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Planet Alert March 2013

Planet Alert March 2013

By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on February 25th, 2013

Welcome to the new Earth. We just went through a magnetic pole shift in a
very subtle way. Were you aware of what was going on? I began to wonder when
there were so many earthquakes in the first part of February. Starting on
February 1 there was a 6.8 quake in Chile and then on February 6 there was
an 8 point quake in the Santa Cruz Islands in the South Pacific. The Earth
kept quaking and by February 20 there had been 21 quakes that were between
6+ and 7 magnitude. That is a lot of shaking.

On February 10, 2013 I woke up so dizzy I could hardly walk. I wondered to
myself what was going on and I received the information that the Earth was
shifting. I think this is when the Earth started moving into the magnetic
shift. The New Year of the water snake started on February 10th. The snake
represents our Kundalini energy. Maybe the Earth’s Kudalini started to rise
at that time and will continue to rise as Mother Earth ascends.

On February 14th the magnetic South Pole pushed down the North Pole and
opened a hole in our magnetosphere. The North Pole represents male energy
and the South Pole represents female energy. The fact that this happened
means that female energy now wants to be dominant, which is of course the
love energy within us.

On that same day (February 14) Russia had a 6.6 quake in Siberia. The
Russian scientists say there is a magnetic anomaly on the New Siberian
Islands that has been drawing the north magnetic pole to that area.
According to the scientists the North Pole is now at 147 East longitudes,
which is the New Siberian Islands. This is a long way from where the North
Pole used to be in the Hudson Bay area on the east coast of North America.

The magnetic north pole started moving in 1994 and has been moving very fast
in the last couple of years. On December 21, 2010 the whole Earth shook for
three days and they had to change the measurement of the Florida airport
runway. I believe the pole has now completed its journey, which means we
have had a magnetic pole shift. This had to happen before we could move into
the new energy. Nothing will be the same anymore.

Then we had the meteor event in northern Russia on February 15th. I believe
they had divine intervention because something caused the meteor to explode.
This caused a pressure wave that blew out all kinds of windows and hurt many
people because of the flying glass. This event could have been much worse if
the meteor had actually hit the ground without exploding.

I had been expecting a meteor event for a long time because it says in the
end of the 18th chapter of Revelation that a stone from heaven would fall to
Earth and land in the water. Part of it did land in a lake. The 17th and
18th chapter of Revelation was all about the woman (New York) being attacked
and then the war in Babylon (Iraq) which is finally over. Now we should see
a white horse (ship) in heaven, along with many small white ships. I can
hardly wait for that event to occur. The white ship is actually a crystal

In the meantime it is time for us to realize that we are in a different
place in space. We’re in a place of very high frequency energy. This is a
place that will finally bring abundance to the world. No more lack unless
that is what you choose to experience. We had to finish the lessons we chose
to learn in this life-time so we would be ready for the new energy. Now we
need to acknowledge the fact that the new energy is here.

The next unfolding event is the resignation of the Pope. This is a major
event. The Vatican Bank has been the top controlling force in our world. The
Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas is the most powerful man in the world. He is in
charge of the Vatican Bank and the Jesuits. The dealings of all other banks
can be traced back to the Vatican Bank. This bank has been under
investigation for at least a year or maybe longer. Now is the time
everything will be uncovered and before long control will be gone.

Don’t you think it was interesting that lightning hit the top of the Vatican
right after the Pope said he would resign? The first thing I thought about
was the 16th Tarot Card which is the tower struck with lightning. Here is
what my Tarot book says about that card “Often man feels his desire to
change his ways but lacks the strength of will to achieve his spiritual
goals. He may wish to break down his materialistic pursuits, but is
prevented from doing so by fear. To find peace and contentment it is
necessary to experience loss and tragedy before he can find spiritual
comfort and strength.” The tower has been struck.

There is a prophecy that the next Pope will walk over the ruins of Rome. I
am waiting to see who becomes their new leader. To fulfill prophecy it would
have to be a leader of the light. Who will be the new leader? The present
Pope is the last of the dark. I’m not saying he is bad; he has just been a
figure-head who was controlled by people who were behind the scene. Control
will not work anymore because the new energy is one of freedom.

I don’t know how long it will take for the energy of control to go down, but
I do know that the north node will be in Scorpio until February of 2014. As
the node moves through Scorpio it will transform everything from the dark to
the light. We also have Saturn in Scorpio for another two years. Scorpio
rules the deepest dark places there are and it brings all of this dark stuff
out into the open. Then we can manifest the highest energy of Scorpio, which
is the high flying eagle. Scorpio also rules sex and sexual abuse. It’s all
coming to light.

At the same time we are in the new energy, and those that tune into this
energy will not even be aware of the lower vibrating energy. Uranus is in
Aries, and at the Spring Equinox we can start vibrating to that planet which
brings changes and surprising events. The sun will be conjunct Uranus at the
time of the full moon which is March 27th. Palm Sunday is March 24, and
Easter is March 31st. Passover starts on the night of March 26th.

Right after the Sun conjuncts Uranus it will make a 90 degree angle to
Pluto. Pluto rules transformation. Isn’t Easter the celebration of the risen
Christ or the transformation? Isn’t the Christ energy within all of us? Isn’
t it time for us to shine with the light and love of the Christ within? What
a wonderful experience that would be. The sun conjunct Uranus will bring us
a new beginning. Uranus is the planet of light and electricity. Maybe one of
the light events will be the activation of the light within us. And don’t
forget that Mercury will be retrograde until March 17th.

The sun is now in the water sign Pisces so of course there will be more
water events like rain, snow, wind storms, flooding and maybe tidal wave
action. The sun will be in that sign until March 20 when we experience the
Spring Equinox. This is when we start experiencing the fire sign Aries which
always brings us new beginnings. This is also when the flowers start to
bloom (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) and the trees sprout new
leaves. I love spring. It makes me feel like everything is new and

May you be blessed with lots of abundance, and a life full of joy and
happiness. So Be It!

***** Mahala Gayle *****

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