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AMAZON WATCH » Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

You can follow the link below to send a letter to President Dilma of Brazil in support of the indigenous people fighting for their lives and their lands.

Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

Peace and Respect in the Amazon!

On May 27th, 170 representatives of five indigenous groups from the Xingu and Tapajós River Basins reoccupied the construction site of the Belo Monte Dam, demanding that the government of Brazil respect their legal rights and immediately suspend construction. One day later, the Federal Court of Altamira issued a judicial order to remove the occupiers, “by force, if neccessary.” Indigenous leaders have vowed to remain at the construction site until they meet with President Dilma or her Chief of Staff. They will not leave as they did after being threatened with force after a week-long occupation in early May. Tensions are high!

Please continue to urge President Dilma to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and respect indigenous rights!