strongly imprinted into the day’s energy), we will continue to blaze the heart-fire that was stoked yesterday. It is amplified when we connect with our physical home – Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia. We access her when we tune in to nature with our senses, especially sight, smell, and touch.

This energy is couched within the Balsamic Moon phase, the time when the veils between the worlds is thinnest. We want to throw off any negative thoughts before we wander back into darkness (the “coal mine” for those who have followed this lunar month’s Sabian symbol “miners emerging from a deep coal mine”). Negativity imprints just as readily as positivity, so be mindful of your focus and go outside if you start going backward. This is not the day to get lost in that place because it is all too easy to get carried away.

Shadow sides are being projected all over the place right now. People are putting onto others what they themselves are saying, doing, and feeling. Balsamic phase is the time to release all of that. Give over to the planet that which you cannot or do not want to handle. Don’t go into denial and don’t try to pin it on other people. Just let it go or shoot it with one of Sagittarius the Archer’s arrows. (The arrow in the constellation of The Archer is aimed at the degree of the Galactic Center.)

Venus will make the exact conjunction with the Galactic Center on Friday, November 1, 2013, at 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm UTC. It is an ideal time for a group meditation, and all are invited. We will aim our attention toward the Galactic Center with the intention of re-coding or re-setting the energetic imprint of the day to love of life. Of course, we have to walk our talk and actually be in love with the idea of life and its principles, especially freedom of the mind and freedom to actualize potential. We do aim high!

Keep that heart fire roaring!

(Many thanks to Lady Pinkrose atwww.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com for allowing me to use her photograph.)