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Daily Kos :: Paul Ryan: Budget negotiations are for cutting federal pensions, not corporate tax loopholes

I understand not wanting regular people to be burdened by taxes but when large corporations are making obscene profits by utilizing taxpayer funded infrastructure, making the government pay for things they (in a truly free market would have to pay themselves) then what gives?
Why are these entities supposedly created for the public good that do so much demonstrable harm to the Earth, our societies and to individuals-why are they treated as more important than anything?
Why blame government which IS US!! When government causes problems it is nearly always due to corporate influence thru corruption and the long growing trend toward fascism engendered by the rot of money based power.
I totally get and respect the desire to avoid the “Stalin and Stasi” government monster. But I don’t understand why anyone would promote corporations over people?
Why is it ok for CEO’s to run a company into the ground (and get taxpayer bailouts) and still “deserve” a “golden parachute” of millions of dollars but a federal court clerk, janitor or school teacher is somehow evil for wanting fair pay, benefits and the contract they made for their retirement to be honored as it legally should be?
It simply does not make sense to me.
Federal workers are not demons from Pluto-they are our neighbors, friends and family members.
Corporations are a sophisticated tool the 1% use to enslave humanity and concentrate resources into their control while most humans struggle and go without needed things.

Paul Ryan: Budget negotiations are for cutting federal pensions, not corporate tax loopholes
by Laura Clawson Oct 29, 2013 7:13am PDT
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

With budget negotiations coming up in Congress, Democrats are looking to end sequestration by getting new revenue through sources like closing corporate tax loopholes. However:

“If this conference is used as an excuse to raise taxes, then I fear we will not be successful,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said last week. “We’ll take the spending cuts we have if that’s all it’s going to be.”

Because heaven forbid giant, hugely profitable corporations have to be spared the agony of payingas much in taxes as they pay their CEOs. Ryan does have one idea for who Congress could make pay, though:

As for the future, Ryan has proposed a 2014 budget that would require federal employees to pay more toward their retirement benefits while eliminating special supplemental payments to certain federal employees who retire before age 62. The savings under that plan would be an estimated $132 billion over 10 years.

In recent years, federal workers have faced pay freezes, sequester furloughs and a government shutdown. All while many of them earn less than they would in the private sector. Now, Republicans are suggesting what amounts to a significant pay cut for these workers—just, heaven forbid, not a tax increase for those who can most easily afford it, be they billionaires or banks. And driving the most qualified people out of the government is a great way to make the government function worse, achieving another Republican goal by creating problems they can point to in their everlasting quest to break and dismantle government entirely.